Sea Tower – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Sea Tower is the tenth Purple Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Sea Tower collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Sea Tower Collectibles Guide
Holes Treasures Blocks

After you collect the three orbs from Diamond Island, return to The Great Sea and start following any portion of the purple stream as it goes up north. There’s a tower in the top left corner of quadrant B1. Sail there!

Enter the new island and rip off the tape on the purple warp pipe. This leads back to the museum at Toad Town! Walk up the door and slap in those orbs into the three different slots. Open that bad boy up and head inside.

Walk past the statues of the four Vellumentals and head through the next door. Big room! You gotta get past the sliding pillars but most of them zip right back into the wall. Look for the two that look like they have horns at the end. These don’t go all the way back in so you know where to go for safety! You won’t be able to make it across in one go so get used to moving back and forth when you don’t have time to jump to the next pillar.

Once on the other side, fill in the two holes near the center along with a third hole on the right wall. Keep in mind, you should be strong enough to instantly take out the enemies in this area without going into battle. The block on the right has a Shiny Tail inside while the block on the left has a POW Block.

On the right side is a statue holding an orb. On the left side is a similar statue but the orb is stolen by a Sidestepper who runs off with it into the door on the left. Follow it! The next room is themed after the Earth Vellumental Temple. Fill in the hole in the pillar on the back, then start following the path. Fill in another hole on the second of two pillars, then stand on it and let it drop down revealing a cave with a treasure chest.


Ride up and walk past the two extruding pillars. Want that heart in the air? Just hit the squares on the left wall. You’ll need to come up here anyway so you can jump on top of the next three pillars. Grab the 100-Coin from the block, then peel off the tape to lower the pillar.

Ride the pillar down and follow the Sidestepper into the next room. It’s now a Water Vellumental Shrine themed room! The Sidestepper keeps running through the four cracks in the room and you don’t have to catch up to it. If you whack the cracks with your hammer, the head statues above will drop onto the cracks. The one in the top left will block the hole. Wait for the Sidestepper to run into the blocked hole, then sneak up to it from behind! Defeat the Sidestepper and get the Red Gem.

Return to the main room and place the gem into the statue on the left. This will activate the statues in the back of this room and form a staircase to the door at the top. Enter the door to find stairs on the outside of the tower. Use the moving platform to get higher. Look at the poor Toads taped to the wall as you go by. Nothing you can do for them, so enter the next door.

It’s an ice versus fire themed room. Fill in the hole blocking the path, then fill in the hole near the Save Block on the icy side. Can’t get through the icicles in the big icy mouth so drop down and fill in the next hole below the door. There’s also a block with a 100-Coin over on the fire side.

Your goal in this room is to somehow drop the tied up ball on the right so that it hits the red button causing the fire stature to melt the ice near the Save Block. To do this, walk down the ice stairs in the bottom right of the room and walk along the icy path. Avoid or take out the Sidesteppers, then fill in the hole near the door. There’s a big ol’e hole inside the next room. Keep in mind this room is mainly for resetting the sliding ice puzzle in the room you just came from.

Start by taking out the Sidesteppers and filling in the two accessible holes in the sliding puzzle area. The third hole you’ll have to use the sliding tile. Hit the right wall to get it moving, then hit the second from the left snow clump to send yourself to the southern wall. Hit the right wall, then the south and you’ll cover the spikes with the tile. Now you can jump up and fill in the hole! There’s also a sliding tile underneath the hole. Before you get that moving, drop down and destroy the snow clumps to discover a few things to collect. In the bottom right corner are two more holes and a Shiny Fire Flower. Another hole can be found in the top right corner.

Hit the left wall and send you and the ice tile sliding all the way down the sloped icy path. Now you can reach the next room!

Now the Fire Vellumental Cave themed room. Another memorization panel area. Use our image above if you can’t remember the pattern! Once you cross over, hit the block to get a 100-Coin. There’s also a hole to fill just before the stairs.

