Colorization Guide – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Welcome to our Colorization Guide for Paper Mario: Color Splash! Each level asks Mario to return its colorless state to its former glory, but it can be tricky and easy to miss something along the way. Thankfully, our guide should help you track each one down!

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Chapter 1

  • Port Prisma
  • Ruddy Road
  • Cherry Lake
  • Indigo Underground
  • Bloo Bay Beach
  • Daffodil Peak
  • The Crimson Tower

Chapter 2

  • Sunglow Ridge
  • Chateau Chanterelle
  • Mondo Woods
  • Marmalade Valley
  • Kiwano Temple
  • The Golden Coliseum

Chapter 3

  • Dark Bloo Inn
  • Plum Park
  • Sacred Forest
  • Cobalt Base
  • Fort Cobalt

Chapter 4

  • Violet Passage
  • Vortex Island
  • Lighthouse Island
  • Fortune Island

Chapter 5

  • Mustard Cafe
  • Toad Trainworks
  • Tangerino Grill
  • Sunset Express

 Chapter 6

  • Redpepper Volcano
  • Redpepper Crater
  • Green Energy Plant
  • Mossrock Theater
  • The Emerald Circus

The final level doesn’t have any colorization to worry about!

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