Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 3



3.1 World 3-1 – Leaflitter Path


Before heading out to World 3-1, stop by Decalburg and have your Trumpet turned into a sticker. If you no longer have a Trumpet, grab another one in World 1-6 at the top of the tower. Enter World 3-1 and pass into the next area. Place the Trumpet sticker on the stump to wake up the sleeping Wiggler, freeing up the path. Follow Wiggler into the next area. Here, Wiggler will disappear and you will have to continue moving right into the next area without him. A swamp of poison waits ahead, so wait for the logs to come your way so you can make it into the next area.

Continue walking down the path while watching out for the Boomerang Bros in the background. Before you reach the end, the pair of Boomerang Bros will stop in front of the piece of the Sticker Comet and challenge you to a battle. Be aware that their boomerang attacks will hit you once from the front and once in the back. Defeat them and the piece of the Sticker Comet is yours!


3.2 World 3-2 – The Bafflewood

From the start head right into the next area. The next sequence of rooms must be entered in the correct order. First go down the right path, then the left path, then the right path , and then down the center path. This next room has five different paths. Take the one that goes directly left, avoiding the Piranha Plant along the way. Move right into the exit in the northern part of the area and you should find the piece of the Sticker Comet patiently waiting in the next area.

To make things easier, follow these exits from the room with the two Shy Guys to make it to the end:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
  • Left
  • North


3.3 World 3-3 – Wiggler’s Tree House

Enter Wiggler’s Tree House and start moving up the path to the exit on the second floor. Before you leave, knock out the fire in the fireplace to reveal a hole that will allow you to drop back to the first floor and grab the High Heel. Keep following the path into the next door that leads to the third floor. Pick up the Boom Box and head to the next exit on your left. Peel the tape off the branch to allow for a shortcut back to the starting area of the level. Continue walking up the path and into the leaves to enter the top level. Inside, find the head of Wiggler as he recounts what happened since you last saw him in World 3-1. With the goal of collecting Wiggler’s body parts, grab the piece of the Sticker Comet to finish this level.


3.4 World 3-4 – Strike Lake

As soon as you start the level, one of Wiggler’s body parts will start running off to the right. Try to follow it, knocking it down from a tree with your hammer before it moves to the next area. Move down where the Wiggler is and start hopping from leaf to leaf. As soon as you pass the giant log, hop back to land and replenish your hearts with the Heart Block. Keep moving right and you will see the Wiggler part in the tree to the right of the exit heading north. Knock it down and follow it through the right exit to the final area. Go all the way to the right and you should see see the thin piece of Wiggler waiting above a pile of poisonous goop. Again, he will run off, this time going all the way back to the starting area. As soon as you enter the starting area, whack the nearest bush to reveal the part of Wiggler. He will now join your group and you must take him to the piece of the Sticker Comet in the final area. As soon as you get back to the World Map, the Wiggler segment will run off to World 3-5


3.5 World 3-5 – Loop Loop River

The entire level consists of six rooms that have a looping poisonous river running through all of them. From the starting area, head right into next and cross the bridge to go into the door on the north wall. From here, enter the exit on the right and you are back outside. Hit the small tree to break off the only leaf and form a floating and moving platform. Hop on the leaf and ride it into the next area. Wait until you are near the next exit to jump off the leaf and onto the southern platform. Walk up the stairs and peel the tape on the floor to reveal a pathway that leads to another exit.Back outside, appraoch the resting Wiggler segment. The Wiggler segment will begin a battle, one that is best fought by using stickers other than the Jump and Hammer versions. After the quick battle, the Wiggler segment will join your group once again. Grab the piece of the Sticker Comet and head out of the level. Enter World 3-3 and go to Wiggler’s room. Reunite Wiggler with one of his body segments and exit the level.


3.6 World 3-6 – Outlook Point

Instead of searching for a piece of the Sticker Comet, this level is no more than a shop area. This is the only place you can buy the coveted Door Sticker, and there is even a Toad that helps transform Things into stickers. When you first enter, but a Door Sticker for 80 coins and head south and down the steps. Enter Paperize mode and place the door in the correct position. Enter the door and grab the Hook. Exit the level.

