New Super Luigi U Star Coin Guide – Frosted Glacier

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Frosted Glacier-1 – Broozers and Barrels

To the right of the Broozer blocked by a giant spinning star is the first Star Coin. Bounce off a different Broozer below the Star Coin to reach the platform it rests on.

Not too long after you collect the first Star Coin is the second Star Coin blocked off with a wooden crate. Stand above the Star Coin and have a Broozer destroy the crate for you.



Right before the warp pipe that takes you to the last section are two Broozers and two wooden crates. Hop onto the wooden crates before the Broozers destroy them with barrels, then make a high jump to the last Star Coin high above.

Frosted Glacier-2 – Cooligan Shrooms

Grab the first Star Coin as hop from one shroom to the other. Simple enough!

You’ll find the second Star Coin above a group of Cooligans right after the red warp pipe. Either take them all out individually or use an Ice Flower to take them all out at once.

In the area with the black Munchers, fire an ice ball at a Cooligan and hop onto the ice to take a ride right to the third Star Coin.




Frosted Glacier-Tower – Icicle Tower

Instead of riding the lift at the very start of the level, wall jump up to a hidden area on the right that contains the first Star Coin.



You’ll notice the second Star Coin under a series of icicles as you continue to move up the tower. Simply make a light jump underneath the Star Coin to grab it without moving onto the next platform.


Just like the first Star Coin, avoid going onto the lift at the end of the level. Wall jump up to a secret entrance on the left to the room with the third Star Coin. Simply jump across to the green warp pipe to grab it without damage.



Frosted Glacier-3 – Fire and Ice

At the start of the level you’ll come across a group of Prickly Goombas covering the icy floor. To the right of the enemies is a hidden warp pipe that takes you underground to the first Star Coin. You can take damage and run through the enemies, but it’s advised you use a Fire Flower to take them out instead.


After you get through the area with all the Venus Fire Traps, jump into the wall on the left to find a secret area with the second Star Coin.



Defeat the second Fire Bro. you come across and hop onto the brick blocks. Hit the P-Switch above and jump onto the newly made line of bricks down below. Get a running start and crouch to slide under the ice block and into the third Star Coin.



Frosted Glacier-4 – Weighty Waddlewings

The first Star Coin will be seen in plain sight, and you’ll need to perform a wall jump to snag it and land back to safety.



As you are hopping over the weighted platforms, watch as you approach one with a Star Coin above. Allow the Waddlewing to lift your weight higher, or simply use Luigi’s high jump to grab the Star Coin.


This one will test your patience. The Star Coin hangs above a bottomless pit, one with just a small gap above it. Time your drop right and you should be able to grab the Star Coin and bounce off the Waddlewing back through the hole. Alternatively, you can use the Squirrel Suit to help boost you back up.




Frosted Glacier-5 – Ice Slide Expressway

As you slide through the cave (with or without the Penguin Suit), jump onto a floating ice platform to snag the first Star Coin.



In the area with the Red Coins, use the Penguin Suit while sliding to break through the brick blocks.



Just before you enter the upper green pipe at the end, jump through the ceiling to reveal a hidden area with the third Star Coin.




Frosted Glacier-GH – Peek-a-Boo Ghost House ★

If you stand on the platform where the second Star Coin is found, leap into the wall to left and continue walking behind the wall until you reach a hidden area with a green door. After entering, quickly hop onto the small blocks before they disappear, and jump to grab the first Star Coin.


Just above the first circle of Boos is a hidden platform in the ceiling. Do a wall jump off the right wall to make it onto the platform.



As you appraoch the second circle of Boos, keep riding the platform and you should enter a hidden area in the wall. The third Star Coin can be found here.



If you stand on the platform where the second Star Coin is found, leap into the wall to left and continue walking behind the wall until you reach a hidden area with a green door. After entering, quickly hop onto the blocks and jump for the flagpole!



Frosted Glacier-Castle – Wendy’s Thwomp Castle

You will need to wall jump to grab this Star Coin. Make sure to wait for both Thwomps to move before getting back to the normal platform.


A single Thwomp will guard the second Star Coin. Wit for it to start rising to the top, then drop down and quickly jump to the area with the Star Coin.


Right at the end is a Giant Thwomp who will crush through a big group of brick blocks. Once near the door, wait for the the Thwomp to rise, then drop down to the lower platform and enter the hidden area with the third Star Coin on the right.



Frosted Glacier-Fliprus – Fliprus Floes

Use the Secret Exit in Frosted Glacier-Ghost House to reach this level!

At one point you will come across an area with an orange platform in the ceiling. Use the wooden crates to launch yourself above the orange platform. The first Star Coin waits above.


When in the area with the River Piranha Plants, keep an eye out for the second Star Coin just above a spiked ball. Use the crates if you need the extra boost!



You’ll find a series of Flipruses on thin platforms near the end of the level, with one platform containing the third Star Coin and a lone Fliprus. Take out the Fliprus and claim the last Star Coin. If you fell in the water, just perform a wall jump to get back up there.