List of Enemy Cards in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Need help finding and locating each and every Enemy Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash? If so, let Mario Party Legacy guide you to each and every one!

There are 72 Enemy Cards in Paper Mario: Color Splash. See the Card Catalog for the other cards!

Image Name Locations
Red Shy Guy
Ruddy Road
Green Shy Guy
Cherry Lake
Blue Shy Guy Fort Cobalt
Yellow Shy Guy Plum Park
Pink Shy Guy Golden Coliseum
Red Slurp Guy
Bloo Bay Beach
Blue Slurp Guy Cherry Lake
Yellow Slurp Guy Cherry Lake
Red Spike Guy
Ruddy Road
Green Spike Guy Sunglow Ridge
Blue Spike Guy Cherry Lake
Yellow Spike Guy Cherry Lake
Pink Spike Guy Fort Cobalt
Red Roller Guy Mossrock Theater
Green Roller Guy Mossrock Theater
Pink Roller Guy Mossrock Theater
Sombrero Guy Sunset Express
Shy Bandit Overworld
Goomba The Crimson Tower
Paragoomba Sacred Forest
Bone Goomba Maralade Valley
Koopa Troopa
Cherry Lake
Koopa Paratroopa
Daffodil Peak
Swoop Indigo Underground
Cheep Cheep Bloo Bay Beach
Blooper Plum Park
Spike Kiwano Temple
Dry Bones
Marmalade Valley
Boo Vortex Island
Scaredy Rat
Marmalade Valley
Ninji Fort Cobalt
Fuzzy Golden Coliseum
Red Snifit
Sunglow Ridge
Green Snifit Sunglow Ridge
Blue Snifit Plum Park
Yellow Snifit Plum Park
Pink Snifit Mustard Cafe
Red Slurp Snifit Sunglow Ridge
Blue Slurp Snifit Plum Park
Yellow Slurp Snifit Plum Park
Red Spike Snifit
Plum Park
Blue Spike Snifit Plum Park
Green Spike Snifit Plum Park
Yellow Spike Snifit Plum Park
Pink Spike Snifit Mustard Cafe
Spiny Daffodil Peak
Buzzy Beetle
Indigo Underground
Spike Top Redpepper Volcano
Rocky Wrench Sunset Express
Pokey Mustard Cafe
Green Pokey Mustard Cafe
Bob-omb Fort Cobalt
Lava Bubble Redpepper Volcano
Fire Piranha Plant Redpepper Crater
Ptooi Mossrock Theater
Dino Rhino Mossrock Theater
Hammer Bro. Golden Coliseum
Boomerang Bro. Sunset Express
Fire Bro. Fortune Island
Ice Bro. Lighthouse Island
Juggler Bro. Mossrock Theater
Circus Bro. Mossrock Theater
Sledge Bro. Green Energy Plant
Kamek Roshambo Temple #6
Morton Roshambo Temple #1
Iggy Roshambo Temple #2
Ludwig Roshambo Temple #3
Wendy Roshambo Temple #4
Larry Roshambo Temple #5
Lemmy Roshambo Temple #7
Roy Roshambo Temple #8
Black Bowser’s Castle Black Bowser’s Castle


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