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Ice Vellumental Mountain is the ninth Purple Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete guide also includes collectibles.

Just looking for collectibles? Check out our Ice Vellumental Mountain collectibles page for simple lists and locations for every collectible:

Ice Vellumental Mountain Collectibles Guide
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Once you’ve made it to Diamond Island, follow the icy path on the left to reach Ice Vellumental Mountain.

Walk over the bridge and two Blue Sidesteppers along with an Ice Bro will appear. You should be strong enough to simply whack the Sidesteppers without going into battle, but the Ice Bro you’ll have to fight. Or avoid all of them! There’s a block on the right that contains Flashy Iron Boots.

Enter the ice cavern and you’ll be met with your first puzzle room. Fill in the three holes on the ground and on one the right wall, and remember, you’re likely strong enough to defeat the Sidesteppers out of battle. The ice floor is slippery but you can try to alleviate this by consistently jumping. There’s a Coin Bag in the top left corner of the room. Whack the big snowball blocking the path and the ice tile will immediately slip underneath the block containing a 100-Coin.

Move onto the second section of the room and fill in the two holes here while clearing out the Blue Sidesteppers. Head through the door on the right side to find a room with a Confetti Bag and a block containing a 100-Coin. Return to the previous room and walk over to the bottom left corner. Whack the south wall to get the ice tile you’re standing on moving. From there, hit the left wall, then the north wall, then the right wall, and finally the south wall. You made it to the second door!

Attempting to walk across the ice bridge in the next room will get a folded Sledge Bro to start slamming icicles down. He also forms a path to the right! Jump across, get the 100-Coin from the block, then attack the Sledge Bro at the top of the stairs. On the way up, wait for the hammers to be thrown, then fill in the hole during the pause.

For this fight you’ll want to secure the magic circle the Sledge Bro is holding so you can easily wipe out the second wave. The goal is to form two lines for jump attacks. Twist the innermost ring two times so that the lone Sidestepper is one spot past where you ultimately want it to go. Slide the Sledge Bro to the innermost ring, then twist the same ring into place. Use your Vellumental power the next wave!

Use the magic circle the Sledge Bro drops to form a new path down below. Before crossing over the icicles, go back to the entrance of the room and look for another icicle on the left. Hop onto it and jump over to the chest to find a +5 MAX UP Heart. Over on the other side of the room you’ll find a piece of the next magic circle missing. You’ll need to find a sliding ice tile with the other half.

Walk up the steps on the left and enter the door to find a Healing Heart. Nothing else here! Step back outside and step onto the non-sloped ice. There are big snowball clumps to break through, but don’t go on a smashing spree just yet! Break through the rightmost column to reach the right hole, then break through the top row to get to the second hole and the ice tile in the corner. Now break through the leftmost column. There’s just one more to break. Destroy the clump of snow directly north of the bottom right corner. That leaves three snowball clumps in the center!

This allows you to hit the ice tile south, then east, then north, and finally east again. Yes, you can hit the snow clump and destroy it while still getting pushed! If you ever mess up and hit the wrong snow clump, walk into that nearby room and return to reset everything.

With the magic circle down below, use it to bash the button above the door. Grab the Shiny Ice Flower and head inside. Fill in the hole blocking the path, then head up the spiral staircase.

Snowballs will roll down the stairs so time your movements and hide in the crevices in the wall. For the second crevice, be prepared to fill in a hole. Walk up to the Snow Spike at the top and attack to start a battle. For this one, twist the third to last ring to line the enemies up into duos, then slide both lines to form two jump lines. Be aware, any snowballs carried by the Snow Spike will act as a shield.

Open the chest for a collectible treasure! Start going up the next set of stairs but look for an opening in the rail. Use this spot to jump onto the platform in the center. Fill in the hole, then whack the center pillar to bring down that devious Snow Spike throwing all the snowballs. Battle time!

Before leaving, hop on top of the open chest and jump above it to reveal a hidden block containing Flashy Iron Boots. Run up the stairs and into the next room. Enter the first door you see for a block containing a Coin Bag.

