Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 4



4.1 World – Surfshine Harbor

With the forest free of any poison, head over to Surfshine Harbor to start your journey to the next world. Before you enter Surfshine Harbor, make sure you have a Scissors Sticker, a Lightbulb Sticker, and a Fishhook Sticker. If you do not have these and cannot get them in the shop to the left of the Sticker transforming center, check the following:


As soon as you are in Surfshine Harbor, enter the second building and go down the stairs. Make it into the near pitch black room and enter Paperize mode. Place the Lightbulb sticker on the light to brighten the room. Wake up the sleeping Toad and grab the Ship’s Wheel. Head over to the boat in the second area of Surfshine Harbor and walk inside the boat. Place the Ship’s Wheel in the correct spot and let the captain know that you want to set sail. As you are leaving, the boat will come to a halt. Walk outside and through the opening in the crates to get onto the other side of the boat. Use the Scissors sticker to cut the rope that is keeping the boat at bay.


Head back inside and tell the captain to set sail again. This time the boat will begin to move, but a giant Cheep Cheep will cause the boat to stay put. Get outside and walk onto the dock. Make it all the way to the end and the Cheep Cheep will hop out the water and initiate a battle. Don’t worry about hurting the Cheep Cheep at first because it will heal when it hops back in the water. When it is in the water, dodge the water attack or you will be soggy and can’t move for three turns. Use the Fishhook to reel the Cheep Cheep out of the water and to keep it on the dock. With each turn the Cheep Cheep grows larger and stronger, so defeat it quickly! Once it is defeated, head back into the boat and set sail to the three other worlds.


4.2 World 4-1 – Snow Ride

Having gone through half the worlds in the game, familiar enemies like Goombas will now appear in their Shiny forms, meaning their defense has increased. Collecting Shiny versions of all the stickers is more important than ever, and there are plenty scattered around this level. Head into the exit on the right from the starting point. From here, walk across the mountain of snow while avoiding Cooligans as they race down the slopes. They won’t engage a battle if you are hit, but they will hurt you and even knock you down to a lower level if you are higher up the hill. Head into the exit on the right.

From here, climb up the path while avoiding the Snow Spikes who throw giant snowballs. To avid being taken down by the snowballs, whack them with your hammer. When you pass the two Snow Spikes, head left and through the exit.  As soon as you enter the area, enter Paperize mode and place the Radiator on the brick wall. If you don’t have a Radiator, refer to section 3.10 World 3-10 – Stump Glade of our guide. The Radiator will melt away the snow, revealing a hole in the wall near the sign. After entering, begin walking up the pathway while avoiding the Snow Spikes and snowballs like last time. This time, getting hit by a snowball will start a Shiny Goomba battle, as well as simply smashing the snowball. Make it to the top for the piece of the Sticker Comet.

NOTE! There is a secret exit that will lead you to World 4-5! Read the 4.6 World 4-5 – Whiteout Valley section for details!


4.3 World 4-2 – Ice Flow

Head over to the frozen river and start heading upwards, avoiding the Cooligans as they march and slide down. There area  few coins and ? Blocks that you can grab and hit along the way. You might even see a few Things slide by! Reach the top of the river and enter the hole. Inside, follow the steps as they get higher and you should find yourself at the top of the ice cave. Watch out for the Ice Bro. in the center! Head through the exit to the next part of the frozen river.

As you are moving forward and avoiding the Cooligans, you will see a HP-UP Heart on your right. Move past it and you should eventually see a spot that you can jump onto and off the frozen river. Head left and grab the HP-UP Heart. Make it to the end of this frozen river and enter the hole. Head up the steps and keep moving higher up until you reach the piece of the Sticker Comet. If you go down the path to the left, you will come across four tree stumps. Enter Paperize mode and place any basic sticker in one of the spots to have it transformed into a Shiny version. If you want to get the Secret Door Sticker and the Shiny Slaphammer Sticker, hit the three hidden blocks underneath them. Then head over to the area near the piece of the Sticker Comet and use your hammer to reveal hidden blocks that will help you reach the stickers.


4.4 World 4-3 – The Enigmansion

It’s a stormy night and you find a Purple Toad sitting outside a large mansion. Turns out he is the owner of the estate, and he wants you to capture all the “terrors” that were released from the Book of Sealing. Once he gives you the book, head inside. The mansion is bright and colorful, but an eerie atmosphere reminds you that something is amidst. Head into the only door that is not locked, the door in the back with the Shiny Jump sticker next to it.

