The Golden Coliseum – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Kiwano Temple is the thirteenth level of Chapter 2 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Big Paint Star

Welcome to the Golden Coliseum! What’s this? Enemies speaking to you? Inviting you in for a chance at the Battle Royal? Since the only entrance you can go into right now is the one of the right, head inside. Head down the stairs to enter the preparation area.


Dressing Room 3 is locked. Dressing Room 2 has a Cutout section that will reveal a Big Jump and a Big Hammer. Dressing Room 1 is full of training Shy Guys. The Storage has a group of Shy guys who have misplaced an important item…

Once you’re ready head to the left and speak with the Yellow Shy Guy to bring down the elevator. Of course you’re bad to the bone, so answer his questions accordingly. Up you go! After the bright light settles down, you’ll be met with the view of the entire coliseum. And an ambush!

A good hundred or so enemies will pop up and rush you. Run to the left and start smashing the crates to find a Starman! Grab and take these enemies to town! Punch out every last one, but that won’t be the end of this fight! Iggy will appear riding in a chariot with two minions by his side.

The battle against Iggy is fairly simple. Attack like normal and block like any other enemy. Once you’ve gotten past half his health, he’ll call for his chariot backups. Try attacking these guys and they’ll simply move out of the way. Iggy returns with his own chariot and attacking him will get you the same thing. There is nothing you can do here, so flee the battle!

Exit the arena using the elevator. Return to the entrance of the entire level, but this time go into the door on the left, the area for spectators. Go up the stairs and then walk outside to the outer edge of the coliseum. Slide along the wall to the right. Fight or jump over the Fuzzy enemies, then enter back inside to find yourself on the other side of the barricade.

Familiarize yourself with the area and find the fallen pillar that needs to be unfurled. Head back upstairs and back outside, but this time go all the way to the right. Enter and use the !? Block, head back downstairs, and unfurl that pillar! Use the new platform to get outside and continue on to the right. Enter inside and head down another set of stairs.

Now on the 1st level, head through one of the openings and get outside. Start moving to the left. If you go all the way to the left, you can enter back inside and grab some card and fill in some colorless spots. However, to continue on into the level, you’ll need to stand on the unstable section where the Fuzzy enemies are hanging around. Let it drop you a section down, then move to the left and fall through the hole. Underground, walk all the way to the right, save, and enter the small window.

Here you’ll find members of the yellow Rescue Squad. Talk to them, grab the Bone Thing, then head through the door. Turns out you were just in Dressing Room 3! If you’re ready for the Iggy battle, head back onto the elevator to get it started.

Fight like you did before. When the chariots with the two enemies appear, do not use the Bone Thing Card yet. Use an attack, miss, then let Iggy join them. Once all three are there, use the Bone Thing Card to crush all the chariots, leaving just Iggy to fight. Defeat him, grab the yellow  Big Paint Star, and end Chapter 2!

Watch the newest memories and do finish up anything else you need to do in Port Prisma.

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