Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 2



2.1 World 2-1 – Drybake Desert


Before heading into the level, make sure you have the following:

  • Jump Sticker
  • Hammer Sticker
  • Spike Helmet Sticker
  • any Flower Sticker
  • Mushroom Sticker
  • Poisonous Mushroom Sticker (can be bought in W1-5)

Head over to the giant door and enter Paperize mode. Place the said stickers in their correct spots to open the door. After entering the door into the cave, take an immediate left to find a room full of coins. Start moving right and jump into the pipe near the exit. Inside you will find a Shiny Jump Sticker and a trail of coins that leads back to the upper room. After collecting all the stickers you need, leave through the exit on the right.

In the next area you will find three different Sombrero Guys. These enemies will not attack you, but if you leave them alone, they will appear in other random battles to help the other enemies. Start moving right, collecting whatever you need until you see a group of Paragoombas messing with a Toad. Either pay 25 coins or face them in a battle to free the Toad. Before you begin the battle, be aware that a Sombrero Guy is hiding behind the rocks! Head into the right exit into the next area. In this area you will find a single Sombrero Guy. Avoid the enemies and move into the next area on the right.

Now you will find yourself in an area of fast moving quicksand. Avoid the enemies, defeat the single Sombrero Guy, and make it to the other end to enter the next area. As you are on the side that is going downhill, make sure to grab the Soda Can stuck in the sand on one of the ledges. The next area houses the piece of the Sticker Comet on top of a pyramid. At the base of the pyramid, start climbing up the low level steps to get to a higher level. Follow the small steps to continue moving higher onto the pyramid. Once you are at the top and near the piece of the Sticker Comet, you have the options to go down two different slides back to the bottom. Take the slide on your left to gain access to the HP-UP Heart. Otherwise, grab the piece of the Sticker Comet to end the level.



2.2 World 2-2 – Yoshi Sphinx

From the first area, enter the pipe to transport over to the Yoshi Sphinx. Once at the sphinx, begin to walk around the sphinx, passing the stairs and continuing to walk until you see a door. Enter it to find a room with Flashy and Shiny stickers peeled to the floor, along with two Hammer Bros. and a Dry Bones. Defeat the enemies, pick up your stickers, and head back to those stairs. Once you go up the stairs, head into the door on the left.

Inside, head right into the right door. In this next room, jump and hit the lights torches to shut them off, revealing a hidden door that can be accessed with a hit of the hammer. In the next room, enter the hole on the left behind the pillar to enter a hidden stairway and a Sombrero Guy. Defeat him and knock the wall behind the Hopslipper Sticker. If you want to avoid the Sombrero Guys interfering with a harder battle later in the level, move into the room on the right, and then outside. Drop down from ledge and you should find all three there. After defeating them, drop down to the ground and head back to the room with Green Pokey.

From the room with the Green Pokey,  enter the hole behind the pillar on the right, then walk up the stairs to the door that leads outside. You are now on the back of the Yoshi Sphinx, and a group of Red Paratroopas will battle you. Defeat them and peel off the tape to reveal a path to the piece of the Sticker Comet. Walk back into the room and down the stairs. In the room with the Green Pokey, take a right into the next room and another right to go outside. Climb the steps and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet to end the level!


2.3 World 2-3 – Sandshifter Ruins


This level can be completed very quickly, but there are many valuable items that are worth going out and collecting. To finish the level, walk down the stairs at the end of the first area. Once underground, go right and slide down the quicksand to the lower level. From here, move right and slide down the quicksand. At the next level, make an immediate left and go down the quicksand again. Stand over the wooden planks behind the Spike and fall through to the last level.

Head right and go up the stairs and into the door. In the next room, open the third coffin to obtain the Bat. Go to the far left part of this room and climb on top of the first coffin. Begin to jump over each coffin until you make it to the door at the end. In the next room, cross the sea of quicksand while avoiding the Dry Bones to get to the piece of the Sticker Comet at the end.

There are three other major items that you will want to collect while in the maze. The first one, the Magnifying Glass,  can be found by going left from the start of the underground maze and down the quicksand slide.  Move all the way right until you reach a door. Inside, open the second closed coffin to reveal a doorway to the Magnifying Glass. A HP-UP Heart can be found by exiting the room with Magnifying Glass and going down the quicksand slide, entering the door near it. Open the third coffin to claim your prize. Starting at the start of the underground maze, go right and fall down the quicksand slide. Now go left and fall down the next quicksand slide. Go left again and into the hole leading straight down. At the bottom you should find the Jackhammer.

