Eddy River – Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough

Eddy River is the fourth Blue Streamer level in our Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. Our complete level guide also includes collectibles.

River time! Now that the boat tour is operational after completing the Water Vellumental Shrine, hop onto the boat and get moving. The controls are straightforward but may take a minute to get used to. Move up and down on the control stick to have the boat go left and right, but don’t bother trying to push forward or backward. You can also jump and throw confetti. You’re only given five hearts or hits before a game over, but you’ll be able to collect hearts along the way.

Since you only have holes to fill in this level, we won’t have a Eddy River collectibles page and will instead list them here. There aren’t too many!

As the rapids begin to increase, look for the hole on the bottom portion of the cliff. This is just after the first 100-Coin. A second hole on the top cliff appears just before the rapids with the multiple hearts.


A third hole can be found after the log section up on the northern wall. Do NOT try to use your hammer, it will actually hurt you. The next section has rocks falling from above but you’ll be able to spot them pretty quickly. Look for a hole on the bottom portion.

The next part will require some quick turns to weave through both the falling rocks and the logs, especially if you plan to get both holes here. The first is below while the second is above.


The next section has whirlpools, some move left to right and others move up and down. Keep an eye out for the hole on the northern wall. Go farther down and you’ll see a giant whirlpool. Use it to your advantage! Ride the edge of it and enter the wooden tunnel above to get to the giant hole along the wall.

One last long waterfall where you have a chance of getting a decent amount of coins. The boat tour guide mentions a prize for collecting all the coins. Make that happen and you’ll unlock the Coin Captain Trophy.

Hop off the boat at Shogun Studios!

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