Mustard Cafe – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Mustard Cafe is the twenty-third level of Chapter 5 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Looking for that Yellow Toad Rescue Squad member? Just go to the giant colorless spot and talk to him at the center.

Mini Star #1

Once you’ve saved the purple Big Paint Star and filled in the giant colorless spot, return to Mustard Cafe. Walk over to the giant sinkhole only to get swept inside by a strong gust of wind! Once you land, you’ll notice that Huey has been separated. Walk over to him in the sinking sand as you avoid the pursuing Pokeys. Grab the bucket to get ambushed by a Pokey!

After the battle, go over to Huey and wake him up with a hit of your hammer. Now that you can color in the white spots, color in the warp pipe so that you can travel to the higher ledge. In order to get rid of the boulder resting on the other end of the warp pipe, stand on the small sandy area closest to the boulder and enter Cutout mode to remove it. Enter the warp pipe then head through the door.

Walk across the quicksand by running across the rotating pipes. If you’re trying to figure out how to collect all the colorless spots, be sure to check our Colorization guide for that! Once you make it to the end, color in the spot on the warp pipe, then enter it to get to the higher section.

Here you’ll find the cafe owner, relaxing like nothing has happened. After the umbrella breaks, make a mad dash to the door at the top left of the room. In the next area, your goal is use the warp pipe on the right to make it to the other end. Unfortunately, the pipe is covered in colorless spots that will have to be filled in so that it can work properly:

  • At the top of the area where the pipe first goes into the sand.
  • Hidden to the left of where the pipe first goes into the sand.
  • At the top of where the pipe exits the sand.
  • At the bottom of where the pipe touches the sand.
  • On the block just before the pipe reach the other side.

In the next room, color in the white warp pipe and enter Cutout mode near the pipes to reach the higher ledge. Color in the next warp pipe, go back down and grab the cafe owner, then go on into the next area. Try crossing over to the orange warp pipe only to get sucked down into the quicksand by Snifits!

You’re locked in a jail cell! Not really a problem since a simple slam of the hammer on the circled out area on the ground will reveal quicksand. Sink down to the area below, then go all the way to the left to find another area on the ground the will have quicksand. Now on the third floor, go near the elevator and use the quicksand there to drop to the fourth floor.

Walk all the way to the left and enter the room to find a Snifit working away. Try grabbing the Snifit’s Card Key under the couch to get ambushed into a battle! With that taken care of, take the card key and return to the third floor. Hit the poster on the right with your hammer to reveal a rope that will move a piece of the wall. Use this area to find quicksand that will take you down a level. There you’ll fight a Snifit that’s guarding the cafe owner’s cell.

After the battle, use the green warp pipe to go all the way back up to the area where the Snifits first captured you. Start sinking into the sand once again to get to the first floor. Here you’ll find the Cafe Key that the Snifits snagged from you! Return to the orange pipe and use it to get back to the surface.

Once back in the sunlight, head over to the now opened cafe. The Cafe owner will present you with the orange Mini Star you’ve been trying to get! Grab it to unlock Toad Trainworks!


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