New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Peach’s Castle




Peach’s Castle-1 – Magma Moat ★

The first Star Coin dips into the lava just after the first dipping platform. When the smaller platform to the right appears, jump there and use the nearby Koopa Shell to grab the Star Coin. A well timed wall jump also works.


When you reach the area with all the brick blocks, start wall jumping up the middle to have the second Star Coin appear.



Instead running under the brick blocks at the end, find the start of the brick block line and jump on top. Once you reach the center, the first Star Coin will appear.

There is a section where a single line of brick blocks float above three other brick blocks. Wait for the fireballs to create an opening, then jump up and enter a hidden area in the wall on the right. Enter the pipe to get to the secret exit!


Peach’s Castle-2 – Magmaw River Cruise

As soon as the float begins to move, jump up the ? Blocks and hop onto the small ledge to have the first Star Coin appear.


The float will appraoch an area where Goombas and Koopa Troopas fall from above. Hold onto a Koopa Shell as the second Star Coin floats in the lava and can only be obtained with the shell.


At the end where the Monty Moles appear, hop onto the ledges and defeat the Fire Bro. who is guarding the second Star Coin.




Peach’s Castle-3 – Hot Cogs

The very first cog will turn and reveal the first Star Coin. Quickly jump and grab it while avoiding the incoming Podoboo.



After grabbing the first Star Coin, immediately jump to the ledge and not the platform with the arrow sign. Jump to the right to find a hidden area and a cog with the second Star Coin above it. The cog is almost completely submerged in lava, so quickly jump and grab the Star Coin and immediately jump to the other platform.


After you get the Ice Flower from the Red Ring, freeze the Acorn Goomba and throw the ice block down to the platform with the third Star Coin to collect it.


Peach’s Castle-4 – Firefall Rising

Use the Secret Exit in Peach’s Castle-1 to reach this level!

At the start , make your way up near the right wall. If you go all the way up, the first Star Coin will appear just above you.



Just after grabbing the first Star Coin, keep moving up and you will come across the second Star Coin over disappearing blocks. Time your jump and avoid the fireballs to grab it.



Right before the green pipe at the end of the level, slide down the wall to the third Star Coin when the disappearing blocks appear. As soon as you grab the Star Coin, use Luigi’s high jump to safely get out there.


Peach’s Castle-Castle – Current Event

As you are moving the lift in the first area, grab the first Star Coin between the two Bowser Amps.



In the second area, a Bob-omb will land on the moving platform and start to bring it down. This will allow to go low enough to grab the second Star Coin.



Near the end of the level is the third Star Coin floating above a series of Bowser Amps. Quick jumps and careful maneuvering is needed for this one.




Peach’s Castle-Castle 2 – The Final Battle

The first Star Coin will be encased in brick blocks above the hot lava. Stand over the Star Coin and allow Bowser Jr. to smash through the brick blocks. This will allow you to make a quick wall jump inside to grab it!



A line of ? Blocks will float above a small moving platform. Allow Bowser Jr. to smash through any section of the ? Blocks to create a gap that you can drop through to get onto the platform. Now on the platform, grab the second Star Coin! As an extra note, all the ? Blocks contain 1-UPs!


The last area of the level has you jumping from platform to platform as they fall back into the lava. If you wait on the third platform, you’ll grab the last Star Coin, but you’ll need to be quick about jumping to area with boss door!