Indigo Underground – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Indigo Underground is the fourth level of Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Walk over to the pipe and hop inside. But wait! The leader of the Green Rescue Squad is stuck inside. Use Cutout to place the Plunger Card you got from the Wringler in Port Prisma to pull him out. Listen to his plea to save his six members stuck in the Shy Guy infested underground cave. Head back into the pipe only to end up hitting a Shy Guy!


After the battle and once you’re down underground, battle the two Shy Guys playing catch with Toad #1. Once rescued, continue moving right. Use the second lift to reach the platform on the right to find the sideways facing Toad #2.

Continue moving to the right, then drop down where the next lift is at. Confused where to go? Take note that you can actually walk inside the lift to bring you a floor lower. There is a also a small area to the left of the lift filled with coins. Now on the next floor, jump over to the right most lift and wait for it to rise. On the right is a small hidden area with coins, while the platform on the left leads to a door.

Now through the door, if you take the lift up, you’ll reach the Green Rescue Squad leader and all the Toads you’ve rescued. The Mini Star is just up ahead, but you’ll need to find the remaining four Toads to get there. Back on the lower path, keep moving right until you find and pull Toad #3 off the tape he’s stuck to.

Go just a bit south and you’ll find Toad #4 being chased by a group of Shy Guys. Jump on the bridge at just the right moment to fling him over to safety. Fling over a Shy Guy and you’ll have to battle it! Once you do get the Toad, the remaining Shy Guys will battle you all at once, so have an item ready that can hit multiple enemies just in case!

With that taken care of, go south. Hear that eerie music? Let’s pray for those last two Toads. Stand on the second bridge and use Cutout to bring the Shy Guy and Toad #5 out from behind the waterfall and onto the bridge. Defeat the Shy Guy and save the Toad. Continue walking all the way to the right where you’ll find another lift. If you’re trying to collect everything and paint all the spots, wait for the lift to rise, then jump to the left. Color in the purple lift and use the two holes up hear to drop to the blocks below.

If not, use the lift and hop off to the right to find a disturbing scene involving a creepy Shy Guy, Toad #6, and a bendy straw. Rated E for everyone. Battling this Shy Guy won’t prove to be easy as it’s immune to jump and hammer attacks. I hope you’ve been collecting Fire Flowers in this area because that will burn the Shy Guy to a crisp. The Toad will give you a 1-Up Mushroom for your efforts!

Now that all the Toads have been rescued, return to the leader and allow the to form a bridge. Unlucky for you, a trio of Shy Guys will appear. After defeating them in battle, pull up the Toad bridge and walk across. You can avoid the Lemon on the right since you’ll be back for it when you come back to get the second Mini Star. Walk up to the Mini Star and grab it to end the mission and unlock Daffodil Peak!

Mini Star #2

Return to Indigo Underground and back to the area where the Toads created their bridge. Walk across and go all the way to the right. Touch the lemon to have it roll down and knock over the block you found Toad #3 on. Follow the ramp, and fight the Shy Guys so you can get your lemon!

After that, walk north to find a secret cave with the second Mini Star to unlock Bloo Bay Beach!


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