Paper Mario: Sticker Star Walkthrough – Chapter 1




1.1 Decalburg

Begin the game by tapping the A button to unravel Mario from his crumpled form. As soon as you can walk, move right and towards the sign of Peach. Peel off your soon to be guide, Kersti, and listen through her dialogue. After the mess that was the Sticker Fest, Mario will have to find and rescue some of the Toads of Decalburg. The first six can be found in the same area:

  • Running around with a Jump sticker on his head.
  • Taped to the stage. This Toad will give you your trusty Hammer.
  • Behind a painting near the stage.
  • Taped to decorations to the left of the stage.
  • In the far left is an unfoldable cart that will help you reach another taped Toad.
  • The last Toad is taped to a box in the southern section.

Once you have all six Toads, pull up the entryway to the next area on your right. The next area has another eight Toads that need rescuing:

  • The first Toad is hiding behind a bush, while another Toad is stuck to a second bush. Use your hammer to rescue them.
  • Enter the first house you see and open the cupboard to reveal a stack of Toads waiting to be rescued.
  • The second house can be entered by ripping off the tape blocking the doorway. A crumpled Toad rests in the trash bin that can be hit with the hammer.
  • The third house contains a portrait of Toad that needs to be pulled off. The Toads hiding inside will scamper off.
  • After leaving the house, use your hammer on the doormat to reveal another Toad.
  • Head left and you will come across a wooden shed. Continuously hit the roof to unfold a Toad.
  • Hop the fence between the houses and save the Toad taped to the back of the third house.

Head left and continue going left into the next area, passing the pathway that you first used to enter the area. The Toads you have rescued will be waiting here as they plan to unroll the rest of the town.

Once Decalburg has been restored to its former self, head south in the area with the fountain. Before you are able to leave, a group of Goombas will ambush you, forcing you into your first battle. Defeat them and continue on south.


1.2 World 1-1 – Warm Fuzzy Plains

Head right and collect the many stickers scattered around as you see them. Just past the gate is a wall covered with tape. Peel it off to discover a cove of coins. In the next area you will come across a bridge. After a Toad slams into Mario and drops a Scissors sticker, Bowser Jr. will appear and challenge you to a fight. Defeat Bowser Jr. using the Scissors sticker and watch as he takes the bridge and throws the crumpled remains on a high ledge.

To grab the bridge and put it back into place, head back left to the start of the level where a group of Toads await. Speak to the Toad behind the bush to have all of them join your party as a stack of Toads. Head back to the area with the bridge and allow the Toads to form a staircase for Mario. Walk over to the spot where the bridge is supposed to be, and let Kersti bring you into Paperize mode to stick the bridge back into place. Head right and into the next area.

As soon as you enter, head north and remove the tape on the entrance to the cave. Enter and grab the pair of scissors. Leave and head right into the next area. Before you leave, make sure to collect as many stickers as you can as there are plenty in this area. The last area contains a piece of the Sticker Comet that is needed to complete the level. Before you make it to the end, the group of Goombas come back and ambush you once again. Avoid Jump attacks as they have folded themselves into Paper-Cone Goombas. Defeat them and collect the piece of the Sticker Comet to move onto the next level.


1.3 World 1-2 – Bouquet Gardens

Start moving right and enter the next area. A gusty wind blows and slows down Mario as you try to follow the path into the next area. The wind is too strong and Mario will have to find the source of the wind. Head back to the first section of the level and move south in the lower part of the area and make an immediate right into the next area.

When in the next area, move right until you see a Jump sticker on the wall in front of you. Whack the bushes near it to reveal a a piece of tape that keeps a stairway to the higher level hidden. Pull the tape, climb the stairs, and head into the next section by going left. The next area will bring you back to the spot with gusting wind, this time revealing that a giant fan is causing the blustery weather. Turn off and collect the fan and head back where you came from.


Make it back to the area where the wind was once blowing. With the wind gone, follow the path into the next area and refill your health with the Heart Block. Continue right and you will spot two Goombas throwing around a Toad. Confront them and either engage in battle or pay 20 coins to leave the Toad alone. Either way, Toad will reward you with a Cat-o-Luck. Head right and then down into the next area. From there, keep following the path into the next area.

Pull the tape off the wall to reveal a cove with two stickers. Keep moving right until you are stopped by a group of Goombas who start a battle. Kersti will show you how to make multiple moves per turn with the Battle Spinner. After defeating the Goombas, head right into the next area. Hop onto the highest ledge and claim your piece of the Sticker Comet!


1.4 World 1-3 – Water’s Edge Way 

Move forward and climb to a higher level. Go to the right and cross the bridge and into the next area. Refill your hearts, save, and watch as another Toad slams into you again, this time giving you an extra page for your sticker album. Continue across the bridge and encounter Kamek who sets up a battle. Defeat Kamek and he will remove the piece of the Sticker Comet, forcing you to continue moving towards the exit in the south.

