World 6 Star Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2



The first Star Coin is simple. Simply jump up to get the Star Coin. Be wary of the falling obstacles.




This one is tricky to get. After pushing the ? Switch, wait for the falling rocks to destroy the blocks guarding the Star Coin. Quickly get the Star Coin before the floor is destroyed.



Just before the end, you will see a platform that may seem useless. Jump down there, and then jump up to find a secret area. In the secret area, simply get the Star Coin.





Head down after using the ? Switches at the start. Head to the right after seeing the doors and go through the yellow gates. Then find another ? Switch by hitting the blocks, then head up to find the first Star Coin.


I’m assuming you went through the door on the right in the first room of the level, and then through the door in the next room. Once there, hit the ?-Switch and go all the way to the left. Hit the the next switch hidden behind a Boo, then climb up the stairs and enter the door. Hit the next switch and path to the second Star Coin will open up.

Back in the area with the two doors, hit the switch again and instead of running running left, go through the door at the top, despite the arrow telling you to go left. Go all the way right and hit the switch behind the Big Boo.  This will uncover a door. Inside, hit the switch and wall jump to the last Star Coin above.



After you see the first Micro Goombas, the first Star Coin will be floating above. Wait for the Bone Coaster to rise up allowing you to jump up and grab it.



On the second Bone Coaster, as you are passing the second Star Coin encased in bricks, get on the highest bone of the bone Coaster and begin smashing through.



As the lava is rising while on the Bone Coaster, use a Bob-omb to throw against the unbreakable blocks blocking a Star Coin on the left wall.






The first Star Coin can only be accessed by crouching on the pink mushroom below it, and letting the mushroom shrink and bring you under the bricks.



After the Checkpoint Flag, you will come across a yellow pipe  guarded by a Fire Bro. Enter the pipe and head for the Gold Ring in the middle. Take out the now golden Fire Bros and grab the Star Coin on the right.


Instead of going into the yellow pipe at the end, run across the top to find another room with the last Star Coin. To get there, run across the line of bricks at the top of the level.





Stay tot he right of the level and you will come across a section where you need to hit the fire flames to deactivate them and hop on top of them. Use the blocks to reach the first Star Coin.


Next to the Checkpoint Flag is a door. Enter it and begin hopping on the blocks while avoiding the fire flames. Make it to the top for the second Star Coin. Be careful as you leave.



As you are riding the platform to the top, pay attention to the right and you should notice a green pipe. Make sure to deactivate the flame beneath it, then enter it. Inside, jump on the rotating fire flames as they near the bottom of their circular track. Make it to the top for the last Star Coin.




Simple. At the start of the level, go right to reveal a small section with the first Star Coin.




Right before the Checkpoint Flag is a gray block. Stand on top and jump slightly to the right to reveal a hidden block and a beanstalk. In the sky, jump on the small blocks to reach the Star Coin.


The last Star Coin is in a hole, guarded by a ring of Peepas. Wait for an opening in the ring, then jump in, grab the Star Coin, and wall jump out.






As you are making your way through the level, you should see a red pipe above. Perform a wall jump and enter the pipe. Inside, run to the left while avoiding the fireballs and the spiked ball behind you. The Star Coin will be near the end.


The second Star Coin is placed behind some unbreakable blocks, just beyond the Checkpoint Flag. Above you is a yellow, weighted platform. Stand on the left side of it to bring the spiked ball rolling your way. Jump aside and let the spiked ball hit the unbreakable blocks, allowing access to the Star Coin.

Closer to the end, you will see a pair of weighted, yellow platforms. Both have spiked balls on them, and you will need to stand on the side of the platforms to roll them off. Start with the bottom platform, then the second platform. Grab the Star Coin when they are all gone.




You will come across a single fire flame pointing upwards. Wait for it to die out and stand on top of it. Jump to reveal a hidden block, as well as a means to jump to the left ledge. Wall jump onto the right wall to make it to that ledge. Go left and the first Star Coin should be yours.

This one will need some good timing. As you are riding the Snake Blocks, jump to the small platform with the second Star Coin early, then jump back before the Snake Block goes too high.


During the Koopalings battle, you will see a Star Coin floating above the lava. After the Koopalings flash their light, hop onto the Donut Lift directly above the Star Coin, and wait for it to fall. As soon s you get it, jump off and back onto the platform.




 As you are running along, you will come across a line of Dry Bones. At the end, a Star Coin floats in the air. Use the last Dry Bones as a boost to get the Star Coin.



 This Star Coin is really hard to avoid. There are two sinking platform with a Star Coin resting in the air between them. Jump from one platform to the other to grab the Star Coin.



At one point you will see three blocks with a Dry Bones on top. Defeat the Dry Bones and as Raccoon Mario, glide to the left. You should see coins and then a platform with two Super Dry Bones walking about. Grab the last Star Coin and fly out before the lava reaches the platform.




Shortly after you begin using the diagonal moving platform, you should come across the first Star Coin. The Star Coin will near the bottom of the screen.



Just before the green pipe leading to the next level are two blocks. Stand on top of the right one and jump to reveal a hidden block and beanstalk. Climb up to reveal a Coin Heaven. Hop on the diagonal moving platform and make your way to the third Star Coin behind the colored wall.

In the second portion of the level, hop onto the next diagonal moving platform and keep staying close to the sky. Eventually you will come across the last Star Coin in front of a Banzai Bill cannon. Avoid the Banzai Bill and grab the last Star Coin.





Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!