Head back to World 3-5 and move through the exit on the right, then into the north exit in the room after that. Wait for the leaf swim by and hop on it. Hop right off and back onto the southern platform as soon as you pass the small wall that divides the two sections. Climb the steps and exit on the right. Instead of grabbing the piece of the Sticker Comet like last time, pass by it and hit the other tree to release a second leaf.  Hop on and float to the next area. Float pass the next area as well until you get outside. As you are passing by the first wooden platform, hop onto the leaf that is not going under the wooden platform and jump to reveal a hidden block. Jump off the leaf and onto land. Again, head to the same room by going through the right exit and then the north exit, passing the Boomerang Bro. Wait for the leafs, but this time you will be jumping onto the northern platform on the left side of the area. There is an exit on this platform. Follow the path and use the hidden block as a platform to reach the crumpled Tree Stump. Move right into the exit and grab  different piece of the Sticker Comet.

Go back to World 3-3. If you have a spare Door Sticker, head over to the second floor and place the sticker on the right side of the room. Inside you will find a HP-UP Heart. Either way, make it all the way up to Wiggler at the top of the tree house and place the Tree Stump on the left. Grab yet another piece of the Sticker Comet to complete the level.


3.7 World 3-7 – Rustle Burrow

Follow the next Wiggler segment to the giant spiderweb. As the spiderweb gives out and the Wiggler segment falls into a deep hole, follow suit by jumping in as well. The damage from the great fall will result in you losing your hammer and all your stickers, as well as a group of Scuttebugs taking the Wiggler segment and Kersti away. From the first area, pick up all the stickers in the room and head right. Avoid the Scuttlebugs as best as you can until you grab the Star in the middle. Let chaos reign as you defeat enemies with a single touch. Reclaim all the stickers you lost that have scattered to every room of the level. Head into the southern exit and grab all the stickers here. There are two exits that lead to two separate rooms with even more stickers. If you go to the right part of the area, you will be able to listen to Kersti as she struggles to get out of the giant spiderweb.

Head back into the room where the Star was and head through the northern exit. Pick up your stickers and pass the Wiggler segment behind the spiderweb. Before you can leave through the door on the right, a Big Scuttlebug will fight you in a battle. Destroy the spiderweb in battle to get the Big Scuttlebug to fall to the ground where you can actually deal damage. Defeat him and head through the door. There is nothing you can do, so keep heading into the next area. Jump on the spiderweb multiple times to break through and fall down to the spiderweb Kersti is attached to. Jump again to hit the bottom floor.

After falling to the ground, exit the room and climb up the steps and collect the Burrow Door. Enter Paperize mode to put it back into its correct position. Enter the newly made door and head through the pass right into the next area. Follow that path until the end and you will reunite with your trusty hammer! Head back to the area with the Wiggler segment and break through the spiderweb with your hammer. Head into the area on the right to grab the piece of the Sticker and end the level. The Wiggler segment will yet again run off to the next level, World 3-8.



3.8 World 3-8 – Tree Branch Trail

As soon as you enter the level, enter Paperize mode a place a Secret Door sticker on the wall. Enter the door to reveal plenty of coins and Tape. Exit and head to the right and through the exit. Start walking over the tree branch in the right of the area. Keep following the tree branch path,  watching out for Scuttlebugs that will randomly swing down from the trees. The path leads to a dead end, so hop onto the spiderweb and cause it to break. On the new platform, head left and start walking up another tree branch. Go through the exit and you will see the Wiggler segment attached to a spiderweb. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson like last time, and another battle with the Wiggler segment will ensue. After his defeat, the Wiggler will join you once again.

Move up the steps to find a crumpled Tree Stump at the end. Head back to where you first fell through the spiderweb . Behind the ? Block is and a bush is a path that will lead to the area that is blocked by a dead end. Follow that path and walk up the ramp to make it to the area behind the dead end. Enter the left exit and you should see the piece of the Sticker Comet. After grabbing it and returning it to the World Map, go to World 3-3 and place the Tree Stump in the room that Wiggler is in for a second piece of the Sticker Comet.