Inside, head over to the cake sitting on the table to have the “terrors” reveal themselves as Boos. The Boos will scamper around in laughter and one will finally notice Mario. At that moment, all the Boos will scatter and Mario must track their locations, fight them in a battle, and seal them into the Book of Sealing. In the same room you can find a Boo by opening the Refrigerator. You can collect the Refrigerator as well as a collectible Oven.

Back in the main room, you should fine another Boo hiding behind the staircase. Go up the stairs and enter Paperize mode to take out the painting of the Purple Toad. Enter the room on the left of the main room. Hop on the couch and grab the Shiny Jump Sticker and then whack the Coin photo on the wall to reveal the Mansion Safe. Head through the next door and hit the third window in the hallway, knocking it out. Now outside, head down and to your right and you should find another Boo.

Go back inside and enter the door at the end of the hallway. Enter Paperize mode and take out the wall with the door on it. Walk through the doorway on the left and enter Paperize mode to take this wall as well. You can also go through the next door to an area outside with a POW sticker and a Scardey Rat.Enter the door and walk over to the bookshelf. Hit it with your hammer a few times to let the Watering Can fall to the ground. Fight the Boo hiding in the flower garden. Go back to the room with the missing wall and place the only one you have left there. Grab the Inifijump and head out into the hallway.

Now find your way back into the hallway. Start moving right and enter the next door you see, the one to the right of the bookshelf. Enter Paperize mode to remove the misplaced Bookshelf and place the Mansion Safe in its place. Open the safe to reveal a golden Boo who will spit out coins once defeated. Leave the room and go back into the hallway. Enter Paperize mode again and this time place the Bookshelf so that you can grab the Flashy Infinijump Sticker. You can also read about it by checking the same bookshelf.

Turn the corner of the hallway and move north. Pass the stairs and head to the area under the stairs. Confront the two Scardey Rats pushing around a Boo, only to find that it was a trick in the end. Defeat the trio and head up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, place a Secret Door Sticker in the correct spot and enter. Surprisingly, you’ll hear the Decalburg theme, and you’ll have to hit the cardboard wall on the right to reveal that you are next to the shop that sells Things. Buy a Fan at the shop next to the secret door and have turned into a sticker as you will need it later on. Walk back through the secret door.

Go down the stairs and back into the hallway. Heading west, window will blast open, throwing a Stapler into the room. Pick it up and enter the door at the end of the hall. Inside, hop onto the box with the Shiny Iron Jump sticker on the wall. Wait for one of the tables to swing by and hop on. Get off on the ledge with the candle above it. Extinguish the candle by jumping, and drop back down to the ground. Hit one of the three Boos that are carrying the furniture and engage in a battle against all three. Defeat them to have the furniture drop in the form of stairs, allowing you to grab the Mansion Door on top of the bookshelves. Head back to the main room and head outside into the snow. Talk to the Purple Toad and he will explain that he has feels a chilling down his spine. Wait a bit and you should see a Boo pop from behind him.

Back in the main room, place the Mansion Door where the Steward’s Portrait used to be. Enter the new door and you will find yourself on the balcony area of the room with the Cake. There is a little section that will let you jump from the balcony to the table. Here you can grab the Cake. Make your way back up onto the balcony, but this time enter the blue door in the back. The room you find will be identical to a house in Decalburg, with a Boo Stack waiting in the cabinet. Before you leave the room, hit the clock on the wall to reveal a single Boo, as well as to grab the Big Bookcase left behind from the Boo Stack. In the room with the purple door, place the Steward’s Portrait on the wall. Approach the Boo when he appears in place of the face in the portrait. Hit the trash can to battle a weak and crumpled Boo. The last room in the blue door has a group of five Boos stuck in a portrait. Check the portrait to activate the dance sequence and battle between the five Boos. Defeat them and head back to the main room.

Enter the room that had the flying furniture. Enter Paperize mode and place the Big Bookshelf where it belongs. The bookshelf will slide to the right, revealing a secret room with tape on the floor. Peel off the tape and descend down the newly formed stairs. Now in the basement, head down the stairs and into the next room where a pedestal lies. Place the Book of Sealing on the pedestal only to have Kamek appear around the corner. He will summon a Big Boo to fight you. The battle can be dealt with quickly, but you will need the Fan sticker to blow out the candles when they automatically light up.

After defeating the Big Boo, the Purple Toad will show up and thank you for your hard work. He asks you to join him in the lobby, the room with the table and the fireplace on the left side of the main room. Grab the Foreman’s Portrait from the now uncovered curtain and talk to the Purple Toad if you like. Head through the door to the hallway and jump out that third window. Move to your right and you should find the piece of the Sticker Comet!

