World 5 Star Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2



Near the beginning, you will see a ring of blocks just above a tightrope. Hop onto the top of one of the sets of blocks and grab the Star Coin from there.



After the Checkpoint Flag is a Star Coin trapped inside three tightropes. Stand on the top one and wait for Mario to lose balance and fall below into the Star Coin. Don’t worry, the other tightropes will catch your fall.


After the second Star Coin you will see a yellow block with a tightrope to the left of it. Use it to jump to the tightrope above the block. Stand in the middle of the tightrope and jump in the center to reveal a hidden block and beanstalk. Climb it and grab the Star Coin surrounded by Paratroopas.



The first Star Coin is just before the Checkpoint Flag, in between the six pipes with Piranha Plant. Wait for them disappear to go in and grab it.




Above the Checkpoint Flag area is a small platform with a P-Switch. While you are in a Lakitu Cloud, hit the switch and follow the blue coins to a green pipe. Enter it and snag the second Star Coin.


Right before the flagpole is a small yellow block. Hop on it and grab a Lakitu Cloud. Follow the line of coins above the block to a green pipe. Inside, grab another Lakitu cloud, enter the Gold Ring, and grab the Star Coin at the end.




After going past both Gold Rings, you will come across three green pipes. Enter the middle one to be thrown upwards. Hop on top of the block and jump to reveal a hidden block and a Mini Mushroom. Grab it and begin jumping onto the tiny pipes. Once you reach the large pipe, enter it and it will throw you right at the Star Coin.

Go back to the Checkpoint Flag and this time enter the pipe on the right. It will blast you right to the second Coin Star.



Right before the end of the level, enter the third of five pipes. This will launch you right at the third Star Coin.







As you are clinging to the giant metal grate, you will see a Star Coin off to your right. Jump onto the smaller grate and jump up to grab the Star Coin.



On the second giant metal grate after the Checkpoint Flag, the metal grate will split, and the part on the right will take you to the second Star Coin on a ledge.



Near the end you will come across the last Star Coin above a fire flame. Grab it before the lava reaches the ledge.






After the Gold Ring should be a Coin Star in a gap. Grab a nearby Koopa shell and throw it at the Star Coin to grab it.



Hop onto the second pink mushroom after the Checkpoint Flag. The mushroom will rise right through the top of the screen and bring you to a new area with the Star Coin. Stay on the mushroom for an easy jump to the Star Coin.


After the Red Ring should be two blue mushrooms. To grab the Star Coin in between them by hopping on the Paratroopa when it passes underneath he Star Coin. You can also simply use a Koopa shell.




As soon as you exit the red pipe at the start of the level, hop on top of the Bullet Bill launcher for the first Star Coin to appear.



After the Checkpoint Flag, enter the first green pipe you see. The pipe will launch you into a Coin Heaven where a Star rests at the end.



At the end of the level you will see a Star Coin floating near the bottom of the screen. Avoid the Banzai Bills and wait for a Bullet Bill to pass under the Star Coin for you to bounce off and grab the last Star Coin.




Make your way all the way down the cliff. Don’t take any of the paths that go right, and once you reach the outlined blocks go left. Hit the Exclamation Switch to open the platform below and to grab the second Star Coin.


After the Checkpoint Flag and right below the spinning platforms is a green pipe that leads underground. Grab the spring and throw it onto the moving platform. Use the spring to grab the Star Coin between the two Super Piranha Plants.


With everything still intact, head back up the cliff (or better yet, finish the level and start from the beginning). With a Fire Flower in hand, head down the cliff and defeat the second Super Piranha Plant. Throw tons of fireballs into the gray pipe to reveal a Mega Mushroom. Rampage through the rest of the level and be sure to destroy the blocks hiding the third Star Coin near the end.



After seeing the first Dry Piranha Plant, hit the hidden blocks between and on top of the middle and last blocks. Use the blocks to gain access to the red pipe above. Inside should be the first Star Coin.


After the Checkpoint Flag, you will see the second Star Coin at the bottom just above the lava. Occasionally, a metal grate will pop out, giving you enough time to drop from the metal grate above and jump right back.


While you are on the long metal grate, flip it so that it is above the track. Stay on as it sinks into the lava, and jump onto the smaller metal grate once you snag the last Star Coin.





On the second brick chandelier, move to the the very bottom and wait for it to swing to the right. Hop on the small platform and you should see the first Star Coin above a small set of stairs.



In the room with all the ropes, climb the second rope and follow the path of appearing coins. They should lead you to the second Star Coin.



Now go up the third rope. Watch as the steps of the chairs disappear. Make your way to the top and the last Star Coin is yours.






The first Star Coin be seen in plain sight. Use a Paratroopa as boost.





As you are riding the golden boat, you should come across a spring. Grab it and hold on to it until you come across a Gold Ring on a high platform. Use the spring to to reach the Gold Ring and jump along the platforms to the second Star Coin.


Near the end, use the spring, or a Paratroopa, to grab the last Star Coin in the sky.







Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!