Bloo Bay Beach – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Indigo Underground is the fifth level of Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

The first main area you start in has a lot of extra areas and colorless spots to check out. If you are just looking to get the Mini Star, go to the right and talk to the Toads on the pier. The Oceanfest will then begin, so leave the pier and go through the south exit.


If you’re staying, make sure to walk all the way around the area on the left to find a cave entrance. Inside, hit the wall and pull the vine to reveal a cove of coins and a Thing replica card. Leave through the second entrance for a nice view of the area.

After going through the south exit, maneuver your way through the sea of jumping Cheep Cheeps. Not much else to do here except to make it to the next exit! Now you’re at the Oceanfest area. Talk to the Toad on stage to play Toad and Go Seek, a minigame asking you to find five green Toads.

  • Toad #1 – To the left of the stage, inside the tent.
  • Toad #2 – Walking behind the store owner. Talk to him from behind.
  • Toad #3 – Break the tent down south to reveal a way to pull up a bridge. Cross it, then pull the Toad out of the the clam
  • Toad #4 – After pulling the Toad out of the sand, hit the clam to reveal another Toad.
  • Toad #5 – To the left of the stage is a palm tree with Toad on top. Hit it to make him drop!

Now with the Five Fun Guys back on stage, agree to be part of the main event. One Toad gets to hold on to a key before they shuffle. After a quick mix up, you’ll have to choose the one that has the key. Pick the correct one and the main Toad will show you that you are… incorrect! This time hit the Toad with the key with some paint and select him again after the mix up. This will reveal this scam of an event and you’ll earn the key to get to the area on the right.

Before you leave, walk behind the shop to find a small shower currently being used. Use Cutout to reveal Luigi and earn 300 coins!

Now in the final area, walk over to the umbrellas and hit them so that they are all open. You can also lounge in the chairs for a bit to heal up! Walk over to the entrance and hop over the small fences to get onto higher ground. Hop over the umbrellas to get to the Mini Star and unlock Daffodil Peak!

Purple Rescue Squad Member

If you plan on getting the second Mini Star in Ruddy Road, you’ll have to recruit the Purple Rescue Squad member all the way on the right in the final area. Use Cutout to reach the small island. Hit the steps with paint to get to the ? Block with a Line Jump, then talk to the Toad to get him where you need to go!

Blue Key Toad

Return to Bloo Bay Beach a second time to find that the Blue Toad finally set sail but was shipwreck not too far from shore. Enter Cutout and use the Fan Thing you got in Cherry Lake to blow him to shore. Just as a tsunami is about to hit, Blue Toad will awaken his powers and become the key shaped Toad you need for The Crimson Tower.


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