Remember, this small room is great for resetting all the snow clumps should you make a mistake. Three holes in this room. The ice tile is in the top right corner.

Your ideal setup is to clear a path from the top right corner to the top left corner. Then clear a line from the top left corner to the bottom left corner. From there, break the clump of snow on your right so that you can move the sliding tile up two spaces. Break the last clump of snow on the right, then whack the rock to the left of the tile to slide down the slope. Use the image above for the setup!

Aaaaaand, now you’re in another puzzle area with the same sliding tile. No snow clumps this time! Before doing anything with the tile, a few collectibles to gather. There’s a hole just south of where you land and another hole on the left side near the door. Enter the door up on the north side to find a pipe. Use the pipe to reach a room with a chest and a treasure inside. Whack the odd space on the right side of the room and you’ll knock over the wall making an opening to the very first area of Ice Vellumental Mountain.

Now for the puzzle. Did you know you can smack other objects while moving on the sliding tile to propel yourself in a new direction? You’ll have to do this as you can only go left and that leads back to the slope. While moving left, hit the ice block sculpture to send yourself south. Go right and then north to land near the block. Jump up there and hit the block for a Coin Bag.

Now to get to the main room. From the starting point, go left and let yourself hit the slope. On your way back, hit the block to go south where you’ll land on the south wall. Simply hit the wall and you’ll head towards the door.

In the next room is a Save Block and the final two holes. Step onto the sliding block, hit the left wall, and watch yourself get launched from one mountain to the next.

Now on the other side, hit all three blocks to get a Flashy Mushroom, a Shiny Fire Flower, and a Shiny Tail. Step to the right and it’s Ice Vellumental boss fight time!

It’s a big ol’ ice polar bear. The Ice Vellumental will immediately cover itself in ice. This means your attacks will do nothing against it. During its turn to attack, the ice will be removed for just that moment, then return during your turn.

You need to get some fire on that ice to melt it away. There’s an ON panel hidden inside the chest so make sure to open that up and activate on your next turn. Your goal is to get to the red magic circle, the one that’ll turn you into the Fire Vellumental and melt all the ice away. Using a Fire Hammer will very mildly work but the attack output is so low that it’s not worth it.

Now that the ice is gone, try to line up another ON panel along with a normal magic circle where you can whip out your 1000-Fold Arms. This will let you get a ton of hits in plus it’ll be too dazed to attack during its turn. Sadly the ON panel will be gone the next turn so just stick to normal attacks.

When the Ice Vellumental uses its Cold Claw attack, an icy frost will be left on the arena. Stepping over these spots will freeze you and stop your movement. You won’t be able to block attacks in this form. Icicles drop onto the magic circle panels too! Touching these will freeze you too. You need to get those icicles off the red magic circles. To do so, slide the row they’re on past the center of the arena and get them on the other side to remove the ice. The frozen tiles can become a pain as they gather up on the arena so try not to waste turns!

Melt the ice block again and repeat the same 1000-Fold Arms move again to bring down the Ice Vellumental’s health once more. Oh boy, another new move. Ice Maze will mix up and twist all the panels. Take a moment to look at the path before the maze starts to turn and try to memorize the best route to the magic circle.

And now it’s powering up and building energy for the next attack. No ice shield this time so you really need to activate the ON panel and use the normal magic circle one last time. Don’t and the polar bear will unleash its Ice Age attack dealing over 50 damage. If you fail, the next turn it will also build power for a powerful attack. This process will repeat until you defeat it!

Grab the Ice Bibliofold and watch as Olivia gets her final Vellumental transformation. Use the new magic circle to freeze the surrounding water. Before leaving through the exit on the right side, walk back past the trio of blocks and step on the ice on the south side. Follow the ice to the left where a treasure chest waits.

Now outside, slide down the frozen slope and land near the entrance to the ice cavern. Jump off the bear statue and walk past the left statue to find a treasure chest. Use the rocky steps to get back to the main platform and head back to the main area of Diamond Island.

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