World 4 Star Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2


This first coin is simple to collect. Shortly after the start, simply drop down to the lower floor. Watch out for the rolling obstacles.


The second coin is also easy to collect. Ensure that you have the Super Leaf power up, then fly up to the icy wall before entering the second ice cave.

This one is just near Star Coin 2. Go through the ice cave, then go to the left after flying up to the hidden path to get coins and the final Star Coin.





The first Star Coin is in the room with the moving walls after the door to the top. The last moving block will move you up, bringing you to the Star Coin. The blocks below the Star Coin will vanish when you collect the Star Coin.


When you see the arrow sign pointing down to the hole with coins, jump in, but wall jump to stay in the same spot. The walls will eventually move to the location of the second Star Coin.


As you go through the room with the moving walls, you will see a Blue Coin P Switch. Quickly move to the top to get the final Star Coin before the sliding wall stops you from getting it.




Shortly after the start, perform a running jump after the red pipe to collect the Star Coin.




After the Checkpoint Flag, the middle red pipe. Underground, use the Buzzy Beetle to hit the POW Blocks, and quickly make your way before the Buzzy Beetle hits the second to last POW Block that destroys the brick blocks to the Star Coin. If you fail to get it in time, simply triple jump into the red pipe and wall kick to get the Star Coin.

The final Star Coin is tricky to get. Just before the Flag Pole, slide down the red pipe to get the Star Coin. Quickly wall kick back up to avoid losing a life. You can also throw a Koopa shell to retrieve the Star Coin.




This first Star Coin is simple. As you go higher in the castle, the first Star Coin should be in plain sight. Be sure to collect the coin before the platform rises over it. Watch out for the Dry Piranha Plants.


As Mini Mario, enter the small pipe when the screen stops moving. Inside is the second Star Coin.




Like the first Star Coin, it’s in plain sight as you climb up the tower. It’s in the room after the check point. Watch out for the large Dry Piranha Plant guarding it. Be sure to get it before the platform rises over it.




Shortly after passing through the Gold Ring, there is a small passageway blocked by a brick block. Crouch-slide through it after breaking the block open to collect the first Star Coin.


The second Star Coin is a piece of cake. Defeat the Piranha Plants with the Fire Flower power up, then make a running jump to get the Star Coin.



After pressing the Blue Coin P Switch, as you slide down to collect the Blue Coins, jump up to get on a small ledge. Jump up to get the final Star Coin. You may need a Super Leaf power up.




On the second set of scale lift platforms, make the the left side rise and use it to obtain the first Star Coin.



Just before the Checkpoint Flag will be a lone brick near that can be hit with a Koopa shell. Climb the vine that grows out to an area with mushrooms and a Star Coin at the top.


Jump up the scale lift platforms and jump to get the Star Coin.






Go up the first gold pipe you see in the level. Defeat the Cheep-Cheep, then ground-pound to pull yourself to the ground with the pipes blowing air out, preventing you from getting the Star Coin. You should then be able to collect the Star Coin.


Don’t think you can get this one easily. Invisible blocks stop you from going up to the Star Coin. To get it, go up in the adjacent area, then go back down after getting to the top to your left.


Not long after the second Star Coin, stay near the bottom and enter a green pipe. Inside, hit the switch to disable the current and grab the last Star Coin before time runs out.





Don’t collect the coins before the Blue Coin P Switch yet! Hit the Blue Coin P Switch, then quickly backtrack up to the blocks and then jump into the invisible area to get the Star Coin.



After passing the Checkpoint Flag, simply drop to the lower floor to pick up the second Star Coin guarded by the spiky rolling obstacle.



You might want to have the Super Leaf power-up to get this Star Coin. Go down the red pipe just after the firebar, and carefully jump on the snake blocks and avoiding the spiked balls. You should then be able to get the final Star Coin.




Start the level and run over to the opening to the bouncy mushrooms. Bounce to the left and avoid the Goombas or blast them with fireballs, and get the Star Coin at the end.



Bounce on the mushroom under the second Star Coin, and use a bouncing Goomba as a boost to grab the Star Coin. Alternatively, run and jump from the ledge under the blue pipe on the left.


Right after the second Star Coin will be a tall red pipe. Jump over it and ground pound the block to reveal a Mini Mushroom. It will move to the right, so run to the right and jump over the blue pipes to catch. Walk into the passageway and grab the last Star Coin.



The first Star Coin waits at the bottom of a ring of Amps. Instead of grabbing it from the front, go around the back and grab it so that you are moving with the Amps, not against.



After the Checkpoint Flag will be a large column of bricks. Smash through them with a ground pound to slide down to a new area. Wait for an opening in the ring of Amps and jump upwards until you get the second Star Coin.


The last Star Coin will be in yet another ring of Amps. Grab the Koopa shell nearby and throw it at the Star Coin. It’s as simple as that.





This first one you will want to be patient. Instead of hitting the POW blocks, use them to grab the first Star Coin. If you hit them anyway, there is a POW block to the right that can be used to reach the Star Coin.


Just past the Checkpoint Flag you will move up three moving platforms. At the top instead of going right, head left and enter the green pipe. Hit the two POW blocks to rid the room of Fuzzys and grab the Star Coin at the top.


Before entering the pipe to the area with the flag, wait for the Giant Fuzzy on the right to move out of the way, then wall jump up the left most hole to reach the last Star Coin at the top.





Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!