New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Meringue Clouds

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★ – Secret Exit



Meringue Clouds-1 – Frozen Fuzzies

The Ice Bro. at the start of the level will freeze the Giant Fuzzies. Ride them until you see the first Star Coin at the end.


The second Star Coin can be found under a platform surrounded by Giant Fuzzies. Using the Penguin Suit, freeze one for the Giant Fuzzies and ride the ice block to the Star Coin.


You’ll come across a platform with a line coins on top. Ground this area to find the third Star Coin.


Meringue Clouds-2 – Wiggler Rodeo

The first Star Coin is guarded by a Chain Chomp. Grab the Star Coin and use the Wiggler to bounce out of danger.

To the left of the second Star Coin is a Chain Chomp and a pile of brick blocks. Wait until the Chain Chomp is facing left, then ground pound the pole holding it in place. The Chain Chomp will break through the brick blocks allowing you to grab the Star in lone brick block. Use the star to get across the Munchers.

Using the star you got when getting the second Star Coin, continue running right and keep following the path of Munchers to the third Star Coin.




Meringue Clouds-3 – Rainbow Skywalk

After you pass through the area with all the Bullet Bills, continue rising up on the platform until you see the first Star Coin.



After the green ring, go over the big gap and enter the small opening on the left side of the main blocks. Enter the green pipe and throw the POW block. The second Star Coin will drop down onto the moving platform, so you’ll need to wall jump before it goes to high.

The second time you are going through the area with Bullet Bills, enter the Blue Ring to have the blue coins appear. Once you reach the top, quickly move to the right and grab the third Star Coin before the brick blocks reappear.




Meringue Clouds-Tower – Stonecrush Tower

As soon as you start the level, defeat the Fire Bro. on the right and grab the first Star Coin above it.



The second Star Coin can be found right before you enter the green pipe. Wait for the giant blocks to open up, then drop down, grab the Star Coin, and jump out quickly.


The third Star Coin can be found in a hidden area under the boss door. Defeat the Fire Bro. nearby and enter the hidden area by going right.




Meringue Clouds-GH – Vanishing Ghost House ★

The first Star Coin can be found above one of the normal ? blocks when you are on the first giant moving platform.



Just like the first Star Coin, the second Star Coin can be found above another ? block, this time when you are jumping on small platforms.


At the end of the main area, enter a hidden area under the door by entering through the left. The Star Coin can be found under the stairs.





Once the first main platform drops, jump to the left instead of the right. Here you will find a door that leads to the secret exit!



Meringue Clouds-4 – Above the Bouncy Clouds

While on Yoshi, snag a boomerang with Yoshi’s tongue and throw it back at the first Star Coin under the Boomerang Bro.


Use Yoshi and the boomerang like you did for the first Star Coim, or simply wall jump between the pipes to get the second Star Coin.



Towards the end of the level is a ring of coins that spins through bouncy clouds. Wait for the side with the Star Coin to pop out, then time your jump correctly and grab it.



Meringue Clouds-5 – Flame Chomp Ferris Wheel

Near the start of the level is a Ferris wheel with the first Star Coin. Simply hop on and wait for the platform to move right into the Star Coin.


A Super Piranha Plants guards the second Star Coin. Quickly jump onto the moving platform to grab the Star Coin before it moves right into the large enemy.


The third Star Coin hangs right above the flagpole. Either use the Super Acorn found in the level to reach it, or bounce off the Fire Chomp found at the end.


Meringue Clouds-6 – Three-Headed Snake Block

Stay on the upper most Snake Block. Once you reach the first Star Coin, simply drop down and and grab it!


Right above a Foo (cloud enemy) is the second Star Coin hidden behind a cloud. Spin jump to remove the clouds and grab the Star Coin.



The third Star Coin is found right after the second Star Coin. Stay on the top of the Snake Block that is moving up to ensure that you can grab the Star Coin from a safe distance.

Meringue Clouds-Castle – Ludwig’s Block-Press Castle

The first Star Coin is under a Fire bar in the first section. Follow the giant block as it’s moving to the right for extra time.


Wait for the second giant block to move to the right, then run to the left until you reach the opening to the top platform. Get up there and run all the way left for the second Star Coin. Once you grab it wall jump into the area above you to avoid getting crushed.


The third Star Coin is just before the boss door. Either use an Ice Flower on the Bony Beetle to throw at the Star Coin, or do a wall jump to snag it.


Meringue Clouds-Airship – Bowser Jr. Showdown

Stand under the first Star Coin and allow the giant hand to crush through all the bricks. Avoid the hand as it is moving back up, then grab the now released Star Coin!

Right before the Red Ring is a cloud at the top. Spin jump to remove the cloud and reveal the second Star Coin.


In the second part of the level, walk under the platform with cannons and jump where the arrow sign stands. A hidden area will contain the last Star Coin!