Ruddy Road – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Ruddy Road is the second level of Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

The first area you appear in pretty straightforward with little things to do. Paint the house, including the backside, to free the Toads inside, then hit the invisible block in the middle of the four poles to get a giant rainbow droplet.

Keep moving along to find a group of Shy Guys slurping away the red road. Defeat them, then continue on the path. There is an area on the right that you can access, but it’s the path that leads to the second Mini Star. You’ll need to find extra purple Rescue Squad members before you continue there. Instead, go south to find another Shy Guy to fight.

Head into the area on the right from there. Use the Save Block to save, then head over to the dried out Mini Star. Looks like those dastardly Shy Guys are at it again, so keep going to the right. Pass by the coffee shop and keep going until you reach the next yellow bridge.

Keep following this path until you get around to the bent bridge. Give it a tug, and straighten it out. Talk to the Shy Guy trying to be sneaky on the sign. Looks like he is really apologetic and wants to redo mistakes! Hmmm…


Walk back over to the Mini Star to get ambushed by a group of Shy Guys! The floor will literally be rolled up, and you’ll have to run and dodge the falling objects. Keep an eye out for the shadows to avoid getting hurt! After the dust has settled, walk into the inside of the tree and whack the inside with your hammer to form a path up to the area up north.

Walk around and pull the tape to bring the floor back to normal. Walk over to Toad and jump at the same time to squash the fiends out of existence. Grab the Mini Star to end the mission and to unlock Cherry Road!

Mini Star #2

Once you assemble all three Purple Rescue Squad members, return to Ruddy Road and take the first path to the right. Where exactly are the three members?

After some talking, hop on the Toads to create a steps that will take you up to not only the Mini Star, but the Fire Extinguisher Thing as well! This will unlock a path to Indigo Underground.

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