Secrets & Unlockables – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Want to know how to unlock everything in Paper Mario: Color Splash? See our guide below for more info on all the little things hidden away in the game!


Level Hints

Here are some tips and tricks that you may not have realized or missed! If you have any more, let us know in the comments!

Cherry Lake

  • Hitting the water wheels with your hammer will cause the wheel to spin faster.


Replica Things

Replica Things are copies of Thing Cards that will create the same effect as the original card, but with less power. They can be found in specific areas in different levels, but there is also always one in the Battle Spin. Replica Things can’t be used on bosses, at least not effectively!


100% Cutouts

Are you missing any Cutouts? Complete the game and a Purple Toad will appear in Port Prisma in the area where you used the Magnifying Glass on the tiny Toad. Talk to him and cough up 50 coins to get the location of one of the Cutouts. You can only have one revealed at a time, so go find it and come back to get another. The Toad reveals the Cutouts in order of levels you first visited.


HP-Up Hearts

Unlike Sticker Star, HP-Up Hearts in Color Splash are not scattered across the world. Instead, you get one from the Big Paint Star after you complete a chapter. Each Heart is worth 25HP, with a total of six in the game, allowing for 200HP total.


Paint Upgrades

While Color Splash doesn’t have a traditional leveling system like past entries in the series, the game does encourage you to battle to earn Hammer Scraps. These will help fill up a meter that once full, will add to your maximum paint count, making your attacks stronger. Starting at 100, the increments go like this:



100 150 180
200 220 240 260 280
300 320 340 350 360 370 380 390
400 410 420 430 440 450 460 470 480 490
500 510             


Sound Test

Loving the tunes of Color Splash? Looks like you’re in luck! The game features a very cool sound test that lets you listen through tracks from all throughout the game. The catch? You can only unlock music from a certain level once you complete its colorization in full.


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