World Flower Star Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2

An easy Star Coin, use the snake block platforms to carefully evade the Koopa Paratroopa and grab the Star Coin.



After the first Star Coin, you’ll see a pipe staircase and then a snake block platform emerging from a mini green pipe. Ride the snake block platform to the other side (beware the Piranha Plant), wait for the snake block to rise, and then use it (approaching from the right) to help wall-kick to the Star Coin.

After the checkpoint, you’ll see the Star Coin as you ascend the rows of snake block platforms. At the top, drop between the blue and yellow pipes, and hug one of the pipes to the bottom of the screen, and wall-kick to the Star Coin and to safety.




After the gold ring, take the spider webs (right path) at the path split. The Star Coin will be closely above, near the right wall.



At the top, hit the ?-block to reveal a Star. Grab it quickly, and when the environment turns to coins, grab the Star Coin (hopefully you’re just above it as you grab the Star). Raccoon Mario’s scuttling is very useful here.

After collecting the Star, drop all the way down into the water. A Boohemoth will begin to chase. Just keep ahead of it and stall it by looking at it; after the group of Peepas, you’ll see the Star Coin to the left of the wooden stairs. Make sure the Boohemoth isn’t too close when you grab the Star Coin in the water.




After the second swinging vine, there is a group of four Scuttlebugs. Jump across all four of them as they descend to grab the first Star Coin.




After the checkpoint, when you meet the second wheel platform (the one where you have to keep jumping on the platforms as it rotates to move forward) ride it all the way (defeat the Porcupuffer and Scuttlebug on the way). The Star Coin greets you as you hit safe ground.

At the area with the red Koopa Troopa and single brick block (containing a P-Switch), use the two vines. You’ll see a group of five Scuttlebugs descend. The Star Coin is where the second one is, so make some careful jumps of the Scuttlebugs to collect the Star Coin and land to safety (there is a pipe below the fourth Scuttlebug, and a platform to the right of the fifth).




After the paired bouncy mushroom towers, you’ll come up to a very tall bouncy mushroom tower. Go to the very top (seven levels in total), evading or defeating the Goombas, and the Star Coin will be above the top level.


After the checkpoint, grab the Mini Mushroom. As you bounce on the Koopa Paratroopas you’ll see an arrow of coins appear, follow them up to a mini green pipe (it will require a jump from the peak of the Koopa Paratroopa’s flight). In the next room grab the Star and take the pipe that has wooden “up” signs to be launched to the Star Coin.

When you return to the main level, you’ll see more Koopa Paratroopas flying in circles. The Star Coin is in the middle of the second set, so take extreme care as you bounce off the Koopa Paratroopa heads – there’s no safe ground until after the third group.




Use the Bob-ombs that spawn from the red pipes: one to clear the blocks above the Star Coin, and one to collect the Star Coin itself.



An easy one, just be mindful of the Dry Goombas that will bounce off the bouncy platform as they fall.




After the section with lifts, you’ll see a blue conveyor belt, spikes above it, and a switch. Hit the switch to make the conveyor belt turn red (and change direction), go to the conveyor belt, duck under neath the spikes, then go past the bouncy balls and get the last Star Coin.




When the ice floor begins to move, you’ll see the Star Coin after the Koopa Troopas fall. Be careful of the Spike Top when you go grab it.



There are some Spike Tops and Buzzy Beetles on ice blocks after the checkpoint. Use a Buzzy Beetle’s shell to hit the brick block near the Star Coin (stand on the rightmost small ice block as you throw) – it should richochet, and collect the coins and Star Coin.

After passing through the flippers, you’ll be on another moving ice floor. You’ll eventually come across four Spike Tops patrolling two ice blocks. The Star Coin is above the second of these.




Defeat the Lakitu that appears as you approach the gold ring. Take over the cloud, fly straight up, and the Star Coin will be to your right.



At the red ring, another Lakitu will appear. Defeat it and claim its cloud, and head right into the yellow pipe. In this room, hit the switch and collect the Star Coin before the roulette blocks disappear.


Just after collecting Star Coin 2, when you return to the main level, head right. You’ll see the Star Coin but can’t get it. Again, claim a Lakitu’s Cloud from the Lakitu that appears, and hover your way to the Star Coin.







Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!