World 2 Star Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2



When you reach the four sets of rotating blocks, wait for the one on the far right to turn to the right. Then, use it as a platform to reach the first Star Coin above.



Enter the yellow pipe just after the Checkpoint Flag. Inside you will find a Gold Flower, allowing you to transform all the brick blocks into coins. Do so until you see the Star Coin. Stop shooting fireballs and climb up the remaining blocks to get near the Star Coin.


After leaving the room with the second Star Coin, backtrack to the left and you should see the third Star Coin near a Paratroopa.




The first Star Coin sits above a Hammer Bro. Defeat it to claim the Star Coin.





Just beyond the Checkpoint Flag are two tall totem poles with their wings facing down. Drop into the hole between them to reveal a yellow pipe. Enter it and grab the Star Coin while avoiding the two Boommerang Bros.

Hop onto the moving platform as it moves you up. When you reach the Sledge Bros. take a left and hop onto the next totem pole. Use the Goomba as a boost to get the Star Coin or simply jump high enough yourself.

After the Checkpoint Flag, grab a Buzzy Beetle and hop onto the lower moving platform. When you move near the bottom, throw the Buzzy Beetle into the bricks to hit the POW block and gain access to the second yellow pipe. Inside, drop down through the hole to the left to get the                                                                                                                Star Coin.

After exiting the room with the first Star Coin, move back to the left and grab another Buzzy Beetle along the way. Throw the Buzzy Bettle into the gap near the yellow pipe, activating the line of POW blocks and clearing the path for the second Star Coin.


From the three moving platforms, jump onto the brick platform on the right and continue jumping from platform to platform until you reach the Star Coin at the end.



 The first Star Coin is easy to spot and can be accessed by crouching as the platform moves to the left.




Enter a door on the left, just after the Checkpoint Flag. Inside, ride the platforms to the top of the room where the second Star Coin awaits.



Right before the boss door, wall jump up between the left wall and the moving columns to reach a higher platform. Run across the moving columns while avoiding the spikes to reach the last Star Coin.



The first Star Coin is easy to spot. Just face the Boohemoth and jump to grab it.



The second Star Coin will be seen along the way, but in order to reach it, you must stand and wait on the sinking platform that blocks the entrance. When you can, move to the right and jump through the platforms to get it.



This one requires timing. The last Star Coin will swing like a bell at the top of the screen, and you will have to time your bounces on the bouncy blocks. Claim the last Star Coin before the Boohemoth gets you.






Inside the first interior structure, stay close to the inside walls to find the first Star Coin. Run and crouch to enter the small hole.



Right after the Checkpoint Flag, hop into the yellow pipe guarded by a Pokey. Destroy the single brick in the room to be able to run past and slip through the block behind it. Ride the platform to the bottom where the Star Coin waits.



Instead of falling through the hole with coins, run past the gap and find the last Star Coin in a hidden cave.








 Have the Chain Chomp face the Star Coin trapped behind the stack of brick blocks. At that moment, free the Chain Chomp by ground pounding the pole to release him and destroy the bricks.


Nearby you will find another Chain Chomp near a red pipe. Release the Chain Chomp to lower the platform and gain access to the pipe. Avoid the danger inside and grab the second Star Coin.

Enter the interior structure just after the Checkpoint Flag, and stay close to the bottom floors. You should see the Star Coin near the bottom.









Use the rotating bricks to bring higher up and closer to the first Star Coin.



Just before the second Star Coin, a ? Block will contain a spring, an item needed for the second and third Star Coins. Throw the spring on the main platform and use it to reach the second Star Coin as it swoops down.



Hop into the red pipe with the spring near the end of the level. Inside, you will need to hit one of the brick blocks to reveal a P-Switch. Hit and run through the coin outlines to form new platforms and gain access to the last Star Coin.




While riding the moving platforms, there will come a point where another platform waits, despite the line of coins moving in a different direction. Hop onto the new platform to go straight to the Star Coin.



After obtaining the first Star Coin, continue jumping onto the moving platforms, but when you reach the one with a red Koopa, grab it’s shell and carry it over to the Checkpoint Flag area. There you should see the Star Coin and use the Koopa shell to grab it.


 After the Checkpoint Flag, hop onto the first moving platform, then onto the one right above it. From here you will make it to a platform with two blocks, one containing a P-Switch. Hit the switch and continue hopping on the moving platforms until you reach the Star Coin at the end.


Use the Bob-ombs to blast through the solid bricks blocking the Star Coin.



Sink into the patch of quicksand right after the Checkpoint Flag. Down below you will find a miniature volcano that can erupt by placing a Bob-omb at the top. Once erupted, the second Star Coin will fly out.



The last Star Coin is high up in the sky above a Pokey, and the only way to get it is to stand on a cannon, wait for it to shoot out a Bob-omb, and use that Bob-omb as a boost to jump over and snag the Star Coin.





Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!