Toad Trainworks – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Toad Trainworks is the twenty-fourth level of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

This one is beyond simple, at least to get the Mini Star under your belt. Walk inside and talk to the foreman to have the Mini Star appear. That’s really it! Grab it to unlock Toad Trainworks.

The Actual Level

Just because you got the Mini Star does not mean this level is over. After you go to Tangerino Grill to get the last Blue Toad Rescue Squad Member, go over to Kiwano Temple and fix the bridge to get the third Mini Star for that level. Return to Toad Trainworks to help repair the train.

Start by whacking over the stepladder to the right. Get on the boxes, then onto the train. Squash the Fuzzy enemies, then walk inside then whack the front of the train to reveal Ninjis hiding along the back wall. Fight them off to satisfy the Toad below.

From there, go up the stairs on the right and fight the Scaredy Rats inside the tube the Toad is rolling on. After the battle, walk inside the tube and push it towards the train to set in place. Go back up the stairs and go down the same ramp, but this time jump on top of the train. Color in the white spot and pull off the top to get the smokestack working!

Go into the next area on the left. Go inside the yellow door, grab the Megaphone Thing (you’re going to need it!), head upstairs, and walk through the blue door on the left. Ah! There’s the train cart full of Toads. Grab the Heart and head inside. Oh, they’re getting out of their seats. Wait, why are the storming this way?? AAAAAAAAAAAA! Let the Toads slap you around for a bit, then head back out and onto the top of the train. Yikes.

Walk across the top of the train and use the platforms at the end to get to the pulley cart. Give it a hit of your hammer to get the section of the train in front of it moving. If you didn’t already fix the bent part of the railroad, go over and hit it back into place. Use the pulley cart to move it into the next area.

Go back through the yellow door in the second area, but this time enter the red door on the right once you get upstairs. Climb up the next steps and enter the control center for the crane to find a half-colored Toad and a group of paint-addicted Snifits! Defeat the, then use the crane to drop the next piece of the train. Wait for the shadow to align exactly in the spot to press A. After that, head on top of the new section and hammer down the spot that was bent when the crane let go.

Go back to the area where the Save Block is at to find a box needing unfurling. Thanks to the cart you brought from the second area, a !? Block is ready for use! Hit it and use the block to get back up to the platform above. Unfurl the box sitting on the red slide, then cross into the next section. There you’ll find a group of Shy Guys who will let the coal slide and start another battle.

And with that, the train is ready for use! Since you already picked up the Mini Star for this level, all you have to do now is leave and head for Tangerino Grill.


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