Sunglow Ridge – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Sunglow Ridge is the eighth level of Chapter 2 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Your first entry in this level is to simply speak to the Purple Rescue Squad member and recruit him to go help you in Ruddy Road. After you defeat Morton in The Crimson Tower, the gate will be colored in and fully functional. The next area has an Unfurl log in front of you, so it’s time to find the little red box!

You can find the !? box down the slopes and and the end of a grassy area. Avoid the Spiny enemies in the tall grass and unfurl the log. Walk across and you’ll witness a Bullet Bill crashing in the distance. Time to investigate!

The sign in the next area tells us to hit the log with the Unfurl Hammer once again. Thank you, sign. This time the !? Block is not out in plain sight. Walk along the path on the left. Hit the second to last tree, the one to the right of the bridge, to find the Unfurl box. Hit it, run over to the log, and unfurl that bad boy.

In the next area, try to walk up the ramp like a civilized person only to have the thing collapse beneath you. Walk over the right and start running up the slope as logs come rolling your way. Once you get to the top, drop off the edge south of you to find a way inside the structure. There you’ll fight a band of Shy Guys.

Hit the !? Block and run down the slope to the edge of the water. If you noticed while the Shy Guys were rolling up the logs, an unfurl mark can be found inside. Whack it, open up the bridge, and head into the warp pipe.

A sight nobody should ever see awaits you in the next area. Black paint is covering just about everything. Touching it will cost you 30 HP, but this will prompt Huey to ask you to close your eyes while he somehow removes all the paint. Hmmm…

Walk over to the right and follow the path with the bridges. Drop into the hole that you say the Shy Guy fall into earlier, then fight the Shy Guys inside.

After the fight, hit the cut out section of the wall on the right to form a hole, then hit the yellow section of the wall on the left to reveal the !? Block. Use it, then run to the log and unfurl to reveal… a broken bridge. If you’ve been paying attention to the signs, you’ll notice that this sign says to hit this with the Unfurl Hammer. Grab the power once again, then hit the sign to reveal the real bridge.

After that, use your Cutout ability to reach the Mini Star and unlock Chateau Chanterelle.


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