4.5 World 4-4 – Shaved-Ice Cave

Welcome to the shortest and smallest level in the game! I’m not exactly sure why this is even considered a level because it lacks a piece of the Sticker Comet… and it’s just a shop. Enter World 4-4 and you will find yourself in a shop run by a Blue Toad in a tiny cave. Frozen and unable to move, the Blue Toad will still manage to talk to you, and that means being able to sell or buy one of the many Shiny stickers on sale. Since this was a very short level, let’s go deal with Bowser Jr. waiting in the ocean. On the World Map, hop onto your boat and head away from World 4. At the intersection, you should come across Bowser Jr. who challenges to a duel. Wit 100 HP this time, Bowser Jr. will come prepared with a few new attacks, one that includes holding a stack of Bob-ombs that Mario can destroy. Bowser Jr. can also heal 20 HP for his turn. Once defeated, head over to World 4-5.


4.6 World 4-5 – Whiteout Valley

To unlock the path to World 4-5, enter World 4-1 and head through the exit on the right. Walk past what used to be the snow mountain and head through the right exit. Walk behind the first Snow Spike to reveal two branching paths. Take the one that leads up. When you are in the area with the single tree, start moving left until you reach a door. Enter it and start to climb the steps you find in the next area. Go over to the tree at the top of the area and give it three good whacks. Apparently this summons Birdo who will swipe the Goat off the top of the mountain and swing it over to you. With the Goat in hand and an unforgettable image imprinted in your mind, leave the area and head left, passing the Save Block and Heart Block and going through the exit.

Walk past the melted hill of snow and into the exit on the left. Enter Paperize mode and place a Fire Flower over the giant snowball. This will cause it to melt and reveal a Pipe in a Cave. Head back to the area with the two Snow Spikes and once again walk past the first one to the branching paths. Walk over to the spot with the single tree and hop into the mound of snow next to the tree. Place the Pipe in a Cave in the correct spot and enter the cave.  You will be transported to the landscape in the background where a piece of the Sticker Comet awaits.

Enter World 4-5. Head to the right and place the Foreman’s Portrait from World 4-3  in the purple void. Talk to the Toad and have him prepare the ski lift for departure. Hop on and start riding up the mountain. On the ski lift, you can use the circle Pad to swing left and right so you can avoid the Ice Bros, Fuzzys, and Paragoombas. You can also jump to collect the items on the line, or to knock out the Fuzzys above. The ski lift will go through three sections before making it to the end. Walk up the stairs and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet at the top.


4.7 World 4-6 – Bowser’s Snow Fort

Be prepared for the boss fight by getting the Radiator sticker and Hair Dryer sticker, as well as any fire stickers. Enter World 4-6 and start by heading right through the cave and into the open area. If you have a Secret Door Sticker, use it near the Premium Entrance sign so that you can skip the entrance with all the Shy Guy enemies in line. Inside, hop the fence to your right and grab the Sewing Scissors that rest on top of the crates. Hop over the left fences to find a Toad by pushed around by two Shy Guys. Pay them 100 coins or fight them in a battle. After the battle, talk to the Shy Guy operating the ride to get yourself a cart.

Once you start moving, notice the you can avoid spikes and enemies by jumping with your cart. In the next section you will come across an area that is missing a rail piece. A Shy Guy in a cart is holding the crumpled Rail Piece and you will have to stop him to place it back where it belongs. At the right most area of the track when you are making a turn, enter Paperize mode and place a sticker on the designated are on the Shy Guy’s rail. The Shy Guy will hit the ? Block and release the Rail Piece allowing you to move on to the next area.

The next area has Bob-ombs placed on the track that can be easily avoided by jumping. Near the start you will come across a section of the track with two separate paths, but only the one going down is connected. Enter Paperize mode and have the Rail Track flipped so that you can take the path that goes up. There is a stop with different blocks that you will need to get off at. Hit the blocks, specifically the first ? Block that contains a Megaflash Chillhammer, and grab the Mine-Cart Exit that is resting in the left most hole on the wall. Head back into the cart and place the Mine-Cart Exit over the purple void at the end of the current track. Make sure to jump through the exit.

The next segment of the track will launch you through the ice Bowser sculpture and onto the snow in front of it. The Bowser Snow Stature will come to life and begin a battle. Use items that relate to fire like the Fire Flower or the Radiator Sticker. As his health goes down, the Bowser Snow Statue will become smaller and smaller. Once the Bowser Snow Statue reaches less than 100 health, the Bowser Snow Statue will completely fall apart, revealing Mizzter Blizzard wearing the fourth Royal Sticker. Defeat him, reclaim the Royal Sticker, and leave the now completed World 4!