List of Thing Cards in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Need help finding and locating each and every Thing Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash? If so, let Mario Party Legacy guide you to each and every one!

There are 27 Thing Cards in Paper Mario: Color Splash. See the Card Catalog for the other cards!

Image Name Description
Fire Extinguisher Exhales a torrent of CO2 that can quell any flame.

Location: Ruddy Road

The blades inside rotate at high speed to create a nice breeze.

Location: Cherry Lake

Plunger The plumber’s weapon of choice. Push down on the shaft to unclog even the cloggiest of pipes!

Location: Port Prisma

Lemon Adds a little zest to any meal.

Location: Indigo Underground

Cat-o-Luck A feline statue that purrs with good-luck vibes. Enshrined at the top of a dark-red tower.

Location: The Crimson Tower

Piggy Bank There’s only one way to get the coins out of this bad boy: BREAK IT!

Location: Chateau Chanterelle

Bone A favorite snack of round pets with sharp teeth! High in calcium!

Location: The Golden Coliseum

Bottle Opener Harnesses the principle of leverage to pry off bottle caps.

Location: The Golden Coliseum

Ice Pick Its pointy tip can chip ice into perfectly portioned pieces for any size glass.

Location: The Golden Coliseum

Balloons Makes things float into the sky, and raises voices by an octave or two.

Location: Plum Park

Teapot Used to steep and pour tea at fancy tea parties.

Location: Plum Park

Turnip This turnip is so big that you can’t pull it out without 26 hands and a big “Heave ho!”

Location: Sacred Forest

Instant Camera The future of personal photography. Selfies so real, you’ll begin to question reality itself.

Location: Cobalt Base

Basin An extremely heavy bathing aid. Dropping this on an enemy’s head might just knock it out.

Location: Fort Cobalt

Battery Contains enough energy to power household items and such.

Location: Violet Passage

Compass Directs lost travelers to their destination.

Location: Violet Passage

Cork A stopper used to keep troublesome things from coming out of dangerous holes.

Location: Vortex Island

Washing Machine Swishes water and agitates clothing in order to remove stubborn stains.

Location: Vortex Island

Lightbulb Harnesses electricity to illuminate darkness. Sunglasses recommended when handling.

Location: Lighthouse Island

Salt and Pepper Seasons even the blandest of meals.

Location: Fortune Island

Charcoal Grill Grills food to perfection.

Location: Fortune Island

Megaphone Amplifies the sound put into the mic, turning a whisper into a shout… and a shout into an explosion of noise.

Location: Toad Trainworks

Hair Dryer Blows searing-hot air that can dry out or melt practically anything!

Location: Redpepper Crater

Magnifying Glass Makes things appear larger than they are. Can also fry ants and other various creatures.

Location: Tangerino Grill

Claw Hammer This steel-headed hammer is harder than the one Mario usually uses. It can even break huge rocks that might be blocking your path.

Location: Green Energy Plant

Recorder The pleasant, nostalgic melody makes you feel like you’re being whirled up into the sky.

Location: Green Energy Plant

Disco Ball This relic from years past is making a comeback. None can resist its call to hit the dance floor!

Location: The Emerald Circus

Huey A sentient paint can who came form the Prisma Fountain Emergency Recovery Unit.

Location: Black Bowser’s Castle


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