Lighthouse Island – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Lighthouse Island is the twenty-first level of Chapter 4 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Darkness plagues the rest of the sea, so you’ll have to make stop at Lighthouse Island to try and get the lighthouse back up and running. Ignore the two paths going north and instead walk inside the lighthouse.


Drop down a level to find a Toad that will sell you Big Mushroom Cards for 100 coins and a Roulette Door. Use the lift to go back up a level, then keep walking up the steps to reach the top of the lighthouse. As you go up, take note of the crate on the second floor!

At the top of the lighthouse, speak with the Purple Toad there and follow him back down the light house. Take the first north exit, pass the waterfall, and talk to him there. Pull the vine on the left to stop the waterfall, then head into the exit on the right. There you’ll find the warp pipe you need to enter the parallel world!

Return to the previous area to find that the wall behind the waterfall is cracked in this version of the world. Whack it three times to make it crumble, only to find a colorless !? Block. Return to the normal world and color in the block there.

Go back to the parallel world once again to finally hit the !? Block. Trying to hit the block will extend the hole into a cave filled with Ice Bros. Their iceballs are pretty damaging, but you shouldn’t worry too much since running in a straight line should allow you to walk out of there unharmed. Hit the barrel beneath you with the unfurl power to form it into a bridge.

Head inside the lighthouse in the parallel to find it completely darkened out. To make matters worse, there are unforeseen holes all over the floor, causing you fall down to the room full of Buzzy Beetles. How do you get across? Paint, of course! Paint the ground in front of you and use it to guide you to the stairs. Go up a level and do the same here. Remember the crate in the normal world? Find it here and smash it before continuing on.

At the top of the lighthouse is the Lightbulb Thing you need. Squeeze it, then return to the normal world and go right back up to the lighthouse. On your way there, you’ll find a Blue Toad Rescue Squad member that you released from the crate. Place Lightbulb using Cutout where it belongs, then head back to your ship. Set sail and grab your Mini Star to unlock Fortune Island.

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