Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 6



6.1 World 6-1 – Gate Cliff

Enter World 6-1. Facing a cliff, the boat will stop and Kersti will notice about a power coming from the five Royal Stickers. Select each sticker and have each one emit a light towards the cliff, revealing a pentagon. Enter Paperize mode and have the cliff rearranged. Bowser’s Castle will appear and float to the sky. Without a way to reach the floating sky, Kersti will ask if Mario knows anybody that can fly.

Head over to World 3-3 and head into Wiggler’s house. To your surprise, Wiggler has transformed into a Flutter, and agrees to fly you over to Bowser’s Castle. On the way over, Bowser Jr.’s airship stops the journey.


6.2 World 6-2 – Bowser Jr.’s Flotilla

After hopping off of Flutter, walk past the four Rocky Wrenches and enter the door. Grab the Tail Sticker behind the Goomba and place a Secret Door Sticker in the designated area to grab the Shiny POW, Shiny Line Jump, Shiny Hurlhammer, and Megaflash Jump Stickers. Head down the stairs and collect whatever you need before heading down the next set of stairs. On the bottom floor, hop up some crates and peel of the tape. Head back up the stairs and go through the opening that leads outside. Avoid the Bullet Bills and enter the next door.

In the next room, enter Paperize mode and reposition the Banzai Bill Cannon. The Banzai Bill will crash through the airship, creating a series of holes. Go through the first two holes, then walk up the crates and up the stairs. Pass the Fire Bro and the Boomerang Bro and head through the door. Outside, defeat the two Rocky Wrenches on the steps. Heal yourself with the Heart Block and jump onto the green crate. Hop on the ledge and move all the way left. Jump from the ledge to the moving crate, then onto the blue one, and finally onto the last crate. Hop onto the other side of the airship and walk towards the checked line.

With just a few steps away from the piece of the Sticker Comet, Bowser Jr. swoops down and begins a battle. With 300 HP, Bowser Jr. wears are protective casing that ups his defense. The Tail Sticker is crucial for this fight. During his turn, Bowser Jr. will make six to eight attacks in a row. Using the Tail Sticker, deflect the fireballs so that they do not damage you, and hit back the spiked balls to cause 50 HP of damage. Once defeated, grab the piece of the Sticker Comet and prepare for the final fight!


6.3 World 6-3 – Bowser’s Sky Castle


Enter Bowser’s Castle and walk done the long corridor. Open the door at the end to reveal Kamek waiting behind the door. As he did before, Kamek will transform all your stickers into Sandal Stickers. Don’t let Kamek’s 20 HP fool you. Kamek will create clones of himself that will deal less damage to the overall health. Before the battle, remember which stickers are Shiny and Flashy, as they retain this element when they are transformed into flip-lops. Try to end the battle quick as Kamek uses a spell to throw out some of your stickers. Defeat Kamek and head through the door. Hop on the moving carpet and run as they carpet is rolled away. Hop over the final pole and onto the next platform.

From here, Peach will call out your name. Bowser will appear, shinier than ever, and start the final battle. The final boss battle consists of five different phases. The first phase will have Bowser bring out three different minions to fight alongside him through the three trap doors on the left. Immediately use the Stapler Sticker or Tape Sticker to seal the trap doors and to remove all the enemies. The next phase will bring out a Whomp that guards and blocks Bowser. Use an Eekhammer to knock the Whomp over and use some sort of cutting sticker like the Scissors Sticker or the Tailor Shears to finish off the Whomp. From here, keep fighting until you hit the low 200s in Bowser’s HP before he moves onto the next phase.

Now surrounded by lava, Bowser will call out an army of Podobos. To avoid their wrath, use an ice inducing sticker like the Refrigerator to freeze them for a few turns. Bowser will move onto the next stage when his heal is in the low 100s. Having moved on, Peach is now in the background as Bowser prepares what seems to be the final part of the battle. A Chain Chomp is summoned and is almost impossible to defeat. Use a Tail Sticker to whack the Chain Chomp at Bowser when it is coming to attack. This will knock Bowser and the Chain Chomp off the platform and immediately end the fight.

After looking over the edge, Bowser will crush through the floor and reveal a much larger, stronger, and certainly more shiner form. After one turn, it’s clear that your stickers are near useless on Bowser. Kersti offers to sacrifice herself by becoming a sticker and giving Mario all her power. After using the Kersti Sticker, Mario will now have five slots for items on all turns and his power is greatly increased. From here, use all your major stickers and get the job done! Remember, Bowser’s head will act as a spike, so pick your stickers carefully.

After defeating Bowser and peeling Peach off of the chain, Peach will give her thanks and explain that with the six Royal Stickers in his possession, Mario can make his own wish. The screen fades to the Sticker Fest, this time with Mario and Peach on the stage. Bowser shows up just like he did at the beginning of the game, but this time Kersti appears and scolds Bowser for trying to steal the Sticker Comet again. After explaining that Mario brought her back, the game rolls the credits, and the parade begins!