Cherry Lake – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Cherry Lake is the third level of Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Entering this level will get you to try out the new Cutout feature. Hit Y, cut out the background, move Mario to the flag, then return to the normal world in your new position. Now that you’re on top of the blocks, jump over and untape the gate from the back. In the next area, save with the Save Block on the left, then venture off to the right. There you’ll run into a stack of four Shy Guys trying to coax a fifth Shy Guy into joining them. After fleeing, a battle will start.

Defeat the baddies and walk over to the wheel. Wait for the hole to appear, then walk right through. If you’re getting impatient, hit it with your hammer to make it spin faster! The next wheel you’ll run into has the poor Shy Guy you saw earlier on it. Hit him with your hammer and set him free! Shortly after you’ll be attacked by two Shy Guys stacks.

Continue on to the right and into the next area. There are two paths here. The wooden path going up will take you to a ? Block with a KO Hammer, while the bottom path takes you further into the level. From there you can either go through the bottom wheel to find Toad’s Pants in a tree, or continue to the right and onto the windy path.

Avoid the Shy Guys tumbling towards you as you make it to the other side. Walk over to the small pier at south end where you’ll use your Cutout ability to cross over the giant hill in the back. Grab the Fan Thing, then have it squeezed into a card! Now that the wind has stopped, walk over and pull the tape to release a bridge back to the previous side. The path down south leads to a different Mini Star, while the path on the left will take you to a Toad that you can deal with in the second Mini Paint Star quest. Go north.

Defeat the Shy Guy holding the Hero’s Journal on the left if you’d like. The book is needed for the second Mini Star. Go right and keep following the path. You’ll eventually run into a broken part of the bridge. Hmmmm…

Go to the pier down south and activate Cutout mode just when the wheel in the background forms a perfect line over the broken bridge. Use the feature to cross the bridge and reach the Mini Star and unlock The Crimson Tower!


Mini Star #2

You can return to Cherry Lake for the second Mini Star as soon as you finish up the first one. Return to the area where the Toad was stuck in a tree. If you haven’t freed him yet, do so and this so called Justice Toad will ask you to retrieve his clothes laying around the level:

  • Toad’s Shoes – These were found stuck to a bush at the end of the room where you first see the water wheels.
  • Toad’s Pants – Walk through the wheel to get to a small island with a tree. Hit the tree to free the pants!
  • Hero’s Journal – In Inner Cherry Lake. After entering, fight the Shy GUy reading the book on the left.
  • Toad’s Vest – This one is further on in the level, stuck to the bridge.


Go to the area south of where you found the fan. Here you’ll find a dried out basin. Fall down into it and use the ramp on the right to reach the higher platform. Walk along the back area to get to the Blue Shy Guy slurping away the water from the wheel. Fight him to return water to the area.

Use the bridge and the floating broken pieces to make it to the other side. On your way, you can grab Toad’s Vest that is stuck inside the bridge. Climb up the steps only to realize that the Mini Star is too far away. Go back tot he Justice Toad and return all his clothing. Then ask him to help you reach the star!

Back near the Mini Star, the Justice Toad will pull all his strength together to… actually use telepathic energy to move the Mini Star! He’s also grow a key shaped form on his head, keep this in mind! Grab the Mini Star to clear the mission and unlock Bloo Bay Beach!

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