Black Bowser’s Castle – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Black Bowser’s Castle is the thirtieth and final level of The Final Chapter in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

The Roy Battle

We’re almost there! Trying to use the newly created rainbow in Port Prisma results in failure, but just when he’s needed most, Luigi races in riding his newly painted kart. Hop aboard and ride Rainbow Road all the way over to Black Bowser’s Castle! Before you head out, make sure you have a Washing Machine Thing handy. If you don’t have it, buy one from the Wringer in Port Prisma since you’ve already gotten it once before at Vortex Island.


Head inside and walk down the hallway to find Princess Peach colorless and pinned to a frame. Try whacking it off the wall only to open a trap door beneath you.


The pit you fell into will lead to the final Koopaling battle with Roy. This battle is very different from the rest as Roy will summon a group of Slurp Guys to drain you of your Paint. And take your 1UP Cards as well! Roy will use his paint cannon to throw the paint back in your face. This deals a good chunk of damage, but it will also restore some of your paint. Each paint color will also add a special effect to Mario’s next turn:

  • Red – Anger. Turn is sped up!
  • Yellow – Rhythm! Blue cards are not usable!
  • Blue –  Sadness. Only blue cards will work this round.
  • Purple – Poison. You’ll lose 10HP for every attack you make.
  • Orange – Self-conscious. Only pre-painted cards will work.
  • Green – No motivation. Turn is slowed down!

Once you damage Roy enough, he’ll mix all the paint together (!) and spew out black paint everywhere. From here, all your attacks will miss, so it’s time to rely on Things! You should have come prepared with a Washing Machine Thing that you got from Vortex Island. Use it to wash away all the black paint and resume the battle.

The Final level


With Roy defeated, heal up and collect all the paint bubbles before heading into the next area. Your goal here is to get on the conveyor belt and make it into the first room. Move the stepladder and use it to reach the top of the crates. Take out a Paint Guy and wait in line. Since you don’t have a bucket, you’ll get kicked out. Get back on the conveyor belt but this tip tap up on your D-Pad to call out Huey to use him as a bucket.


The next room will show off more of Bowser’s evil plan. Once you pass through the next door, you’ll soon find that the conveyor belt leads to a giant black paint bucket. Make a quick exit by jumping to the left and grabbing the flag pole to safely make it to the area below. Looks like you’re going to have to find a way to blow up all the Big Bob-ombs in the area.


Hop and knock the Bob-ombs off their lifts on the right, then run over to the crates and let blast blow through the boxes. Walk over to the left and you’ll be greeted by a group of Hammer Bros, Ice Bros, and the like.


Once defeated, walk over to the fenced off area in the back. Whack the center fence to knock it over. Knock out a few Bob-ombs from the lifts on the left and have them follow you over to the Big Bob-ombs. Now watch the place explode!


As the black paint rises, start making a run for it! Don’t stop for too long and keep running and you’ll make it to the door. Now that you’re safe, hit the Save Block (please do!) and move to the right to have the black paint start pouring in through the door. There is one set path that you can take to make it through this next area, so it’s easy to go the wrong way, get stuck, and face a Game Over screen. First you’ll want to take the ramp on the right and then walk through the inside of the giant black pipe. Use the warp pipe to escape!


Now back in the lobby, pull the rope to reveal a door in the wall. Head inside to find a long path leading to the final room. You’ll be able to save and replenish both your health and paint here. Head through the double doors to face the final boss!


Black Bowser Final Battle

This is it! It’s the final battle! Bowser is covered in the mind controlling black paint and it’s your job to start chipping away at it, one attack at a time!

Boss walkthrough coming soon!


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