New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Soda Jungle

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★ – Secret Exit



Soda Jungle-Airship – All Aboard!


Drop under the first spinning platform and run through the right wall to find the first Star Coin in a hidden area.


As you are hopping along the spinning platform above the open sky, hop onto and defeat the second Sledge Bro. to grab the Star Coin it is hiding.



Right at the end of the level is a big wooden crate that hides the third Star Coin inside. Ground pound it to smash it.

Soda Jungle-1 – Giant Swing-Along

Early in the level you will come across two Gargantua Red Koopa Troopas. Don’t kick the first Koopa Shell, and instead kick the second Koopa shell to the left. This will hit the all the blocks, sprouting a beanstalk that takes you to a Coin Heaven with the first Star Coin.

Three Giant Pirahna Plants hang above the second Star Coin. In your Super form, ground pound the blocks to reach the Star Coin.

Just after the second Star Coin is a Gargantua Red Koopa Troopa. Kick the shell to the right and follow it as it takes down enemies and snags the third Star Coin.




Soda Jungle-2 – Dancing Blocks, Poison Swamp ★

As you are hopping across the dipping brick blocks, jump and grab the first Star Coin.



After the section with the dipping brick block, walk onto the extending branch and quickly grab the second Star Coin. Alternatively, use the shell of the nearby Koopa Troopa to throw at the second Star Coin. Make sure to wait for branch platform to extend before throwing the shell.

This one can be a little tricky. The rings of brick blocks twist quite frequently, so you will need to hop onto the brick block right before the Star Coin and immediately move before the brick blocks do.


Ground pound the last set of dipping brick blocks to hit the ? Block underneath. A switch will appear on the extending branch that will form a row of brick blocks leading to the pipe hiding behind the roots. The pipe will lead you to the secret flagpole.


Soda Jungle-3 – Heart of Bramball Woods

A P-switch hangs above a single Bramball. Bounce off the Bramball and hit the switch. Run under and past the giant ? Block and begin hopping across the Bramballs in the poison water. The first Star Coin will be at the end.


Just after the first Star Coin is a Bramball guarding the second Star Coin. Wait for the Bramball to move to the brick blocks on the right, then hop on the brick blocks yourself and snag the Star Coin before the Bramball returns.


Avoid the long legs of the Brambells and run (and slide if you are in Super form) under the blocks to get to the third Star Coin.




Frosted Glacier-Tower – Stone-Snake Tower

Once you reach the left wall for the first time, jump and slide down the wall to get the first Star Coin, then wall jump back up to the Snake Blocks.



After the giant spiked ball crashes through the brick blocks on the right, go into the small area in the wall and hit the P-switch. Hop back onto the Snake Blocks and you should find the second Star Coin between two swinging spiked balls.


Just as you are coming up to the final area where a second set of Snake Blocks joins you, hop onto the second Snake Blocks before they start going up. Enter a hidden area in the left wall and wall jump up to the third Star Coin.




Soda Jungle-Ghost House – Boo’s Favorite Haunt ★

There is an unreachable Star Coin above one of the rings of Boos. Hit a hidden block under the Star Coin to help you reach it.


There is another Star Coin above a different ring of Boos. Wait for the platform on the right to rise, then jump hop over the ring of Boos and grab the second Star Coin.



Instead of entering the door that takes you to the normal exit, use Squirrel Luigi to glide to the right where the third Star Coin waits. This is also the way to the secret exit.

Instead of entering the door that takes you to the normal exit, use Squirrel Luigi to glide to the right where another door can be found. Enter it to find the secret flagpole!




Soda Jungle-4 – Painted Pipeworks ★

Wait for the rotating pipes at the start of the level to show the short red pipe. The first Star Coin will float above it, but watch out for the Piranha Plant!

Simply time your jump correctly and grab the second Star Coin. It should be seen in plain sight.


The third Star Coin will be wedged between two short red pipes at the end of the level. Make a quick wall jump to snag the Star Coin, but make sure you land on another pipe! And keep an eye out for the swinging blue pipe.

Instead of hopping onto the normal flagpole, jump onto the swinging blue pipe and use it as a platform to reach the red pipe. This next room contains the secret exit!



Soda Jungle-5 – Deepsea Stone Eyes ★

The first star Coin is behind the stone head on the right. Wait for its speed to slow down, then swim and snag the Star Coin. Do the same to get out.


At the end of the level is the second Star Coin. Swim over and grab it, but quickly swim away as the stone head crashes down.



After grabbing the second Star Coin ,the stone head takes its new position, allowing you to swim up and find a hidden area with a green pipe. This room it takes you to has a giant Luigi block with the third Star Coin on top. Enter the green warp pipe on the left to have it blast you to the other side.

Instead of entering the green pipe at the start of the level, head over to the stone head on the right and have it slide over to the right. Follow this path to the secret flagpole at the end!


Soda Jungle-6 – Sumo Bro Bridge

The first Star Coin will be between two Sumo Bro. enemies. Jump off the higher platform to reach it, and avoid the lightning attacks!


A second set of Sumo Bros. have a green pipe underneath them. Don’t try to jump on them as this won’t defeat them. Avoid the lightning attacks and enter the pipe. In the next room, wall jump off the pipe to reach the second Star Coin.


Towards the end of the level is a single Sumo Bro. guarding the third Star Coin. As before, avoid the lighting attack and the Star Coin will be yours.



Soda Jungle-7 – Wiggler Floodlands

Early on in the level, use a Wiggler to bounce off to grab a high Star Coin.

At the end of the first section, quickly grab defeat and grab the Koopa shell before the Wiggler takes it out. Use the Koopa Shell to break through the brick blocks blocking the second Star Coin. Watch out for the rising poison water!



Right before the end of the second section is the third Star Coin. Just like the first Star Coin, use a Wiggler to bounce off to reach it.



Soda Jungle-Castle – Iggy’s Swinging-Chains Castle

You will come across the first Star Coin as you are swinging on the third chain. Simply slide down and grab it.

In the area right before the Super Dry Bones is a single platform. Wait for the lava to part, then slide down the right side and enter a hidden area containing the second Star Coin.

Just after the second Star Coin is a group of Super Dry Bones. When the lava is parted just right, hop and bounce off the middle Super Dry Bones to grab the third Star Coin.



Soda Jungle-Beetle – Para-Beetle Parade

Use the Secret Exit in Soda Jungle-Ghost House to reach this level!

Before you reach the first platform, hit one of the P-switches so that the brick blocks covering the first Star Coin turn to coins. If you don’t make it in time, simply break through the brick blocks with a ground pound, but you will need to be in your Super form.


At the area with the Giant Bullet Bills, use the last one to bounce high enough to grab the second Star Coin.



Close to the end will be a Giant Para-Beetle with a P-switch on top. If timed correctly, hop onto the Para-Beetle and have it lower itself down to the third Star Coin.