The Crimson Tower – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

The Crimson Tower is the seventh level of Chapter 1 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Big Paint Star

Now that you’ve summoned all three Chosen Toads, head into the Crimson Tower and have them open the gate. Now, if you’re still missing a Toad or two, here are their locations:

  • Red Toad – The Toad that lost his clothes in Cherry Lake.
  • Yellow Toad – The gatekeeper in Daffodil Peak.
  • Blue Toad – The Blue Toad who tries to sail to the edge of the world in Bloo Bay Beach.

After walking through the gate, the Crimson Tower will come into view, completely colorless. After discovering a giant bucket of red paint being lifted away by an airship, wait for the anchor to get stuck. Walk over to the right to pull the tape, only to get thrown up onto the airship.

Now on the airship, pull the next tape to make way to the second half of the ship. From there, hit the small boxes to reveal a step up to the steering wheel as the stairs have gone flat. Take out the Shy Guys here, then hit the switch to self-destruct the airship.

Then watch as the Crimson Tower is brought back to life. Walk on the bridge to get inside!

After walking forward for a bit, Morton will crash through the walls and appear in the background. He’ll quickly leave, so you just go on ahead and keep moving to the right. After coloring in all the spots in the area, walk up the stairs to the next room.

Now you’re in the big stair well. Goombas will along different steps on the stairs, while Accordion Goombas will slinky down others. Pretty simple to get through, but do take note that some of the poles on the stairs have been colored out!

Once you make it to the next room, climb up the stairs and try to run across the conveyor belt. Since Shy Guys are always around to make your life that much harder, drop down and hit the conveyor belt from below a few times to knock them off and start a battle. Once that’s finished, walk up the stairs and you’ll encounter Morton once again. Use Cutout to follow him to the top of the tower.


Ah, time for the first boss battle! Morton is waiting near the Big Paint Star. He’ll start by summoning two Shy Guys to bring him a pedestal, but the two will stay for the battle. Take care of them first, then attack the pedestal so he can’t hide from any attacks.

Now that it’s just Morton, attack however you like, but be weary as he will soon light his hammer on fire. No big deal, right? WRONG. Getting hit by his hammer will take out a hefty 48 health.

So, instead of letting that happen, come prepared with the correct Thing card to use in battle. If you picked up the second Mini Star in Ruddy Road, then you should have also grabbed the Fire Extinguisher as well. Use it in battle to not only destroy his hammer and turn it into a measly stick, but you’ll also take out a chunk of his health.

Once Morton is finished, the Paint Star will be yours! And make sure to grab the Cat-o-Luck before you leave! Watch as the Big Paint Star rides over to Port Prisma, coloring in the gate at Sunglow Ridge in the process.

At Port Prisma, the Paint Star will recall what happened back on that fateful day where Bowser attacked. In the present, Peach is kidnapped by Bowser (surprise!), and she leaves behind a hologram with a message.

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