Sunset Express – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Sunset Express is the twenty-sixth level of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Welcome to Sunset Express! Of course, there is yet another problem with the train, so don’t be surprised to see it stationed at a stop once again. Follow the tracks to the right and enter the next area to find another Thwomp, this time blocking the path.


Return back to the starting point of the area. Hit the !? Block and start dashing towards the right side of the level. Hop over the logs as you go, then hit the big green box to unfurl the water tower. Frustrated that they didn’t get to finish rolling the logs your way, a group of Shy Guys will attack and start a battle!

After you’ve fought them off, climb up the tower and enter the hole in the wall. On the other side, walk through the broken fence and stand next to the Thwomp. Enter Cutout mode and place the Megaphone Thing Card you got in Toad Trainworks to wake up the snoozing Thwomp. Once he moves, the train will come rushing on the tracks. Be ready to quickly take control and move into the small area where the broken fence was, otherwise you’ll literally be hit with a game over. Hope you saved at the water tower!

A Toad on the pulley cart will show up and take you to the moving train. Once there, you always have the option to return to the station to get those colorless spots that were blocked by the train. Once you’re on the train, walk into the first cart and pull off the Red Toad Rescue Squad member off the door. For a full list of where to find all the members in Sunset Express, check the guide here!

In the second cart, talk to rescue Toad #2, then open the third door to fight a Shy Guy. The crumpled wad is poor Toad #3! Make sure to push him out the window too! In the next cart is a locked trunk, but there is nothing you can do about that now. Destroy the boxes in the fourth cart to find a Shunned Guy running around. To get rid of him and save Toad #4, slowly walk up and attack.

Walk outside to find that the door to the VIP cart is locked and that there is no way onto the roof of the cart. But there is a red barrel needing unfurling. Hmm…. Head back towards the fourth cart bud do not go inside. Instead, walk towards the edge where you’ll notice the guard rail is broken. Start walking along the outer wall of the cart, then enter Cutout mode to reach the top of the train.

Run towards the left and fight pick either the left or right side of the Monty Moles to fight. The reason is that there is a !? Block up ahead and you’ll need a clear passage to avod the wrenches they throw. Before you hit the block, go a little further to find Toad #5 stuck to the roof with some tape. Using the unfurl power, run to the right and drop to the open area of the train and hit the barrel to create a path to the top of the VIP cart.

Before you drop down into the VIP cart from the latch in the roof, walk over to the right to save and to rescue Toad #6 from the Spike squashing him. You can also save here as well. Drop down into the VIP cart through the hatch in the roof. Looks like the four Toads are in a jam, so fight the eight Snifits for them! Defeating the Snifits in the VIP cart to get the Trunk Key. Go back to the third cart and open the trunk to reveal 40 Toads!

From the VIP cart, continue into the final cart where you’ll get a chance to talk to a number of enemies, including on particular Shy Guy that has quite the view on things. Toad #41 is relaxing in the enemy cart, the one closest to the engine. Talk to him to get him going! The last Toad is on the outside of the last cart, the enemy cart.

Once you’re ready, head back to the roof and start heading to the right. Defeat the three Coal Guys, then go back and save at the Save Block. Now you’re ready to fight Larry!


Larry can be attacked with whatever attack you like, but this is really meaningless since he will hoop onto the smokestack and have the Shy Guy down below heal him fully. This is where one courageous Toad comes into play! He needs three rounds to be able to get down there and stop the Shy Guy, so your job is to make sure you take out all three enemies that Larry brings forth for each round. Thing Cards work very well here.

Once the Toad defeats the Shy Guy, Larry will switch to using the smoke coming from the smokestack. Not only will this smoke take 15HP, but it will also cause all your moves to miss. This smoke is not leaving any time soon, so the only option you have now is to use the Cork Thing that you got from the warp pipe in Vortex Island. With the smokestack plugged and out of commission, fight Larry like you would normally!

With Larry out of the way, the Sunset Express will finally reach Starlight Cape. Walk over to the right to get your Big Paint Star! Watch it colors in the dragon from Marmalade Valley and then returns to Port Prisma to show you another memory.


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