Mossrock Theater – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Mossrock Theater is the twenty-eighth level of Chapter 6 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Welcome to Mossrock Theater! The first area is simple enough. Check out the circus poster on the tree, maybe save the colorless Toad, then head into the next area.


This hallway like area is full of enemies that will pop out of nowhere, so be alert! Each section of this area is separated by the trees:

  • Section 1 – Two Ptooies.
  • Section 2 – Two Ptooies, Yellow Shy Guy drops from above.
  • Section 3 – Two Dino Rhinos that appear from the bushes.
  • Section 4 – Just a long swinging Shy Guy. Fight the Shy Guy and you’ll find out who he really is…
  • Section 5 – Two Ptooies. One of them has a Red Toad Rescue Squad member.

Follow the path on the right to reach the Juggling Bros. stage room! Pull the rope to bring on the show. Your goal is to jump and hop across the top portion of the area so that you can reach the other side without getting hit by a hammer and falling off. So how do you get past the two Roller Guys? Hit the path they roll on from down below! Once on the other side, pull the rope and continue to the next area.

The next area is another hallway type level.

  • Section 1 – Dodge the incoming Roller Guys.
  • Section 2 – Avoid the Dino Rhino while avoiding the Roller Guys.
  • Section 3 – Continue avoiding the incoming Roller Guys.
  • Section 4 – Pull down the Red Toad Rescue Squad member.
  • Section 5 – A single Dino Rhino that appears from the right. The path on the left leads to the two other Mini Paint Stars.
  • Section 6 – No enemies!

The next section is another Juggling Bros. stage! Pull the rope to make them go away, then continue on to the right. A dastardly Shy Guy will appear and pull the rope, bringing the Juggling Bros. over to you. Fight them like you would any other enemy, then continue to the right to find the Mini Paint Star! Grab it to unlock The Emerald Circus!

Mini Star #2

Do everything as you did to get the first Mini Paint Star, but take the path that goes to the left when you’re in section 5 of the second hallway-like area.

Mini Star #3

This one is literally next to the second Mini Paint Star. Do the exact same thing to get it!


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