In the next area, move down into the lower levels, pass the waterfall, and walk left and into the next area. The removed piece of the Sticker Comet is bouncing off the top of the water sprout, so you will need to find a way to stop the water. Walk under the Bowser waterfall and peel off the tape next to it to reveal a cave. Inside, jump on the faucet to stop the water flow. Grab the Faucet and exit the cave. Drop into the hole that was once a water sprout, and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet that waits in the underground room. Go all the way to the right to exit. Start moving right and then head north to exit the area. In the next area, walk across the bridge and enter Paperize mode to place the piece of the Sticker Comet back. Grab the piece of the Sticker Comet to complete the level!

NOTE! There is a secret exit that will lead you to World 1-5! Read the 1.7 World 1-5 – Whammino Mountain section for details!



1.5 World 1-4 – Hither Thither Hill


Before heading into the level, go to Decalburg and talk to the Toad in the area to the left of the main area with the fountain. This Toad runs a shop that will transform your “Things” into stickers. Have your Fan made into the sticker and enter World 1-4. Move right and enter Paperize mode next to the windmill. Place the Fan Sticker on the stump to have the blades of the windmill move. Instead of opening the door, enter the pipe found near the entrance. Walk through the underground area and enter the pipe on the other end. Talk to the crying Green Toad and agree to take him back to town. Go through the underground area, out the pipe, into the World Map, and back into Decalburg.


The Green Toad will ask you to come to his house. Go the area on your right and enter the second house. The Green Toad will give you a Mushroom Sticker and the code to enter in the windmill. Head back to World 1-4 and enter the windmill. Since the code was “Forwon toothree,” hit the blocks inside like this:

  • 1st Block – four times
  • 2nd Block – one time
  • 3rd Block – two times
  • 4th Block – three times


A pipe will appear and you will enter a higher level of the underground area. Grab the Warp Pipe at the end and drop to the lower level and exit the underground area. Enter the Warp Pipe in front of the windmill and in the next underground area, enter Papermize mode and place the Warp Pipe in the multicolored area. Enter the new Warp Pipe and you will encounter a Big Buzzy Beetle. As you engage in battle, use a POW sticker to flip him on his backside. From here, continue to use Jump stickers to defeat him. After grabbing your HP-UP Heart, enter the red Warp Pipe and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet waiting outside.


1.6 World 1-6 – Goomba’s Fortress


Go into the entrance of the fortress and then head through the north door. Save, replenish your hearts, and peel off the tape holding the spikes in place. Go back into the door in which you entered and hit the yellow block to turn the path and allow you to enter the east door. As you avoid the Bob-ombs the Goombas blast at you, run to the right and enter the next door. Hit the yellow block twice and enter the right door to find a room full of coins and a block.


Go back and enter the north door. After being blown off the bridge, enter Paperize mode and place any two stickers over the air vents. Cross the bridge, jump over the spikes, and enter the door. Hit the yellow block and enter the next door. To cross this next section, allow Bob-ombs to follow you and burst to break down some of the gates. Enter the next door at the end. In the next room, enter Paperize mode and remove the Yellow Block. Enter Paperize mode again and place the Yellow Block back, this time in the correct position. Hit the block, head through the south door, and remove the tape to roll out the other half of the carpet. Cross the carpet and you are back in the area with the Save Block.


On the carpet, head onto the ramp on the left. Head inside the door and start moving up the staircase of the tower. Enter the door at the top and grab the Trumpet outside. Head up the stairs on your left and face the Megasparkle Goomba. After taking 10 points of damage, the group of Goomabs will form one giant Goomba. The Megasparkle Goomba will rotate through his flat and paper-cone forms, so use Jump and hammer attacks accordingly. After defeating him, grab the Royal Sticker to complete the world!


1.7 World 1-5 – Whammino Mountain



To gain access to World 1-5, enter World 1-3 and head right. Pass the location of the piece of the Sticker Comet until you reach the first waterfall. Instead of running behind the waterfall to collect the coins, walk right into the waterfall from the bridge to enter a secret grotto. Inside is a second piece of the Sticker Comet you need to unlock World 1-5.


Start World 1-5 and head up the path and into the next area. Move right and being to walk up the path. Grab the Star to easily pass the Lakitu and Spiny Beetles, then enter the path into the next area. Ignore the missing part of the gate and head to the next area on the right. In the next area, follow the path until you reach some tape that can be removed to form a bridge. Don’t cross the bridge and head right instead. Hit the lone tree with your hammer a few times to have it knock down a start a chain reaction. The result will drop the missing gate in another area.

Enter the newly found pipe and cross through the underground area to unplug the pipe found in the very first area of the level. Head north and knock down the first tree you see. Cross the tree and grab the gate. Go through the right exit and enter Paperize mode to place the gate in its original spot. Free the Blue Toad and he will open up a shop full of Flower stickers nearby. Head into the area on the right and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet.