The Emerald Circus – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

The Emerald Circus is the twenty-ninth level of Chapter 6 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Big Paint Star

Before you head into this level, make sure you’ve found and rescued all the Red Toad Rescue Squad members. Once you do end up entering the level, follow the path and pass the entrance to the circus. Walk through the gap in the fence and unwrap the crumpled Red Toad Rescue Squad Captain. From here you’ll need to leave the level and go to Port Prisma to gather up the rest of the Toads!


Once you get back, all the Toads will be lined up and ready to head inside. Each and every Toad has something unique to say. Talk to them all! I did and it was 100% worth it!

Speak to the captain or the Shy Guy at the ticket booth to get everyone inside. Head in yourself to see the starting act starring none other than Lemmy, the next Koopaling! It’s not long before he brings out the green Big Paint Star, and has it vanish just as fast.

As the show begins to crumble, head back outside and go to the right side of the circus tent to find that the caged Yoshis have escaped. What? They’re still in there? Well, that means you never found “it” in Dark Bloo Inn. Pull off the tape to the cage and use it get to the other side. Head inside the hole in the tent. Here you’ll find yourself in the supply room. Pull the rope to release the Disco Ball Thing. You’ll need it for later!

Head through the curtains to find yourself on stage. This circus isn’t exactly kind to Mario, so expect the next round of performers to come and battle you! As you fight, keep an eye on the right side of the stage. If you see Yoshi lurking around, that means the next turn he will hop onto the stage and try to steal your next card in line. This can be blocked if timed correctly!

  • Unicycle Shy Guys –  Use attacks with multiple hits just like you would any other stacked enemy.
  • Two Wild Dino Rhinos and an Animal Trainer Shy Guy – Defeat the Dino Rhinos like normal, but take out the Animal Trainer and the rhinos will bring the heat!
  • Buzzy Beetle Tower – Consists of three Buzzy Beetles of different sized with a Spiked Helmet Shy Guy at the top. Use and Iron Jump to take care of the Shy Guy on top, then a POW Block to knock over the Buzzy Beetles.
  • Trampoline Shy Guys – This stack of Shy Guys bounce on a small trampoline, causing all your Jump attacks to miss. You need to use a hammer attack on the trampoline to get them to trip, then you can attack how you like. Keep in mind that hitting the trampoline again will cause them to get right back up.

Once all the performers are out, the trampoline will be left on the stage, allowing you to go up to the roof where Lemmy waits. If you’re ready to fight, make sure you have the Disco Ball from this level and the Ice Pick from The Golden Coliseum!

The fight will Lemmy starts off pretty simple. You’ve got two of the Juggling Bros protecting Lemmy in the back. Fight him like you would any enemy until he loses about half his health. At that point Lemmy will come charging in with his spiked ball. Attacks won’t work here so you’ll need to rely on Things!

Use the Disco Ball to get Lemmy distracted, then employ the Ice Pick to pop his spiked ball. Now it’s a level playing field, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing him off!

Once defeated, grab the green Big Paint Star and make your way over to Port Prisma! On the way, the Big Paint Star will color in something off the world map. Hmm… The last memory will also reveal Bowser’s true intentions.

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