3.9 World 3-9 – Gauntlet Pond

Start the level by jumping from swinging log to swinging log until you get to the right side of the area. Once you are on the right side, peel of the tape that is to the left of the exit to release a floating log. Hop onto it and float over to the Wiggler segment. The Wiggler segment will run off to the next area, so go through the right exit. Maneuver over to the first swinging log and hop on. Hop off on the next segment where the Ninji is and peel off the tape holding back the second swinging log. Get back on the first swinging log and get off at the tree trunk. Hop onto the next swinging log and immediately get off onto the next tree trunk. Go near the Wiggler segment to scare if off onto a different platform. Hop back onto the next swinging log and wait for it to go near the purple cloud before jumping off. Head into the next exit. Before leaving, there is also a Secret Door sticker that can be placed underneath the purple cloud. Once you scare off the Wiggler segment, drop down into the poisonous swamp on your right and grab the Star. Now invincible, defeat any enemy and make your way to the Secret Door spot. After placing the sticker, walk inside and obtain the six stickers found inside.

In the final area, peel off the tape to release a wooden platform, but go over and hop onto the swinging log instead. Jump from the first one to the other, and then onto the area with the Ninji. Keep walking left and drop down to the area where the Hopslipper sticker is. Grab it and start jumping from leaf to leaf to reach a platform with a mysterious square object emitting poison. Hop on it a few times to reveal that the object is actually a Sponge! Head back to the log that moves up and down, and use it to get onto the next swinging log. Break the brick so it doesn’t get in your way,and continue jumping from log to log until you reach the exit.

Peel back the tape to reveal a set of steps that create a shortcut from the start of the level to the end. Cover up the purple smoke with any sticker you like so that you can cross the section and go into the exit on the other side. Hop onto the tree stump the Wiggler segment is on, and peel him out of the hole he got himself stuck in. Walk right and hop onto the wooden platform you unpeeled earlier. Hop onto the two singing logs, but this time go right instead of onto the platform with the Ninji. Grab the piece of the Sticker Comet to end the level. At the World Map, the Wiggler Segment will run off to World 3-10.


3.10 World 3-10 – Stump Glade

There is only one thing to do in the first area, and that’s jumping into the hole of the giant tree trunk. Inside you will find none other than the Snifit or Whiffit game show! Your host, Snifit, will challenge you to three games, the prize being a Wiggler segment! The first game is Pick-And-Choose Panic. A question will be asked, and it’s the job of Mario to either hit the Check Block or the X Block. Taking to long will cause poison gas to fill the room. The first question:

This doesn’t leave this room, but… King Bowser actually loathes Princess Peach.

Answer: X

There are 30 Snifits in the audience.

Answer: CHECK

If you use a Spike Helmet sticker, you can also stomp enemies with spikes.

Answer: X

If you get all Poisonous Mushrooms in the Battle Spinner, all foes get poisoned.

Answer: X

If you get a Super Star, you temporarily become invincible.

Answer: CHECK

Some Toads were locked up inside a cupboard in Decalburg. There were nine Toads inside that cupboard.

Answer: X

Kamek rides through the sky. He rides a broom.

Answer: CHECK

To use the Battle Spinner, you need five coins.

Answer: X

Bowser Jr.’s father is King Bowser, and his mother is Princess Peach.

Answer: X

A Shiny Jump Sticker is more expensive than a Jump sticker.

Answer: CHECK

To swing the hammer, you press Y.

Answer: X

Kamek, Lakitu, and Bowser Jr. all wear glasses.

Answer: X

If you use a Mushroom sticker, Mario’s body gets big.

Answer: X


Before the second game begins, Mario will be dropped into a second game room. The next game, Big Bonking Snifit Bash, has Mario trying to wonk 20 Snifits before he succumbs to the poisonous gas. This one isn’t too hard, and there are even hearts that pop out of the holes that Mario can heal himself with.

Again, Mario will drop down to another game room for the final game, Unrelentingly Exciting Shuffle Game. As the name implies, there different blocks will house two X marks and one CHECK. The blocks will shuffle and you will have to remember which block holds the CHECK. You must do this three times to win the game. Hitting the wrong block will cause a Snifit battle. Win all three times and the Wiggler segment will be released! Mario and the Wiggler segment will be dropped to a storage room where the piece of the Sticker Comet rests.

Before you leave,the Snifit host will stop by and ask if you want to participate for “special prize” in a special challenge. If you accept, Snifit will drop you into the next game room for Big-Bonking-Panic-Pick-And-Choose-Snifit-Bash! This game is a combination of the first two games. You must answer questions that Snifit presents, but you will need to bonk five Snifits before doing so! For question answers, use the guide above since they are the same questions. Your prize is a Radiator. After grabbing teh piece of the Sticker Comet, you will be taken back to the World Map where the Wiggler segment will run off to World 1-2.



