Dark Bloo Inn – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Dark Bloo Inn is the fourteenth level of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Let’s make this clear and simple from the start. The goal of the haunted inn is to find and summon all six ghost Toads scattered throughout the mansion.


They will all gather at the dinner table, and this guide will detail how to get each one, starting with the ghost Toad sitting on the left.

Ghost Toad #1

Enter the door to the left of the front desk. Watch the books fly around the around the room, then splash some paint near said book to reveal a Ghost Toad. Apparently the book he is looking for is missing. Go up to Room 302 to find a normal Toad reading the book. Give it a whack of paint, then Toad will give it to you. Give it to the Ghost Toad and he’ll move to the dinning hall.

Ghost Toad #2

Use the elevator to get to Floor 2. Walk down the hallway and hit the luggage carrier with some paint to reveal another Ghost Toad. He can’t find Room 201? Stand at the end of the hall and enter Cutout mode to snip away the wall blocking the door. After the Ghost Toad runs in, he’ll announce that he is leaving for the tea party.

Ghost Toad #3

Enter Room 302 and hit the bed from the left to reveal a hole in the ground. Drop down into Room 202. Hit the Ghost Toad standing in front of the table with some paint to reveal him, then hit him with your normal hammer to slap down his glasses . Now he is ready for the party!

Ghost Toad #4

Walk inside Room 203 to see a Shy Guy taking off with… it. Reveal another Ghost Toad banging on the balcony rail. Head downstairs to the Floor 1 and walk to the courtyard through the door on the right. Turn the corner to see a group of baddies trying to sneak off with “it.” Fight the Shady Sledge Bro. to get your hands on “it.” Go back to Room 203 and give “it” to the Ghost Toad. After he runs off, hit the area where you left “it” to reveal a Yoshi!

Ghost Toad #5

Once the house cleaning Toad leaves Room 301, enter inside and reveal a disgruntled Ghost Toad near the telephone. All he wants is to have his poor creased sheets changed. head down to Floor 1 and enter the basement. Grab onto the linen and pull to reveal a chain of Shy Guys! Take them out to get the linen, then return upstairs and prepare the bed. With that complete, the Ghost Toad will be on his way to the party.

Ghost Toad #6

Enter Room 303 and color in the birdcage and the Ghost Toad standing in front of it. Take the cage with you, then downstairs to the Floor 1 and walk to the courtyard through the door on the right. Place the birdcage near the bait, then watch as a Koopa Paratroopa flies down. Take the birdcage back to the Ghost Toad so that he can finally be reunited with his “red bird.”

Now that all the Ghost Toads have assembled in the dinning hall, walk over to the front desk to see if there are any purple teapots for the tea party. Nothing like that there, but there is a purple Mini Star, so we’ll take that! This will unlock Plum Park.


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