Sacred Forest – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Sacred Forest is the sixteenth level of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

One of the easiest Mini Stars in the game. Enter the level, speak with the Yellow Rescue Squad leader, then grab the Mini Star on the right to unlock Mustard Cafe.

Mini Star #2

This one is pretty lengthy, so get ready! In order to get the Turnip out of the pipe, you’ll need to assemble all the Yellow Rescue Squad members. Since you’ve already picked up the three members from the Golden Coliseum and one from Plum Park, that means there are seven left in the wild, and all of them are in levels you haven’t been to yet. Got to Port Prisma to tell the ones you already found where to go.

Violet Passage

Five Yellow Toads can be found here. After unlocking it by grabbing the purple Mini Star in Plum Park, find the helpless members here:

  • Toad 1 – Stuck in a barrel near the steps to get on the colorless ocean.
  • Toad 2 – Stuck in a barrel on the dock to the right of the ship.
  • Toad 3 – Surrounded by a group of Shy Guys near the wheel of the ship.
  • Toad 4 – On the edge of the ship, closed off by a Shy Guy.
  • Toad 5 – Hit the mast of the ship to bring down the Toad and a group of Shy Guys.

After you collect all five, a Black Shy Guy will appear. Standard attacks won’t work on him, so you’ll have to rely on Thing Cards to take him out!

Mustard Cafe

Unlocked by getting the first Mini Star in Sacred Forest. Enter the level to find Toad 6 in the center of the giant colorless spot. Just talk to him and he’ll take off!

Redpepper Volcano

Unlocked by getting the red Mini Star in Kiwano Temple. Walk all the way to the right to find Toad 7 in a hot lava chamber.

Now that you have all the team members assembled, return to the Sacred Forest and use their help to pull out the Turnip. Grab it for yourself, then walk over to the ruined pipe and pull on the green thing sticking out of the ground to reveal a new pipe. Enter inside.

Walk on over to the right. Everything is normal, right? Wait, something seems off… now everything is tiny.

That’s okay, the Mini Star is right there! But no, of course it’s not that easy. A giant hoard of tiny Goombas will separate the Mini Star into five different pieces and scamper off. Oh joy.

Paint Star Piece 1

Take the north path and you’ll reach a small river. Wait for the Cheep Cheep with the Star Piece to pop out, then attack it and fight. Your prize will be left after the battle.

Paint Star Piece 2

A group of five Small Goomba Wheels will come up shortly after the Star Piece to wreak havoc. Too bad a simple sneeze will blow them into dust. A few simple attacks should do the trick.

Paint Star Piece 3


Get to the end of the area from the north path to find the Sacred Tree. Whack it to drop the Star Piece from the branch, but this will cause a big group of Small Goombas to rain down as well.

Paint Star Piece 4

From the Sacred Tree, take the path going south. This area FILLED with tiny Goombas, so there is no way you can defeat them all. There is a fake tree on the left with a Starman hiding behind it. Grab that and take these Goomabs to town!

Paint Star Piece 5

Take the next path going south. Go to the right and turn the corner to find a slit in the wall. Head inside and you’ll find a cave filled with Buzzy Beetles. Slam your hammer on the ground to bring them and the Star Piece down. Fight, then grab your prize!

Return to the area where the Mini Star originally floated, only to get ambushed by two Hammer Bros! Two tiny Hammer Bros, that is. Defeat them and put the Mini Star back together! This will unlock Cobalt Base.

Mini Star #3

After you get the Hair Dryer from Redpepper Crater, go to Tangerino Grill to get the Magnifying Glass from the freezer.

Return to the Sacred Forest and head over to the area where the Buzzy Beetles congregate in that cave, but don’t go inside. Go south and you’ll find an itty bitty warp pipe. Whip out the Magnifying Glass and bring it up to size. Head inside and you’ll find the third Mini Star.

Unfortunately that is not the only thing you will find here. Kamek is here to mess things up for you one last time. In the battle, Kamek will shrink you and force you to fight an oversized Kamek, Not to mention most of oyur cards will be hidden or, maybe even removed. It’s hard to tell what Kamek will do next, but you can rest assured that most attacks are effective against the Magikoopa. Once defeated, grab the Mini Star to unlock Green Energy Plant.


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