New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Superstar Road




Superstar Road-1 – Spine Coaster Connections

As the first spine coaster comes to its end, jump over the Fuzzy and onto the next spine coaster, grabbing the first Star Coin in the process.



Stay on the middle spine coaster and you’ll come across the second Star Coin on this line. Move between the spine coasters if you need to, but try to stay on the middle one the most.



Just like the second Star Coin, stay on the bottom spine coaster to ensure you grab the third Star Coin near the end of the level.




Superstar Road-2 – P Switch Peril

After you hit the first P Switch, jump over the first platform, but use the second platform to jump off of. This will allow you to grab the first Star Coin that hangs from the ceiling.



Time your jumps correctly and you will be able to grab the second Star near the three Spiny enemies before the blocks come crashing down.

Ignore the third Star Coin as you pass under it and make it to the end of the level. Instead of hopping onto the flagpole, turn around and jump onto the giant blocks. Now you can easily grab the third Star Coin without any worry.





Superstar Road-3 – Star Coin Deep Dive

As soon as you enter the underwater section, hit ? Block on the right and grab the Fire Flower. Take out the school of Cheep Cheeps to access the first Star Coin.



The second Start Coin will move when you get near it, so follow it up past the red pipes. Move quickly as the Cheep-Chomp is always on your tail.



When you are swimming through the area filled with Deep-Cheeps, swim quickly towards the moving third Star Coin. If continue swimming without stopping, you’ll be able to grab it before it leaves the area with the pipes.



Superstar Road-4 – Hammerswing Hangout

The first Star Coin is along the left wall above a Fliprus.



Just like the first Star Coin, stay close to the right wall and the second Star Coin will be above another Fliprus.




The third Star Coin is once again along the left wall. If you forget to grab it before making it to the top, you can still slide down and wall jump to snag it.




Superstar Road-5 – Under Construction

The first Star Coin you come across will be encased in brick blocks. Quickly smash through and grab the Star Coin before the brick blocks disappear.



At one point you will come across the second Star hanging above poison water between two walls of brick blocks. Slide down and wall jump to grab it.



Near the end of the level you’ll come across coins lined in the shape of the box. Jump into the center to reveal a hidden block and beanstalk. Once in the sky, climb up the small platforms to fins the third Star Coin over the Luigi blocks.




Superstar Road-6 – Fire Bar Sprint

NOTE: At the start of the level, try to start running just behind one of the arms of the first Fire Bar. I found this to be the best to being able to run through without taking damage.

As you are running through the level, jump when you see the first Star Coin.



When you are running over the brick blocks, get ready to jump at the end to catch the second Star Coin.



After making it through all the fire, ground pound through the brick blocks covering the third Star Coin right before the flagpole.




Superstar Road-7 – Cloudy Capers

With a Fire Flower in hand, use the Lakitu Cloud to fly over to the Fuzzies. Take them out and grab the first Star Coin.



As you are floating on the Lakitu Cloud, you’ll come across two Fuzzies blocking the second Star Coin. Take them out with the Fire Flower power-up.



Near the end of the level are Fuzzies surrounding the third Star Coin. Use a Fire Flower to easily create access to the Star Coin.




Superstar Road-8 – Impossible Pendulums

When the giant pendulum is on the right side, jump onto the middle platform. Once it begins to move, jump and land where the first Star Coin sits.



When the giant pendulum is on the right, jump onto the platform to the right of you. As soon as the pendulum moves, jump and land where the second Star Coin rests.



In the last area of the level, watch the spinning spikes and you’ll see that the third Star Coin spins along with it but at a slower pace. When you see an opening, jump and grab the Star Coin!


Superstar Road-9 – Flying Squirrel Ovation

Drop into the spinning wheel of brick blocks to grab the first Star Coin.


The second Star Coin will ride along a line halfway through the level. Simply glide and grab the Star Coin when the time is right.



The last Star Coin in the entire game is actually quite easy. Towards the end, the Star Coin will appear and you will have to gently glide to snag it!