Fortune Island – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Fortune Island is the twenty-second level of Chapter 4 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Big Paint Star

See that giant skull over there? Yup, welcome to Fortune Island. Hop out of the ship and head for the skull. Since the path to the other side is submerged underwater, head up the path and squash all the four wooden pillars. This will reveal a warp pipe to the parallel world. Hop inside.


Head down to the bottom of the skull and enter the cave through the mouth. Inside, walk over to the right and go up the steps. Hit the cork stuck in the wall to make an exit to. Go outside, return to the normal and use the now unplugged cork to enter the skull.

Walk over the barrels on the left and continue running to the wall on the left. Drop down to the two floating barrels and knock the wall on the left in. There you’ll find an !? Block that will let you unfurl the three barrels in the center of the room. This will create a bridge that will also appear in the parallel world. But right now we’ll continue on in this world by going through the hole up north!

Walk up the stairs filled with spikes and the lanterns, but take note of exactly how everything looks! You’ll need to remember this for the parallel version. Walk into the skull door, then into the first hole you see. The Big Paint Star is in there! But so is a ton of smoke! No use in sticking around, so continue following the main path.

You’ll eventually end up in an area with five treasure chests. Three of them have a single coin inside, one has a note from the Snifit and Whiffit show (they took the Instant Camera and you’re going to need it!), and the fifth and colorless chest leads to a room below. Paint it in and hop inside. Down there you’ll see a mini volcano spewing out smoke. Nothing you can do now, so exit through the door to return outside.

Enter the parallel world and enter the skull. Now that the bridge is there, cross over and head into the next room. The stairs are all covered now, but the spikes are really still there!

  • First two steps – stay north
  • Third step – stay south
  • Fourth step – stay center

As for the lanterns, you’ll need to hit them with your hammer to either activate them or put them out. The order needs to be the same as it was in the real world: xXxxXX. This will open up the skull door.

In the next hallway, the first door and room are still filled with smoke, so continue on to find crates and the hole you need to fall through. Down below you’ll find the Legendary Captain barbecuing up a storm of smoke. Grab and squeeze the Barbecue Thing, but don’t think the captain will let you slide so easily. He’ll follow you from now on, so head out the exit to return back outside.

Enter the warp pipe to return to the normal world. Have the two captains meet, then be on your way to the room that was once filled with smoke! If you return to the parallel world and go to the once smoky room, you’ll find the Salt and Pepper Thing, something you’ll need for a future level.

Otherwise, head for the once smokey room in the normal world to find Wendy waiting for you! Before you start the battle, do take note that you need the Instant Camera Thing if you plan on beating her. You can this item by completing the bonus round of Snifit or Whiffit in Cobalt Base.

Wendy’s main attack involves her grabbing five different items, usually coins but also enemies that will end up staying in the battle, that she will hurl at you. You can block each one, but you have to time it correctly with the rhythm of the song! Once enough damage is dealt, Wendy will hop into her shell and form a golden ring around her.

Doing anything besides using the Instant Camera will end in an instant death. The ring will surround the photo, a sacrifice I’m sure it was willing to make. With that out of the way, use your remaining attacks to finish her off.

With the purple Big Paint Star secure, grab it and watch as it colors in the sinkhole in Mustard Cafe. In Port Prisma, hear the Big Paint Star’s memories, then the level will end!


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