 NOTE! There is a secret exit that will lead you to World 2-4! Read the 2.5 World 2-4 – Damp Oasis section for details!


2.4 World 2-4 – Damp Oasis

Start by going back to World 2-3. Enter the underground maze and go down the quicksand on the right. On the next level, go right and slide down the next quicksand you see. Take a left and break through the wooden planks. Hop over the Spike and fall through the hole. Enter the door you land in front of. Climb the stairs and enter the doorway on your right on the second level. Hop into the coffin and drop down to the lower level. Open the coffin on the left and walk through to get to the left side of the area. Walk behind the wall with the Jump sticker and open the coffin on the left to raise the sand level and lower the platform the piece of the Sticker Comet is on. Run back up the stairs and claim your prize.


Before heading to World 2-4, head to Surfshine Harbor and enter Paperize mode near the third building. Pick up the door and place it back in the correct position. Walk through the door to the next room, then out the back door. Head right and enter the next door. Jump up the blocks and grab the Vacuum. Head through the door and into the last room to pick up a HP-UP Heart. Now head to Decalburg and have the Vacuum made into a Sticker. Enter World 2-4.


As soon as you enter, head left until you see a whirlwind. Enter Paperize mode and place Vacuum in the desired spot. The Vacuum will suck in the whirlwind and stop the dust storm. After everything has settled, move left and the piece of the Sticker Comet will rest there.


If you have turned the Faucet (from World 1-3) into a sticker and have it in your album, head into the actual oasis and enter Paperize mode near the jug of water. Place the faucet in the correct spot and the oasis will be transformed. With the house now unlocked, head inside and open the wardrobe to reveal a treasure chest with a Tablet Piece inside.


2.5 World 2-5 – Drybake Stadium

Before entering this level, you will need three different Tablet Pieces. They can all be found in World 2. The first one is in World 2-1, the second is in World 2-2, and the third is in World 2-4.  For the first Tablet Piece, enter World 2-1 and go to the area before the pyramid. At the top of the quicksand hill, move to the southern platform and hop onto the quicksand moving south. In between the two cacti, let yourself sink in the quicksand to be taken to an underground room. In this room, simply follow the path to the top to get to the treasure chest containing the first Tablet Piece.

The second Tablet Piece can be found in World 2-2. Instead of grabbing the piece of the Sticker Comet, head into the door on your left. Head left and hit the last flame multiple times to reveal that it is actually a Lightbulb. Grab and climb up the stairs. Move to the right to enter the room on the right. Hit the left wall with your hammer to have it tumble down. Use it as a platform to reach and hit out the eyes of the Yoshi Sphinx. Enter the newly made holes and walk forward, falling off the nose of the Yoshi Sphinx and onto its tongue. Before grabbing the treasure chest with the second Tablet Piece, Kamek will battle you, but this time all your stickers will be transformed into Sandal Stickers. Refer to section 2.4 World 2-4 – Damp Oasis to find out how to get the third Tablet Piece.

Enter World 2-5 and go into Paperize mode in the center of the first area. Place the three Tablet Pieces to reveal a giant tower. Enter the tower and run to the back of the room until you see a single image of a Toad on the wall. Enter Paperize mode and place a Jump sticker above Toad’s left hand, and a Hammer sticker above his right. Enter the door are ride the elevator to the second floor. Exit the elevator room and head right. Drop into the quicksand and allow yourself to sink to make it under the spikes. Grab the Stone Entry and head back to where you started. This time go to your left and continue until you see the purple space that needs the Stone Entry. Place it in its correct sot and enter the door to move to the third floor.

Find the next door with the Toad and the missing stickers, and this time place a Hammer sticker on the left, and Spike Helmet in the middle, and a Jump sticker on the right. Enter the room and use the elevator to move to the fourth floor. When you are out of the elevator room, start moving left, turning the corner and going all the way to the wall. Drop behind the mound of sand to enter the hole into the next hallway. Keep moving until you reach an exit outside. Outside, walk to your right and enter Paperize mode to place the window back into its correct position. Walk back into the tower and back to the giant mound of sand to see that the window removed it, allowing access to the door. Inside, ride the elevator to the fifth floor.


In the next room, activate the last Toad door by placing a Flower sticker on the Toad’s left hand, and a POW sticker on his right hand. Enter the door to ride up to the stadium above. You will see the Royal Sticker resting at the end of the stadium, but a Tower Power Pokey will arise from the sand and battle you. Things Stickers are very effective in this battle, specifically the Bat that you find in World 2-3. Defeat him and claim the second Royal Sticker!