3.11 World 3-11 – Holey Thicket

World 3-11 will have to be unlocked before anyone gets in, so head to World 3-2 and get to the area with the two Snifits. From here, head:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Right

By now you should be in a room with three new exits. Walk right and down the steps to an area for a Secret Door sticker. Apply the Secret Door sticker and find a Violin inside. Back outside, head through the exit on the right to find a startled Wiggler segment run into a fence. Get close and he will battle you once again. Defeat him and he will join your group. Hop over the fence and into the next area. Continue walking straight for this area and the next, and then you should come across an area with a Bowling Ball. Exit the level and head to World 3-3. Drop off the Wiggler segment with Wiggler and exit this level. Enter World 3-6 and have your Bowling Ball made into a sticker by the Red Toad.

After this, head over to World 3-4. If you remember there is a second exit in the second area of the level, just to the left of the only ? Block. Inside, enter Paperize mode and place the Bowling Ball sticker on the tree stump. Watch the animation as the Bowling Ball takes down the giant wooden pillars that block the piece of the Sticker Comet. Grab it and end the level, opening up World 3-11.

Enter World 3-11. Walk to the right side of the first area, but before you head into the exit, go behind the first row of pushes and keep walking left until a two Bloopers pop out with a Wiggler segment. Walk through this area and right into the next, pulling off tape wherever you see it. In the next area, make it to the left side and pull the tape on the ground to reveal a hole. Jump in to find a cave that leads to the higher elevated platform in the same area. Use your hammer to whack the fruit and the Bowser Tape off the tree. Head back to the area with piece of the Sticker Comet and enter Paperize mode to place the Bowser Tape over the wall. With a set of stairs now available head to the piece of the Comet Star, but take the exit on your right instead of grabbing it.

As soon as you enter, talk to the two Bloopers clinging to a Toad. Pay 50 coins or fight them in a battle to release the Toad. After defeating them, Toad will give you a Shiny Mushroom sticker. As soon as that is over, hop into the hole to your right. Don’t be fooled by the purple poison around it, there is indeed a hole there. Walk through the cave and enter the door. Walk outside and take a left. There should be an area for a Secret Door at the top. A Balloon waits inside. Head right and pass the single tree and enter the hole in the wall surrounded by the purple goop. Walk through the cave and into the other exit. Outside, grab the piece of the Sticker Comet and open access to World 3-12.

With the stairs in place, you can come back to World 3-11 and quickly obtain that first piece of the Sticker Comet in the second area.


3.12 World 3-12 – Whitecap Beach

This level does not have a whole lot going on. Head over to the beach and do two things before you confront the two Bloopers who have the Wiggler segment. On the left side of the beach is a Pocket Watch stuck in the sand. If you go over to the dock, you can see Luigi off in the distance on top of a rock. Use Paperize mode to pluck him out of there.

Approach the two Bloopers to have them, along with the Wiggler segment, fight you in a battle. Avoid touching the Wiggler segment as he is covered in poison. After defeating the trio, follow the now angry Wiggler segment Surfshine Harbor. When you get there, head to the second area and you should find him near the boat. After the Wiggler segment joins your group, head back to World 3-3.  In Wiggler’s room, Kersti will let you enter Paperize mode to reassemble the Wiggler. Back to his normal self, Wiggler will run off to World 3-12. so that he can take  you across the water to the island where all the poison is coming from.

Once you are at World 3-12, Wiggler will be waiting at the dock. Talk to him and agree to go with him to the island. Once there, hop from platform to platform and barrel to barrel until you reach the ship. Go inside, replenish your hearts with the Heart Block and save with the Save Block. Head out the exit on the left and confront Gooper Blooper waiting in the wrecked ship. Gooper Blooper will attack with his four tentacles. With each turn, Gooper Blooper will turn even more purple, until he is on the verge of releasing a ton of poison. You will know this because Gooper Blooper will be pounding his four tentacles to the beat of the music. If you turned the Sponge found in 3-9 into a sticker, use it now. The sponge will soak up the poison and spit it back at Gooper Blooper, causing him to miss attacks and lose 30 health for four turns. Deafest Gooper Blooper and reclaim the third Royal Sticker to finish World 3!