Kiwano Temple – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Kiwano Temple is the twelfth level of Chapter 2 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Before you enter this level, head over to Chateau Chanterelle and head over to the doghouse. Use Cutout to place the bone you found in Marmalade Valley on the fence. This will call Princess back but just for a short moment.

The professor will reward you with a Sharp Spike. With that in hand, head over to Kiwano Temple.

Walk up the steps to get up on the railway, then cross the little path to reach the cracked pillar. Give it a few whacks with your hammer to get it to tumble down to the ground below, tearing a hole through the railroad. Walk down to the bottom and hop inside the part leftover tube of the pillar and walk to the right to get across the spikes on the ground. Place the Sharp Spike on the door and head inside!

Inside, color in and hit all four candles to have a POW Block appear. Hit that to flip over the spiked tiles, but this will reveal a hoard of Spiny enemies! Luckily, a Starman also appears, so grab it and go to town on all the baddies in the room!

In the next room, walk up the steps on the right and run past both Spike enemies. Hop into the tube and move to the left, dropping into entrance area and creating a path to the other side. Keep moving forward, but don’t pick up that Heart just yet. Walk all the way to the left, avoiding the Spiny enemies, then hop into the next tube. Roll all the way to the right to create another path, crushing anything in your way. Grab the heart, then head for the next door.

This room is similar. First, color in the section of the tube in front of you, then hop into the tube on the right to reach another section. Defeat the Spike so that he can’t throw the spiked balls, then hop on top of the tube and let it move you to the left. Get to the next pillar, defeat the Paper-Cone Goomba, then continue onto the next tube. Do this until you reach the Save point at the end of the room.

Enter the last tube and move into the wall on the right. Run over the red colored spike to bring the entire section down into a lava chasm. As soon as you gain control of Mario, move over to the blue spike and squash it to get the platform moving towards the stars. Move your tube out of the way of the molten rocks that pop up, otherwise they will stop you and the platform as the lava continues to rise.

When you finally reach the end, a Big Spiny will appear and start a boss battle! This guy can hit hard, but it’s easy to immobilize him by using something like an Iron Jump to jump on its shell and cause it to hide inside. POW Blocks actually help Big Spiny pull off an attack with its sharp spike. Once defeated, grab the yellow Mini Star to unlock The Golden Coliseum.


Mini Star #2

Technically, this is the first Mini Star as listed in the game, but it’s the second one you’ll want to grab. In short, go through the entire Kiwano Temple just like you did for the first Mini Star, but before you grab the it, step on the area beneath it start lowering the lava.

Hop back onto the moving platform and it’ll take you down to the red Mini Star.

Mini Star #3

Do not bother trying to get this after getting the first two! There is nothing you can do to get this early on. You’ll have to wait until after you complete Mustard Cafe in Chapter 5.


Return to Kiwano Temple after getting the last Blue Toad Rescue Squad Member sitting in the dining hall of Tangerino Grill. The squad will get the train across, but this victory is short lived as a Thwomp gets dropped on the train. This will release the Mini Star and send a path to Toad Trainworks.


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