Go up the stairs and use the magic circle in the main room. Yank the rope holding back the giant stone, then watch it roll into the button causing the fire statue to melt the ice stature. Jump down, collect the Shiny Ice Flower, and head through the door.

You’re back outside. These poor Toads, I don’t know how they handle the heights. Defeat the Hammer Bro at the top of the stairs, then fill in the hole in the wall. Ride up the platform and you’ll run into a Sledge Bro you can fight at the next corner.

Take the next moving platform up and save at the Save Block. Ride the elevator platform up to the top of the tower where you’ll find the end of the purple streamer along with four different Vellumental sections blocked off by the streamer. You might even catch a glimpse of the green streamer amid the clouds. Step up the yellow stairs to see The Shifty Sticker appear, the one they call Tape. Boss time!

Things to note as you start this battle. The arena looks very barren because most of the panels are hiding inside the treasure chest. Make sure to pass it on your first turn to open up your attack options! Any panels you use will immediately be returned to the chest.

Trying to jump and use your boots on the tape dispenser will only give Tape an opportunity to attack you during your own turn. Avoid the boots, double stick tape is no good! Instead, you’ll want to use your hammer to destroy the purple tape dispenser. You’ll want to attack it from all sides to completely destroy it. This will take more than one turn!

Using the Fire Vellumental magic circle will slightly damage the entire tape dispenser so it’s a good option to use. The normal 1000-Fold Arms can also be used but it’s not as effective. Depending on how weak the entire tape dispenser is, you may be able to destroy the entire thing in one blow even if you’re not attacking a particular side.

Once you’ve destroyed the purple tape dispenser, the fight becomes a battle against just Tape, no shields or other protective measures! But it does get a new sharp tool added to shear pieces of tape. To celebrate its new mechanic, Tape will stick panels together with pieces of tape. Panels that are taped together can’t be separated so you’ll often move or slide two rings at the same time. You also can’t slide tape through the center of the arena.

You can get rid of the tape on the panels! Just fire up the Fire Vellumental magic circle and burn them to a crisp. You can try to play the next several turns without removing the tape but it gets pretty limited once more tape is added over time. It also deals some damage to Tape which is always nice.

Your new focus should be to get your hands on the 1000-Fold Arms so you can lift Tape up, prop it upside down on its new metal part, grab onto the tape, and yank your heart away. Does a ton of damage! It’s possible to use your hammer to attack but the damage output is pitiful. Boots are definitely still a no go.

When Tape starts to spin while you’re planning your turn, you won’t be able to grab Tape using your 1000-Fold Arms. Tape will also attack twice so be extra sure you guard against these attacks. Activate and use a Fire Vellumental magic circle during this time as it’s the only attack that will work. Once still, activate the 1000-Fold Arms for one final attack!

With Tape stripped of anything meaningful, use the magic circle it drops to destroy the purple streamer. Read the inscription you’re standing on and it’ll essentially tell you to activate the four pillars in the area. Once you’re able to reach a pillar, hit the red button to make it turn towards the center. To access them:

  • Top left: use the Fire Vellumental.
  • Bottom left: use the Water Vellumental.
  • Bottom right: use the Earth Vellumental.
  • Top right: use the Ice Vellumental.

With all the pillars facing the center, four lights will point to the middle of the area and create a majestic golden beam. Step inside and you’ll get lifted straight up into Shangri-Spa!

You climbed Sea Tower and made it through the clouds. Welcome to Shangri-Spa! Walk across the bridge and watch as the clouds part to reveal a new building. Walk to the right of the building entrance to find a block with a Coin Bag inside.

Head inside the building and you’ll be greeted by Toads with all white spots. That’s new. If you want to return to Toad Town and all the other areas before you head into the green streamer chapter, walk into the room on the right to find a warp pipe that leads to the Toad Town museum. Not much has changed, save for the new collectible treasure you can buy from the Monty Mole on the deck for 1,280 coins. If you’re ready to move on, keep following along in our Shangri-Spa guide!

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