Fort Cobalt – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Fort Cobalt is the eighteenth level of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Big Paint Star

Take note! You’re going to need a very specific Thing in order to finish this mission. Make a stop by Plum Park so that you can grab the Balloons if you haven’t already. They can be found right near fountain where the Teapot was.


The first thing you’ll encounter when entering Fort Cobalt is a cardboard box. Talk to the Blue Rescue Squad member to have him run back to headquarters. There are 19 more in this level!

Hit the broken part of the wired fence to get on the other side. Go left, then climb the steps. Flip the platform so that you can get to the other side. Walk across, then flip the next platform so you can reach the broken fence.

Break through the fence to start up a battle with the big group of Shy Guys. Fire works well in this battle! Once that’s taken care of, free Toad #2 on the right. Colorize a hidden path on the right that will take you to a Roulette Door where you can play a minigame to earn cards. Once you’re ready, head into the door on the left.

In this hallway, you’ll be faced with a game of luck. Each section has three fences. Once has a broken fence that will let you pass, while the other two are traps that will hurt you. Let’s play by our own rules. Splash each fence with some paint as you hit it. If it’s the wrong one, you’ll know not to hit that one again. Continue this until you reach the end. The last section has trapdoors that will take you to the room below that’s filled with Ninjis. You can also take one for the team by getting releasing and getting hit by the Basin Thing.

If you’re just looking to get to the boss, all you need to do in the last room is flip the two yellow platforms so that they are touching the central area. Enter Cutout mode and remove the wall to reveal a pathway to the next door.


If you’re collecting everything, you’ll want to take care of few other things first. Go to the right and make your way to the vent with Toad legs sticking out. Whack the vent several times to get all ten Toads out. Anything after that is a Bob-omb! After you flip the platform on the right, a Toad will reveal itself on the opposite face of the platform. To the left of that Toad is a Blue Snifit that is actually a Blue Toad in disguise.

Stop by the cafe on the left. Speak with the barista and ask about the overly expensive special. Turns out this Toad is a spy (who would have guessed!) and he has some intel on the boss. You’ll also want to grab the Magma Burger as you’ll need it later on in the game. Go upstairs and enter the training room to find three more Toads here. All three of these Toads are in the training room above the cafe. To release each one, fight a group of Shy Guys with their Snifit leaders. Take out the Snifit first and the rest will run! Fill in the colorless spot on the big locker on the right. Open it and enter the pipe to find Toad #20. Hit open the hole on the left and talk to him again to free him!

If you haven’t already, use Cutout in the final area to remove the wall to reveal a path to the next door. Enter it and walk down to the docking station to have Ludwig appear in his big, bad Ludship. Well, at least all that was finished.

In this boss battle, normal attacks will do nothing to Ludwig’s ship. If you’ve been collecting cards throughout the level, you should have picked up a couple of Tail Cards. Activate this, then when Ludwig’s shoots out cannons from his ship, hit A to reflect them back. The next round you’ll have to take out two Koopa Paratroopas, but keep the Tail on and counterattack again.

The third round will have two Spikes appear. Have the tail handy, then reflect their spiked balls and the cannonball to bring down the ship. Too bad for us as Ludwig came preapred with a submarine. Not even the Tail will help at this point. This is where the Balloons thing comes in. Use it to attach balloons to his submarine, forcing him up to the platform.

At this point you’ll be able to attack the submarine with whatever you like. The submarine will explode, allowing you to get a few final his on Ludwig.

Grab the Big Paint Star and watch as it colors in the waters of Violet Passage. See the next memory of the Big Paint Star, then be on your way to Violet Passage.


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