Daffodil Peak – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Daffodil Peak is the sixth level of Chapter 1 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Start by walking over to the gatekeeper and requesting a Mountain Pass to get to the Mountain Sage at the top. You’ll need to talk to the Toad inside the cabin, so go through the small gate and enter the cabin.


Gloomy. The park ranger that’s supposed to give you the pass is sad and depressed, as his once lively cabin is nothing more than a colorless mess. Help by coloring in the following spots:

  • Center of the room
  • Under the mat. Hit it with your hammer!
  • Under the painting.
  • On the painting.
  • The fire in the fireplace.
  • Above the fireplace.
  • Under the clock
  • The clock. Hit it with your hammer to open.
  • The balcony door. Open the drapes to see it.

Finally, open up the balcony to find an Unfurl Box. Hitting it will grant you two seconds with an ability that lets you hit an object marked with the !? symbol to expand it! Use this on the box the park ranger is sitting on to unfurl it into his favorite chair. Paint it and the park ranger will give you the pass!

Return to the gatekeeper and have him open up the gate. Use the pipe to reach the first area. Simply walk over and enter the green pipe. In the second area, use the yellow pipe to reach the third area. Follow the path going around the mountain to find a hole that will lead to yet another pipe. Follow that pipe up to the very top of the mountain where you can find a path that leads to the next area.

But wait! There is still one more thing to do. Once at the top, drop down the south edge to find a small spot with a Purple Rescue Squad member. Flatten his creased foot with a hammer hit and he’ll be on his way.

Ignore the pipe marked with !? for now and enter the standard green pipe instead. Hit the two poles to activate a !? Block, then go around the corner to fall into the cave below. With two seconds on the clock, run to the left and hit the !? pipe to extend it over the gap.

Use the pipe to reach the other side, but you’ll soon be caught in a fight with a trio of Goombas. To make matters worse, Kamek appears and changes all your cards to Worn-Out Jump cards. Don’t worry, the cards will return to normal once the battle is over. From there, enter the yellow pipe to reach the entrance to the final area.

But wait! Don’t go in just yet. If you walk off the south edge you’ll run into a color changing door. Hit the door to stop the roulette. Keep hitting it with your hammer to get a match with three colors. Once you do, enter the door to find three roulette blocks. Match all three to get whatever is shown! Each roulette pattern is the same, so once you get one down, the rest should be easy!

Now in the final area, enter the pipe on the left and bring color back to the white box. Return to the starting area and enter the pipe on the right and to reach the !? block. Activate it, then rush back through the pipe. Enter the left most pipe, then make a run for the !? needing the power. Whack it to make a new pipe. The Mountain Sage is so close, you can already see him!

Too bad it’s just a paper cutout! Grab the Mini Star to end the mission and unlock Sunglow Ridge!

Mini Star #2

Return right to the gatekeeper and start giving him the lowdown. After a few exchanges, hit the gatekeeper with a splash of paint to return color to his head. And of course, this just so happens to be the final member of The Chosen Toads, the last key to the gate at The Crimson Tower.


As for the second Mini Star, return to the final area and walk on top of the right pipe. Hop on top of the orange pipe to reach the Mini Star! This will unlock a path to Ruddy Road.

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