Luigi Locations – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Luigi is once again running off and finding himself in odd places all through Prism Island. Use our guide to locate Luigi throughout the entire game!

There are six locations in total!

Luigi Location #1

Level: Bloo Bay Beach

Before you leave the area where the Oceanfest was held, walk behind the shop to find a small shower currently being used. Use Cutout to reveal Luigi and earn 300 coins!

Luigi Location #2

Level: Marmalade Valley

Once you reach the top of the scaffolding, use Cutout when standing on top of the lift to the right of the Save Block.

Luigi Location #3

Level: The Golden Coliseum

Reach the battle arena where you fight all the enemies and stand in the center. Use Cutout to take out the center stand and find Luigi!

Luigi Location #4

Level: Plum Park

Walk over to the area where the Yellow Toad Rescue Squad member stands and watches the stage from a distance. Use Cutout to clip the shrub on the right to reveal Luigi!

Luigi Location #5

Level: Redpepper Crater

Sooth your pains and worries in the hot spring at the end of the level, but don’t forget to use Cutout to reveal Luigi behind the waterfall.

Luigi Location #6

Level: Green Energy Plant

Stand on the warp pipe near the house and use Cutout to get Luigi out of the obviously marked green box on the right.


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