List of Basic Cards in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Need help finding and locating each and every Basic Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash? If so, let Mario Party Legacy guide you to each and every one!

There are 60 Basic Cards in Paper Mario: Color Splash. See the Card Catalog for the other cards!

Image Name Locations
Worn-Out Jump Ruddy Road
Worn-Out Jump x3 Ruddy Road
Worn-Out Jump x5 Sacred Forest
Jump Ruddy Road
Jump x2
The Crimson Tower
Jump x3 Fortune Island
Big Jump Mondo Woods
Big Jump x2 Redpepper Volcano
Huge Jump Green Energy Plant
Line Jump Ruddy Road
Big Line Jump Plum Park
Huge Line Jump Redpepper Volcano
Hopslipper Ruddy Road
Hopslipper x2 Plum Park
Hopslipper x3 Redpepper Volcano
Big Hopslipper Mondo Woods
Huge Hopslipper Green Energy Plant
Iron Jump Sunglow Ridge
Iron Jump x2 Plum Park
Iron Jump x3 Redpepper Crater
Big Iron Jump Plum Park
Huge Iron Jump Mossrock Theater
Spin Jump Marmalade Valley
Big Spin Jump Toad Trainworks
Worn-Out Hammer Ruddy Road
Worn-Out Hammer x3 Ruddy Road
Worn-Out Hammer x5 The Crimson Tower
Hammer Ruddy Road
Hammer x2 The Crimson Tower
Hammer x3 Redpepper Crater
Big Hammer Mondo Woods
Big Hammer x2 Redpepper Crater
Huge Hammer Mondo Woods
KO Hammer Bloo Bay Beach
Big KO Hammer Plum Park
Huge KO Hammer Green Energy Plant
Eekhammer Fortune Island
Eekhammer x2 Plum Park
Eekhammer x3 Fortune Island
Big Eekhammer Mondo Woods
Big Eekhammer x2 Redpepper Volcano
Huge Eekhammer Green Energy Plant
Hurlhammer Marmalade Valley
Hurlhammer x2 Fortune Island
Hurlhammer x3 Mossrock Theater
Big Hurlhammer Sunset Express
Huge Hurlhammer Black Bowser’s Castle
Blazehammer Daffodil Peak
Fire Flower Ruddy Road
Big Fire Flower Vortex Island
Ice Flower Ruddy Road
Big Ice Flower Vortex Island
POW Block Kiwano Temple
Mushroom Ruddy Road
Big Mushroom Plum Park
Mega Mushroom Emerald Circus
1-Up Mushroom Emerald Circus
Tail Fort Cobalt
Spike Helmet Indigo Underground
Frog Suit Sunglow Ridge


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