Plum Park – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Plum Park is the fifteenth level of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Plum Park is full of side areas that aren’t all that important. This guide will cover how to get the Mini Stars, but you can always check out our Colorization guide if you’re looking to find all the colorless spots.

You don’t have to enter the exit on the other side of the entrance room. Hit the broken fence on the right and head inside. Nothing much in this area, so walk across the wooden path and into the next area. Do keep in mind that you can walk around in the poisonous water, but you’ll lose 2HP every so often.

In the next area, follow the path, then walk behind the waterfall to reach the next exit. Here you’ll see a group of Shy Guys throwing baskets into the water and using them to float to the right. Poor Shy Guy without a basket! His is up on that roof. Walk to the right and enter the next area to find the captain of the Yellow Rescue Squad.

Return to the previous area. You’ll want to cross the bridge surrounded by Bloopers, then head into the next area. Follow the path through the bushes. Break another fence to get to the ? Block. Cross the bridge and head into the next exit. Hit the boxes to lower the platform, then walk up onto the roof to find the Piranha Plant inside the basket.

After defeating it, the basket will roll into the water, crushing the poor Shy Guy from before. Hop inside, then move to the right. Join up with the other Shy Guys for a viewing off… Birdo! After the rather interesting performance, hop out of your basket and smack the wall to send it falling down.

Save at the Save Block, then walk over to the Teapot. As you’re squeezing it into a Card, Petea Piranha will burst out, starting a boss fight!

Petea Piranha isn’t too bad of a fight, but he is pretty strong and you’ll want to use some powerful attacks. Things to keep in mind include not using jump attacks as Petea will chew you up and spit you out, along with remembering that his belly button is his weak point. Hit him enough to knock him off balance to get it exposed.

Once the Petea is defeated, squeeze the Teapot to have everything restored to normal! Use the boat to get back to the area on the right. Pass the Bloopers and go under the drawbridge to reach the purple Mini Star to unlock Violet Passage!


Mini Star #2

This one is pretty easy. After you’ve cleared the area of poisonous water, return to Plum Park and head to the right. Jump onto the lily pads and let them take you to the blue Mini Star that makes a path to Bloo Bay Beach.

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