World 1 Star Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2


Use the Jump Blocks to reach the Star Coin.





Again, use the Jump Blocks to smash through the bricks to grab the Star Coin.





Enter the green pipe right before the third set of Jump Blocks.
After being blasted into the sky, hit the P-switch and run across the path of bricks to find a Star Coin at the end.




Eventually, you’ll see bricks and 2 red POW blocks, ground pound the blocks on the left side, grab the red Koopa shell, and throw it at the block to retrieve your Star coin.

After Star Coin 1, you’ll see a yellow pipe, go down it, and you’ll see a P Switch. Hit it, and run to the right, jump up, and run to the left before the coins turn back into blocks.


You’ll need Fire Mario and the Mega Mushroom for this. Chuck loads of fireballs into the grey pipe, and a Mega Mushroom will appear. Run as fast as you can, and you’ll see it surrounded by blocks.



Near the beginning of the level, you’ll see a long stretch of land with enemies on it. Kill all of them and run on that stretch of land until the P bar is full. At the sign with the arrow, fly up until you land on a tree with a star coin on it.



 From the spot that the first Star Coin was obtained, begin to fly to the right as Raccoon Mario until you reach the top of the next tree. There you should find a green pipe. Hop inside to enter a Coin Heaven, with a Star Coin waiting in the clouds.


Just after the Red Ring, a stack of bricks should be covering the way to the last Star Coin. Use Raccoon Mario or the Koopa Paratroopa to remove the bricks.


On your way up, you should see a Star Coin to your left. Use a wall jump to reach the coin.





Enter the red pipe just past the Checkpoint Flag. Inside, hit the P-Switch and hop onto one of the green moving platforms. Once at the top, hop onto the new platform and grab the Star Coin before the timer runs out.

Just after exiting the room with the second Star Coin, head upwards and maneuver your way around the Dry Piranha Plants to collect the last Star Coin.

A simple Star Coin found to the left of the Gold Ring.





To the right of the spinning ring of coins should be a blue pipe in the sky. Enter it and run left to reveal a Star Coin in the sky.



After the Red Ring, there should be four set of blocks. Hit the empty space between the bottom sets to reveal a secret beanstalk. Climb it to enter a Coin Heaven. Hit the P-Switch and begin to make your way to the top of the brick tower. A Star Coin awaits at the end.

Avoid the blue Deep-Cheep and collect the first Star Coin.





Right after the first Star Coin, you should see a yellow pipe. Enter it to find a room with a Star Coin at the bottom. Be aware that there is a strong current that can suck you in!



Close the end of the stage, a small opening can be swam through to a room with the last Star Coin. In the image at the left, notice the coin formation and keep an eye out for it when playing.

While moving across the tightrope, drop down to the bobbing pillars next to the Star Coin. A smaller pillar will emerge beneath the Star Coin allowing you to grab it.



Just after the first Star Coin, you should come across two sets of blocks. Above them are two hidden blocks that will allow you to move to a higher platform. There, use Raccoon Mario to fly through the sky to the second Star Coin.

Near the end of the level, you will see a Star Coin under unbreakable blocks. Have the Whomp break through the blocks twice to gain access to the Star Coin.

There should be a yellow gate blocked by two bricks. Ground pound through to reach the room with the first Star Coin.




Pass the Coin Roulette Block and go past the first yellow gate. The now opened gate is blocking the second Star Coin, so you will want to move onto the second yellow gate until the first gate closes. Then the Star Coin is yours.


Right before the four pipes with Piranha Plants at the end of the level, hit the hidden block that is placed right under the entrance of the horizontal pipe. Enter the pipe to find a room with a Super Piranha Plant and the last Star Coin.





Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!