World 2-Mystery House Melee – Super Mario 3D World Stars Guide

Our Mystery House Melee stars guide details every Green Star in World 2-Mystery House in our Super Mario 3D World stars walkthrough.

World 2-Mystery House contains three Green Stars and a single Stamp to collect. If you’re looking for other Green Stars or stamps from World 2, as well as any Cat Shines from Bowser’s Fury, head on over to these pages:

Green Stars Stamps Cat Shines

World 2-Mystery House contains five Green Stars to collect. Each level of the Mystery House has you fighting certain enemies in a specified amount of time. A Green Star is awarded after defeating every level.


Green Star #1-5

The following enemies appear at each level:

  1. Two Galoombas
  2. Two Koopa Troopas
  3. Two Cat Goombas
  4. Four Conkdors
  5. Two Fire Bros.

Check out our World 3-1: Snowball Park guide for green star and stamp locations for the next level.

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