Tangerino Grill – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Tangerino Grill is the twenty-fifth level of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

When you first get to this level, the only thing you’ll be able to get the last Blue Toad Rescue Squad Member sitting in the dining hall. Once you get the train repaired in Toad Trainworks, come back to this level to finish it off.

Mini Star #1

Okay! Now that you’ve taken care of all the other levels before this one and the train is finally stationed here, it’s time to get that Mini Star. Head inside to find our lovely group of Toads starving and on the edge of eruption. Talk to the restaurant owner in the back to let you into the kitchen.

Shy Guys have taken over the kitchen! There are nine to find and take out:

  • Munching on the dough on the table to the left.
  • Messing with cook on the table to the right.
  • Chasing a cook near the frying pans.
  • Hopping from frying pan to frying pan.
  • Inside the sink.
  • Inside the cabinet.
  • Squashing the head chef in the back.
  • Inside the bowl near the freezer.
  • Frozen inside the freezer.

Talk to the head chef in the back and agree to help make the Toads pizza. Start by going to the Toad and accepting the challenge to get an Excellent hit with hammer. You have five tries to do so. Next are the onions, and these require you to perform 20 jump commands in a row. On the right are the frying pans. If one starts smoking, hit it with your hammer. Pretty simple! Finally, slide the pizza into the oven and count for ten seconds before pulling it out. Let’s go check on the Toads and see how you did…

If everything was done correctly, the Toads will be in a very happy mood! This will get the attention of the VIP customer next door who is shocked to hear that the Toads got food before him. Agree to go over to see out hidden VIP customer and cook him up something special. Talk to him through the curtain and he’ll throw you a lump of steak for you to prepare. Touch the steak to start the battle!

Now, here’s the thing. You need to be prepared for this battle otherwise you will not be able to cook the steak correctly and you’ll have to cough up 1000 coins to try again. So what do you need?

  • Salt and Pepper – This one you may have missed. Enter the parallel world of Fortune Island and go to where the Charcoal Grill was in the normal world.
  • Charcoal Grill – This one you should have gotten in Fortune Island.
  • Lemon – Find this Thing in Indigo Underground as you go to get the second Mini Star.

Once you know you have all those items, fight the steak. Execute hammer attacks only until you see that the steak is halfway bent over. If it’s just slightly bent, that’s not enough, and if you hit it too much, it’ll fall over and be useless. As soon as it’s bent halfway, use the Thing cards in this exact order: Salt and Pepper, Charcoal Grill, Lemon. If you have an extra turn after that, use a Mushroom or another card that doesn’t affect the steak.

Doing this will get you the perfect steak! The VIP customer will leave for the train satisfied, and the Mini Star that unlocks Sunset Express will be left on the table!


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