Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 5



5.1 World 5-1 – Shy Guy Jungle

Enter World 5-1 and begin walking towards the exit on the right. You’ll come across a giant red flower that devours you upon contact. Hop down to the ground and whack the plant with your hammer to paralyze it for a short time, enough for you to jump onto it to get to the next platform. In the next area, wander through the tall grass avoiding the Spear Guys and Piranha Plants. Make it throughout the tall grass and leave through the exit. Here you will come across three Spear Guys who each run off with a piece of the bridge leading to the piece of the Sticker Comet. One goes left, another goes right, and one stays in the same room.

Take the left exit and you will find yourself in a garbage dump. Go through the trash and walk into the center area. Enter Paperize mode and place either the Goat from Word 4-5 or the Radiator from World 3-10 to remove all the garbage and reveal the Shy Guy hiding in the upper right corner. Defeat him to grab the Bridge Part. In the area on the left are four tree stumps. Enter Paperize mode and place any stickers you want to have them upgraded or changed. Head back to the main area where the piece of the Sticker Comet rests.

From the main area, take the right exit and drop down to the lower level where the red flower is planted. Walk behind the red flower and to your right to find a small cave with a HP-UP Heart inside. To the left of the red flower is a bush that can be squashed with your hammer, revealing tape that can be peeled and made into a little step. Whack the red flower and use this step to quickly cross over the flower before it becomes active again. In the next area, head over to the next red flower and find the small blue flower to the left of it. Whack your hammer against the wall to reveal a hidden block that serves as a step when you are trying to cross the red flower. Head into the tall grass and scare the Shy Guy with Bridge Piece into the direction of the ramp leading to the higher elevated area. Push him towards the red flower and he will jump in, leaving the crumpled Bridge Piece on the other side. There is also a Secret Door with Tailor Shears inside. Head back to the main room.

Back in the main room, walk around in the tall grass and push the Shy Guy with the Bridge Piece into the upper left corner of the area where the tall grass doesn’t grow. Defeat him and grab the last Bridge Piece. Head over to the purple void and place the three Bridge Pieces in their correct spots to gain access to the piece of the Sticker Comet.


5.2 World 5-2 – Jungle Rapids

Start by moving all the way to the right and placing a Secret Door Sticker in the designated area. Walk inside and grab the Mini Vacuum. Head inside the house and hop on the raft. Smash the brick to release the raft and start floating down the river. You can move the raft by standing on either the left or right side of the raft. Avoid the spears that the Spear Guys throw, as well as the barrels that are randomly dropped. Getting hit by a barrel will cause one of the five logs of the raft to fall of. In the third section you will encounter Fishbones that you can knock off your raft with a hammer. A Rubber Ducky will also pop out at one point and land on your raft.

When you reach the end of the section, your raft will tear apart and you will land on a dock. Before grabbing the piece of the Sticker Comet surrounded by the Spear Guys, head to your left behind the trees and bushes and enter the hole you find. Inside the cave and you will show up in an area further up the river. Keep walking left to find two Spear Guys pushing around a Toad. Pay 500 coins or fight five Spear Guys in a battle. After defeating them, head back and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet.


5.3 World 5-3 – Long Fall Falls

You’ll start the level on the raft and immediately start being chased by the giant Cheep Cheep. Steer the raft out of the way as the giant Cheep Cheep will charge at you in full force. Getting hit will result in an automatic Game Over. After going about the raft for a minute or two, the river will drop off at a waterfall and the giant Cheep Cheep will fly away.

After falling down the waterfall, push your raft all the way to the left. Eventually you will get sucked into a turn that goes left. Enter Paperize mode after you see columns on your right and take out the tunnel cave. Have it flipped around and put back into place before entering it. Inside you will find the piece of the Sticker Comet at the end of the cave. If you miss the turn for the cave, you will end up back in the main river and you can enter again through the left turnoff. There is an extra piece of the Sticker Comet in the level. After falling off the waterfall, keep floating down the river, passing the turn on the left. You’ll hit a dock and the piece of the Sticker Comet will be waiting there. Instead of grabbing it, jump the fence and move to the left where a Secret Door Sticker can be placed. Inside you will find a Luxurious Bed.


5.4 World 5-4 – Chomp Ruins

Walk to your right and follow the path. Watch out as blocks will pop out of the walls when you approach them. Jump on the raft at the lower end of the screen and hit the chain with your hammer. Float over to the little island and grab the Megaflash Eekhammer from the ? Block. Head up the steps and enter the first door you see. In this room, enter Paperize mode and have the ramp switched so that it leads to the other exit. Climb the ramp and go through the door.

Walk to your left while avoiding hatch doors in the tiles you step on, specifically the one in front of the Shiny Jump Sticker. Pass the spiked wheel and unchain the next set of spiked wheels to be able to get across. Jump into the gap and wait for the spiked wheels to pass over you. Do the same for the next set of spiked wheels. Hop onto the ledge and smash your hammer against the three hidden blocks under the Shiny POW Sticker. From there hop onto the top of the spiked wheels to be moved to the next platform. Here, use a Secret Door Sticker to grab the — inside. Jump onto the next set of spiked wheels and exit through the door on the next platform.

Outside, pull the tape to reveal a path to another platform. Keep moving right and hit the cardboard wall to knock it down and gain access to the section from earlier in the level. Head back to the waterfall and cross the bridge with the blocks that pop out. When you are in front of the second to last block, move back to the middle one because the last one will not move and have you pushed off the bridge. Go only when there is an opening. Climb up the stairs and out through the door. Go to your right and jump over the three pop out blocks in succession without stopping. Watch out for the trap doors in the floor and go through the exit. In this next room, enter Paperize mode and have the wall repositioned. Climb up the blocks and go through the exit. Grab the crumpled Ruin Floor, drop down to the lower level and got through the door.

