Port Prisma – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Port Prisma is the first level of Chapter 1 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

It’s a dark and stormy night, and there is trouble in the air. A knock on the Mario’s door reveals Peach and her Toad assistant. A colorless Toad is presented with a postage stamp from Prism Island. What could have gone wrong?

After a trip over the bumpy seas, the trio makes it to Prism Island where things are just a tad too quiet. Mash A to unravel yourself from your crumpled form.

Now that you can freely explore, move forward towards the wall, then take a right. Keep going until you see the hammer. Since Toad so graciously threw your old hammer overboard, hop on the crates and grab it. Head back over to the stairs and destroy the crate blocking the way up to the next section of Port Prisma.

Now in the main plaza of Port Prisma, read the inscription on the dried out fountain in the center. You’re going to need to find three objects in the area and interact with them accordingly:

  • Blue – On the right, hit the blue bricks sticking out of the ground with your hammer.
  • Yellow – On the bottom left, pull the yellow flower stub.
  • Red – On the top left, jump and hit the red block to the right of the window.

Once all objects have been activated, the fountain will open up and reveal Huey. Before anything serious can be discussed, Toad’s blood-curdling is heard from the right. After everyone runs over, Huey will guide you through Color Splash’s new battle system, as well as give your hammer its paint abilities.

Once the Shy Guys have been taken care of, give the blank Toad a good whack and bring it back to life. Another blank Toad can be found to your right. Revive him and he’ll run off to go run the Card Shop! The door in this area leads to a small dojo where you’ll be able to practice your battling skills. Return back to the fountain to find Huey in despair.

Mini Star #1

Your next goal is to grab the Mini Paint Star up above. If you’re looking to get your colorization rate for Port Prisma up, you’ll want to start by coloring all the white patches spread across the area, including the area on the right and the harbor. Take note that hitting objects with your hammer will drop pain droplets that match the color of the object. If you need red, hit the red flowers! There is also a trash can at the harbor that will always give you rainbow droplets. Near the fountain is the Blue Toad who runs the Post Office. Color him in to set him free!

Enter the area on the right. Enter the Card Shop if you’d like, but what you really want to do is color in the green gate so that you can go up the stairs. Take note that a Goomba is ready to attack just behind it! Climb up the stairs and take note of the water wheel. Continue on to the right and enter the next area. Talk to the Shy Guy cowering in the corner to start another battle. A second Shy Guy will pop out of the second to last window in the area.

Walk over to the next area on the right to find a Toad calling from within a house. Not! Battle the Shy Guy imposter, then let Peach and Toad head into the inn for some rest. Catch up with Peach to have her heal you up!

Continue walking over to the waterfall to see a Shy Guy slurping up the color away. Fight him, then use the water current to roll up the paper blocking the entrance to the Big Paint Star. Head up the stairs and grab the red star to end the level and to unlock Ruddy Road!


Mini Star #2

Return to Port Prisma after stopping by The Crimson Tower and coloring the bridge master Toad back to life. Since you last stopped by, quite a few things have changed!

  • Flags – Complete certain achievements to unravel flags in the main plaza.
  • The Wringler – Head to the harbor and speak with the Toad in the crate to get you Things in paper form! Visit him the first time for a free Plunger!
  • Know-It-All-Toad – What Thing do you need next? Ask this Toad hiding in the trash can to find out!
  • Post Office – Now that you can cross the newly made bridge, you’ll have access to the letters sent to you by various characters in the game.
  • Cafe – Open, but not necessarily for business!

To get the second Mini Star in this level, head into the Blue district on the left. Cross the bridge, talk to the Postmaster Toad in front of the office, then head inside. Read your letters, then mention that the sign out front is crooked.

After the Toad fixes the sign, use Cutout to get yourself up onto the higher platform. Up there you’ll talk to the purple geeky Toad who you will hold onto your cards as you get ambushed by a Shy Guy. This will get you the Battle Spinner!

After that, run over and grab the Mini Star to unlock Indigo Underground.


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