Place the Ruin Floor in the purple void. Hit the newly made floor to open it up. Jump inside and move left. Head up the stairs and through the exit. If you want an extra Infinijump, head over to the three pop out blocks and jump on all three with perfect timing to reach the spinning wheel that will take you to the sticker. Outside, move to your right and hit the two hidden blocks in front of the waterfall. Walk into the darkened area in the waterfall to find a cave with a Teapot. On your left, hit the chain to release a bridge that connects with another area. Climb up the steps and sneak past the Big Chain Chomp without waking him! If you enter a battle, use the Run option before he wakes up. Go behind the Big Chain Chomp and whack in the stump holding him in place. Enter battle and wait for him to attack. The Big Chain Chomp will rampage off, but not before he knocks over the back wall, revealing the piece of the Sticker Comet.


5.5 World 5-5 – Rugged Road

Ooooo, lava! In the very first room, place a Refrigerator sticker from World 4-3 on the volcano seen in the background. This will cool down the lava and freeze everything in sight. Even the Fire Bros will turn into Ice Bros. Place a Secret Door Sticker to the left of the giant tube of frozen lava. Inside you will find a Basin. Head back outside and follow the path that is not frozen to the exit on the right. With everything back to normal in the next area, pass the two Piranha Plants and use a small floating platform to cross the river of lava. Enter Paperize mode and pick up the Mountain Hole. From here, head south and head down the steps. Enter the area on the right and enter Paperize mode. Take out the Mountain Boulder and place the Mountain Hole in its place. Enter the hole and make it to the end of the path. Whack the giant rock and have it fall, creating a bridge above.

Head back to where you first go the Mountain Hole. Place the Mountain Boulder in the purple void and use it as a ledge to get onto the higher area. Walk all the way right and jump off near the Heart. Enter the exit on the right. Walk across the new bridge and heal yourself at the Heart Block. In the next area, stand over the fourth crack in the ground and let one of the fireballs crash into it, leaving a hole a hole you can enter. Inside, pick out Luigi to the right of the hot spring in Paperize mode, and head down the path to find a Cracked Boulder. Exit the cave and head up the steps to make it back to the main path. Hop over the river of lava using the four platforms. The last two platforms must be hopped on quickly if you wan to make it to the other side. Head into the area on the right.

Instead of going down the path, start moving south and you should see steps that lead to a lower level. At the end of this path, enter Paperize mode and place the Cracked Boulder in the correct space. Now, whack the boulder and watch as it falls and crushes the piece of the Sticker Comet. Before taking care of the problem, walk over the fallen boulder and keep going until you are at the top of the area across the gap. Wait for a fireball to destroy the crack in the ground and enter the hole. Inside you will find a Megaflash Iron Jump and an exit back outside. Enter Paperize mode to pick up the Huge Mountain Slab and have it flipped over. The piece of the Sticker Comet will be available again and will let you end the level.


5.6 World 5-6 – Rumble Volcano

Walk up the giant steps and hop into the giant hole at the top. After walking a bit to the the right, Petey Piranha will appear and snatch Kersti. Petey Piranha will fly over to a location that cannot be accessed from the current location, so head down and pull of the tape on the ground. This will release the platform from the bridge and the entire thing will tumble down to a lower level. Down below, follow the path, hopping form platform to platform until you reach the circular piece of ground that shakes. Hop on and it will blast you to the upper level of the volcano, passing the location of Petey Piranha. Head into the room on your left and you will encounter a flaming Chain Chomp. Let him chase you out back into the previous room and he will jump onto the platform, weighing it down. Hop on to go to a lower level.

Move to the left and enter the hole in the wall. Here you will find a shop run by another crazy Blue Toad. Entering the pipe on the left will being you to a platform closer to Petey Piranha, but the giant stream of lava is blocking the way. You will need to find a way to bring the platform down lower. Head back into the pipe and walk over the shop and go into the exit on the right. Walk along the path and you will encounter a Chain Chomp who will go into battle the moment he sees you. Put him to sleep using a Baahammer or any other sleep inducing sticker, then Run from the battle. Quietly move around the Chain Chomp and whack the stump holding him down. Enter into battle again and let him attack. This will cause him to jump right onto the main platform that rests behind you. Hop on as well and ride down to a lower level.

Here you will see eight chains holding back the enemies and stickers above you. Starting from the left side, hit the first, third, sixth, and eight stumps to get all the stickers. The Chain Chomp can’t be released here so move into the hole in the left side of the area. Hop onto the moving platform and let it bring you to the bottom of the volcano. Hop onto the next moving platform and let this one bring you back up a bit. Pass the Piranha Plant  and jump on the next moving platform, bringing you back down. Keep moving and pass the Fire Bros by getting on the next moving platform. Instead of letting the platform take you back to the upper platform, jump off while the platform is still moving onto the middle level.  Keep moving onto these platforms and you should reach the tape that is holding back the Chain Chomp. Hop over the spiked wall and go through the exit. Hop onto the platform with the three Chain Chomps and have it lowered down to where Petey Piranha rests.

Grab the HP-UP Heart and move up the steps on your left. Encounter Petey Piranha at the top of the steps and engage in the boss battle! Remember, Kersti is still in the belly of Petey Piranha, so the Battle Spinner is still disabled! After taking 50 of Petey’s HP, he will fall on his back, exposing his stomach and allowing you to hit it hard enough to release a bunch of stickers and even a Dry Bones. With only 100 HP left, Mario will be able to get Kersti out take full advantage of the Battle Spinner. Defeat Petey Piranha and collect the fifth Royal Sticker!